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  • Can BCom+MBA get software job?

    Interested in taking up a software job? Looking out for compnaies who can employ a bCom +MBA graduate in the software domain. you cna scroll through this page for advice from our experts and decide how to apply.

    I am a BCom + MBA graduate. I would like to become a software engineer. I am learning few programming languages. I am passionate about programming. So my question is: can I get a software job? I am not a BTech graduate. Do companies shortlist such resume?
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  • I do appreciate your concern since your qualifications are not in line with a professional qualification of a software engineer. In a software related company, the employer would look out for either MCA or a B.Tech engineer preferably with computer science. Though the same is the basic requirement for an employer to induct you to an IT company, but there are other parameters as well to be considered prior to your final selection. The following points would prove to be your plus point if you possess the same. A few parameters to be successful for being a software professional are listed below-
    1) You should be able to present your ideas before the board of interviews with the clarity of basics of the modules if the queries are related to technical ones.
    2) The Board might be asking you some mind boggling questions just to assess your mental strength and they would like to assess your analytical abilities by putting you in a difficult situation.
    3) Even if you are not a computer engineer but have undertaken the course in any one of the fields such as Java, Oracle, Data Structure or any other code language, they would go in length to know how far you are comfortable with the same language and in a complex situation how best you can provide solution applying your core skill.
    4) Be focused and listen carefully what the member on the Board is asking for and express your views freely in a concise approach.
    5) They would go through your academics just to know whether you had been a bright student in the past or otherwise. This would provide them an opportunity to seek a right talent needed for the job.

  • There will be jobs for B.Com and MBA qualified people in IT companies also. Many students who did B.Com with computers are working in software companies in different positions. Similarly, MBA graduates are also working in software companies. It all depends on the skills you are having. Already, you are learning some computer languages and you will get the certificates.
    You have to prepare your resume by giving more importance to the skills you have in IT-related fields. Once the employer looks into your resume he should get attracted towards your software skills more than your MBA and B.Com. You have to give more importance to your software-related knowledge. Then the chances of getting shortlisted will be more when you present your CV in such a fashion.
    Once you receive a call for the interview, the selection will purely depend on your performance in the interview. So you should prepare well and prepare well so that you will fare well in the interview. Another point that will have importance is the institute from which you obtained your MBA. If you get that certificate from a reputed institute you will be preferred over other candidates.

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  • If you are really interested for a software job and have a passion for it then it is possible to pursue that career line even though you have only a B.Com+MBA degree in hand. The line of action from your side should be to join offline or online as per your convenience some of the fundamental coding courses along with basic computer learnings. That would take at least a 6 months time and by that time you would understand the intricacies of the software world. Coding is the backbone of the IT industry but there are many other things which are equally important and that is the networking and linking of software applications to the devices and various platforms which are there in the market today for doing a particular task by a particular device. You would had leant it if you had a computer science degree but do not worry and simply compensate that by undergoing a few short time courses in this field.
    Another thing which is also important is that the computer area today is advancing with a rapid pace and new technologies and techniques are being used by the innovators and entrepreneurs for offering better business solutions to the customers. So in this competitive arena just knowing a few languages and coding methods would not be sufficient for making a career in this niche field and some peripheral knowledge would also be required. That would come from mainly self study and some of the topics and subjects that are to be understood in a basic and fundamental ways are animation and web designing, digital marketing, basic purposes of AI and ML technologies, IoT (internet of things), Python coding, system configurations and basic hardware requirements, servers, cloud computing etc.
    It is also true that a person cannot grasp so many things at one go but one has to take up them one by one as per the time available in hand and only after getting some proficiency in these necessary skills one can hope to apply and secure a job in the highly competitive IT sector.
    Do not be discouraged by the long list of learnings that I have emphasised but remember that there are many persons in the industry who had basic core learnings in some other subjects but they made career in completely an alien environment and so take up the challenge and do hard work to achieve your goals in the promising and exciting world of software engineering and technologies.

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  • First of all I would like to ask you , why ? Why you want to pursue a career path that is totally different from your specialisation ? There are huge demand for MBA student also , with some python knowledge , probably you may know . It will hard to hit the board of interviewer to convince that you are good in programming . But , I've an idea , if you are too good in programming then please prefer freelancing , it may take some time but not hard to get a project .

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