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  • Why suddenly Flipkart shows ‘Not Deliverable’ to all items

    FAcing an issue with purchasing online on flipkart? Want to know the solution to getting the issue: not deliverable? Scroll through this page for suggestions from experts to resolve your issue.

    I was purchasing products from flipkart since years and had made a successful purchase even about one month back.
    But when I tried to make a purchase today, I was surprised to see 'Not Deliverable" displayed in all the displayed results for my searched item. As I had given an unfavourable fedback in one of the similar products I purchased earlier, I thought they have blocked me for that item. So I tried for some different items. But there also I got the result 'Not Deliverable'.
    The to Flipkart, I had also not fed the PIN code. Even then why this issue of Not Deliverable?
    Is there any problem with Flipkart?
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  • Flipkart was a leading online store and was doing well but recently there are some complaints by the customers that flipkart is not able to make the deliveries in time and is extending time from their side. You can go through the nature of these complaints by viewing the reviews of the flipkart mobile application in the Google play site. It seems that they might not be having sufficient stock against the huge orders being made by the customers or they might be having the shortage of the delivery boys who deliver locally the products to the customers. Another reason could be that the resellers who are attached with the flipkart are not able to supply due to whatever reasons and the customer is either being denied the delivery or the same is delayed.
    These online stores are selling a huge quantity of the goods and if their supply chain mechanism fails then they are not able to fulfil their commitments to the customers. So probably we have to wait for some time till they come back to the normalcy and then only order the items.
    If their site is working then it might accept the payment or order but if it does not deliver then one will have to make complaints and they may not entertain that due to the internal problems and heavy traffic of complaints. A lot of complaints are pouring in and definitely there is some problem at their end.
    In such a condition if the site is working one can order items in cash on delivery mode so that the risk of the prepayment is mitigated. The problems that come in these big sites is generally solved within a few days and I hope that it will be soon back to its earlier glory. Let us wait and see.

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  • Last week I ordered a few items on Flipkart and I have no problem and I received the same on time. Maybe the place makes a difference. My parents stay in a rural area. Flipcart is dispatching material to that place also. But it takes a little more time. But normally the date they mentioned will be maintained without much deviation.
    But sometimes they show stock not available for certain times. In such a case, we have to wait or go for another online company.
    Sometimes my son also gave unfavourable feedback to them as there was a delay for the products he ordered. But they never stopped taking his orders.

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  • Earlier the Flipkart had maintained its excellent rapport for their products and there was no erratic delay it with the time, we could see noticeable surge of their products and demands of the products went constantly rising. They need efficient delivery boys to deliver such articles to their customers.
    It is definitely a difficult task unless there is suitable intake of the delivery boys making the despatch mechanism streamlined. May be due to the corona phase, the despatch was affected due to less strength of the employees.
    Amazon, Myntra are maintaining their business with the induction of sufficient delivery boys in the different areas and any complaint of the customers are redressed within the minimum timings. Flipkart has to strengthen their delivery mechanism to woo their customers.

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