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  • Guidance required regarding choice of courses for better job prospects

    Are you looking for courses that can add to your knowledge and keep you updated about the latest developments in technology in the mechanical field? Follow this thread to know more details.

    I am a mechanical engineer working for a PSU and have 13 yrs of experience. My age is 35 now.
    I am having three to five hours of free time daily. All of you know that the world is moving with the latest technologies like AI, ML and data science etc and I would like to do some course during my free time to step up my knowledge.

    Please guide me as to which are the best courses suited to my field, so that I can pace with these new technologies to improve upon my career prospects in the present job or may even get an option to switch my career.
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  • Welcome Jayaram. This post would be shifted to our ask experts section from where our known experts on the subject would certainly guide you for sure. Meanwhile use this forum effectively for discussion on any topic and also actively participate in the forums posted by other members. Please go through the help topics and posting guidelines and if you happen to clarify any doubts post a question in this forum for early and apt reply. This is the most transparent educational website and you have best chance to learn and earn a decent amount. Just keep on contributing your content and no spam allowed.

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  • Due to technological advancements many engineering disciplines are coming closer and many techniques are becoming common between them. In every area the computerisation has brought a paradigm shift and computer applications and AI techniques have revolutionised the engineering world in all the disciplines including the mechanical engineering. Many new areas are emerging in this discipline also and it makes sense to acquire knowledge and skills for coping up with the coming challenges in the job and career of an individual.
    Some of the emerging trends in the mechanical engineering discipline are as below and can be considered by the professionals who are career concious and want to progress in the industry to greater heights.
    1. Smart manufacturing - This is an area that has already made a prime place for itself for consideration by the business houses and it immensely helps in improving the product quality, optimising the resource utilisation, data management and remote monitoring, and integrating IoT (internet of things). Smart manufacturing is not only limited to the production of the items but managing a complete supply chain in itself so that the product is acceptable at all levels of the customer use and satisfaction.
    2. AI and ML - Automation and robotics are entering the business and industry in a rapid pace. It is the endeavour of engineers and technicians to design the automatic systems which can function nearly like humans, if not in totality then quite near to it. These developments are based on the AI and ML foundations. Acquiring skills in these fields will definitely be advantageous.
    3. Technology for heat transfer - This is an emerging area for designing heat exchangers in fuel cells or other such assemblies. Energy efficient heat exchangers are in good demand and this is a rapidly expanding area and one can have some learnings in this niche field.
    4. CAD/CAM softwares - Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing are getting more and more popular day by day. They are not a new thing in the industry but with the technological advancements, they are getting more and more important. Learning the latest CAD/CAM techniques would help a professional in his design and project work.

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  • You are a mechanical engineer with about 13 years of experience, I think that your experience is in your core area. If you now go for a new course now that will be in line with your experience as well as qualification. There are many courses which will help you to enhance your career.
    1. MBA: This is the best qualification that is very useful to an Engineer. Once you complete your MBA, you can look for top cadre posts in the area in which you are having experience. MBA is available in distanced mode from very good business schools for experienced people. So think of this option.
    2. PG Diploma courses in lean manufacturing and six sigma: These courses will help you in getting managerial posts in MNCs in the areas of production and quality assurance departments. There are many organisations looking for people with these qualifications and experience to lead their teams in their manufacturing areas.
    3. AI: This is the subject getting more and more attention and you can do a certification course in this area. Within your mechanical background and with this qualification, you will have plenty of choices to select.
    4. CAD and CAM: These are very useful for mechanical engineers who work in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing. The people who are having these diplomas will be offered posts in design departments.

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  • Since you are a Mechanical Engineer having acquired over thirteen years of experience in your field, it would always better to add qualifications which could ultimately help you for better management of the existing job apart from achieving the target of the management with no addition of manpower for achieving higher productivity. What you need to do is to take up short term course while doing you existing job. The following qualifications may be looked into - Diploma course in Industrial Engineering- This course would deal with the augmentation of the production from the existing manpower where their skills are utilised in the optimum level by offering them suitable training in the areas of their interest, motivating them by offering some monthly incentives for their commendable jobs or issuing appreciation letters which would lead them to faster promotions. These tools would be beneficial for both Management and yourself. Even you can go in AMIE in this line and this being treated as a degree qualification would be more advantageous in due course. The papers are to be cleared according to your convenience while doing your job.
    2) MBA in Human Resource- This is definitely a right qualification for you where you would learn how best the working personnel could be geared up for the maximisation of production with the relocation of jobs depending upon their traits and attitudes. Human force is the most vital for the enhanced outputs. The other parameters such as electricity, raw materials cannot be slashed anymore but with the existing workforce, we can step up production to some higher level with their proper deployment according to their skills. Take this course through the distance mode either through IGNOU or from any recognised institution.
    3) AI - This is the latest tool providing you immense skills in your field with your familiarity of the robotics and automation. You would learn how best automation can be employed within your working area with practically lesser deployment of manpower where robotics would do their jobs.
    4) CAD and CAM - This course would enable you to save your time while taking up the mechanical design since mechanical design are originated from the computer thus saving time. Mechanical Design is a very helpful tool for the Mechanical Engineers. You may undertake a diploma from a recognised institution for your better growth in your working area.

  • First of all ascertain what are the additional qualifications that can fetch you benefits in career path in your organisation. Accordingly you can add up them.

    Otherwise you can acquire those update knowledge on matters and subjects that have relation and relevance to your current qualification, field of job and career. As you are a mechanical engineer, you may chose to learn on IT enabled fields of learning which can help in your current profession and /or in a self employment opportunity even after your retirement .
    A Management qualification can be an extra advantage n your career path and for a consultancy after retirement. You may try to acquire knowledge and qualification in trending fields as update knowledge in any filled is an asset.

    It is more practical to get short term diploma qualifications in trending IT related fields. This will be beneficial in dealing with younger people and also will help you in taking classes for in-house trainings too.

    If you are having attitude and basic knowledge for pursuing further learning, then you may learn in the fields of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence etc and also in digital payments areas. These are the trending areas where lots of future and opportunities for development are there.

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