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  • Changing the category in community certificate

    Are you from inter caste family? Want to know how to change your category name in Community Certificate? Scroll down to get detailed steps from our experts.

    I'm from Tamilnadu. My age is 21. Now I have my father's community certificate. I am from inter caste family. My Fathers community is SC Category. I need to change my community in mother's category. Is it possible or not and if it's is possible then what is procedure?
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  • Yes. You can do that. Tamilnadu High court has recently given a ruling that the children of intercaste marriage couples can choose the community of any one of the two parents. You have not mentioned the community of your mother. Community certificate will be given to only eligible candidates with the following requirements.
    Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe or Other Backward Classes people only require a community certificate to claim reservations under these categories. If you want to adopt your mother's community and if her community is one of the above-mentioned communities, you can apply for the fresh community certificate. At the time of submission, you should complete your 3 years of age and you should be an Indian Citizen.
    The following documents are required for applying for this certificate.
    1. You have to fill the application for the Community Certificate
    2. Parents' identity proof.
    3. An affidavit stating the applicant's name, father's name, address, and community. This is required only in the case of a minor applying for the same.
    4. An Address Proof
    5. Ration Card
    6. Proof for the age of the applicant
    7. Caste Certificate of the parents
    8. Aadhar Card
    You can visit any of the nearest e Seva Centres and you can apply online for the same. You can apply offline also by going to the Mandal Revenue office in your area.
    You have to carry all the above certificates in original and copies also so that you can attache as reuied.

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  • Normally the caste and sections are decided by father's only. Hence your caste certificate issued with your father's caste is correct. But when your mother's caste is belonging to some upper category you can raise this issue that with the panchayath people of your house located by saying that you do not want to have the facilities as provided for the caste mentioned in the certificate. Otherwise, if your father's and mother's places are different you can approach the panchayath persons of Mother's place,by producing their marriage certificate and request to issue the caste certificate in your mother's caste.

  • Normally in default the caste of a person is as per ones father's caste. In case one is desirous of changing it to the mother's caste due to personal reasons or other obvious reasons then there is a laid down procedure and one has to apply for it in the prescribed format.
    As per the existing law a person born out of an intercaste marriage, after attaining an age of 21 years, can go for change of his caste from his father's caste to mother's cast. It is to be understood that this facility is only for the intercaste marriages.
    You have to approach the local authorities like SDM or DM and apply for the same in their office giving all the personal details about yourself as well as the parents and enclose copies of proof of residential status, age support, Aadhar card, and other such credentials and your case would be considered for the change of caste and the certificate would be accordingly issued in this matter to you. Please take the help of a lawyer in this matter as sometimes depending upon the case there might be a requirement of some legal affidavits under the oath of notary and the lawyer will be the right person to guide you in that matter.

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  • Normally the cast of a person is defined as the cast of his father and this is applicable in case the caste of the parents is identical but in case there exists a difference in the status of their castes such as mother being of any caste namely scheduled caste, scheduled tribe or belonging to a backward class, the son or the daughter can claim the community certificate in favour of mother's caste.
    You need to approach your local DM or SDM for the issuance of the community certificate indicating all the relevant details such as your name, names of your parents, proof your age, residential address, Aadhar Card details and other credentials as asked by the authorities.
    It would be always better to discuss the issues with your known lawyer so that he may advise you relating to legal issues cropping up in such matters. Sometimes legal affidavits of the notary magistrate would be required to straighten the issues.

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