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  • Why do some sites require you too have PAN card for your earnings?

    Wondering why some sites need a PAN card for accepting online earnings? Is it authentic and do such sites really pay? Check out this page for answers to your query.

    I tried for a site called and on this site, you can get your earnings only after a certain limit. And once I reached that limit the site showed another problem that my PAN card is not updated. Why is it necessary for the site to have the PAN card updated and I have requested for my PAN card updation? Does this site really pay or is it just fake?
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  • These days PAN card details are very important. If your income goes beyond a certain limit, you have to pay income tax. The Indian government has made it mandatory for all business people to declare and confirm the PAN details of the individual before paying the remuneration. Even they have to deduct tax before making the payment as tax. At the year-end, the individual has to submit income tax returns and if any excess amount is paid that will be returned by the tax department. A form on your name with your earning details based on the PAN number will be made and if you are not submitting your tax returns the department will give you the notice and make you pay the tax with a penalty. The firm which is paying you the money will also be questioned if they are not updating your details and if they are not deducting the tax at source. So it is mandatory for you to give PAN details and your bank account details. Even your bank will also ask you to give your PAN card copy and Aadhar Card copy so that the income tax department can see all the bank operations to ensure that no person is avoiding paying tax for the money that is earned. Cash transactions are also prohibited beyond a certain limit.

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  • I am responding to your query about whether the site that you mentioned pays or is it a fake.

    I have often advised people never to register and take up online work without checking their credentials. I looked at the website that you mentioned. There is no indication at all who operates this business. Why would anyone want to sign up for work with nameless persons? They do not even have any contact numbers given at the site. I also read that the min. payout is Rs.5000/-, which is a really huge goal to reach, meaning a lot of time and effort from your side so is it worth it is what you should be asking yourself.

    As for whether or not they genuinely pay - this is the first thing you should check reviews about. Did you do so?

    Just type in the Google search engine 'is the website online data entry job fake' and look at the number of sites that indicate it is likely a fake. At one site, an individual mentioned the requirement of PAN but said there was no column for it. It seems a few people have also paid a registration fee and realized what a scam it is actually.

    I would strongly advise you not to reveal your PAN number and not to bother about this site. You need not take my word for it, of course, but do read reviews about it as advised. Don't fall prey to scamsters. Always, always tread with care, check via search engines with keywords like 'is XYZ legit' or 'is XYZ a fraud' or 'is XYZ a scam site'

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  • Generally PAN card details are required when financial transactions beyond a certain threshold amount or regular dealings are involved. However in specific cases as the one you mentioned ,the genuineness should be ensured as suggested by Vandana in the previous answer.

    Generally the paying organizations will specify that for payments above a certain amount, PAN details should be submitted. That is because such organizations have to comply certain guidelines imposed on them for functioning properly.

    So if the paying organisation is an established and reputed and popular one you need not worry. Such organizations will furnish the relevant important details about them in their official websites or in the media announcements and advertisements.

    Hence it is your prudence that is imperative here. Informations like PAN no, Aadhaar number etc. and other sensitive personal details are to be divulged only with caution and verification and as per the genuine needs and contests. Common sense, sense of normal caution and alertness and prudence are to be applied.

  • There are some reputed online sites which pay the contributors as per their contributions and to comply with the Govt regulations they keep a tab on the PAN number of the contributor. Some sites which operate in foreign countries keep this thing particularly in mind that PAN details are mentioned for any tax liabilities to be decided by the Indian Govt in the matter. By doing so the site owners feel responsible to tax compliance. In our country so far there is no tax deduction at source in earnings from online but in future those things would come of course with a threshold limit above which the tax could be deducted by the foreign country or our own country. Generally double taxation is avoided and only one tax would be levied.

    Many fake sites are taking advantage of this process of registering PAN number by some reputed companies and by doing that these fake ones are trying to present themselves as the honest sites. But they are the clever fake ones and one should be very alert and search about their credentials in search engines before working for them. We must be cautious while working in the online environment as many hackers and bad elements are there who are exploiting the gullible people who simply search work in the internet for making some extra money.

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  • I would advise you to go in depth regarding the credential of the firm with which you want to raise your income in the regular ways. Don't be tempted with the advertisements published in the different newspapers or from any sources claiming that they are the genuine companies. You need to search the details of a company by surfing the net and in that way, you can identify various details of such companies such as the year of its commissioning, member on the boards, the products they produce, its financial health and its major customers consuming its finished products etc. if the company is fake one, you need not make any disclosure of your PAN Card. So is the case with your Aadhar Card since revelations of such details can be suicidal if any information is passed onto a fake company.
    Online informations are not safe where the fraudulent people are active in exploitation of the innocent people.
    Hence it would be better on your part to be safe by knowing the details of the company and then proceed with the genuine verification.

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