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  • Selling products through Digital marketing as a part time career

    I am working for a private company. Recently I have come across the concept of Digital marketing, which involves creating one's own websites on Shopify and selling goods. I am not sure how far it will be successful, and even I won't trust third-party sites. I generally go with Amazon and Flipkart so I want to know the opinions of the experts here before I start investing my time in it.

    I did some basic research and I need to learn SEO and Digital marketing. Hence, I want to talk to people who have already started a career in this and want to learn from their experiences. I am, though, not sure I can get it or not. Can you suggest any authentic sources where I can get information on this so that I can decide to start my career on it or not?

    I also wish to know-
    1. Do I need to work long hours on my laptop for advertising? If so, then I think a regular job would be a better option than this. Or is it that initially we need to spend a lot of time, but later no need to spend that much time?
    2. Another thing is the investment aspect. Will I need to invest money on the advertisements, that is, will it be like earning 25 paise by earning 75 paise?

    I am planning to target US customers that too selling $10-$15 dollars products so that customers won't think that much to buy as the cost is less in the USA, and the parking cost is itself approx.15 dollars.
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  • You have raised so many queries in this question post and to resolve them fully let us first understand the basics of online business and digital marketing. There are some portals where you can open your own online shop and display the merchandise and then through digital marketing and other channels attract the customers to it. More your products and services are advertised in other places like Facebook, associate sites, and other big social media places, more better would it be for your business. One of the crucial aspect that we have to understand and take cognisance is that in the online place there is a lot of crowd of companies and individuals who are offering their products and services at a very reasonable rate and each one of them is competing with the other and there is cut throat competition as many players are selling items at the lowest margin by extending coupons or discounts or promotional sales. So it is well understood that a newcomer will have severe teething troubles in establishing a business for anything for which there are thousands of online outlets already existing. My intention is not to discourage or demotivate an entrepreneur but selection of products and services is to be done after a lot of market research and considering the people's requirement across the globe. If one can think of something novel which can attract the fancy of the people who can buy anything interesting from the online stores then definitely that would become a viable business proposition.
    Another option which many people are already doing is to join hands with the leading online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra etc as reseller and register there for a range of items which are available with them for selling and for quickly dispatching those items through their network. Only thing is you have to abide by the standards of these online stores for dispatching the items. Becoming a reseller with these online stores and delivering the items is a lucrative business and if one maintains the quality and is punctual on deliveries then there is good scope in this option. This can be done as a part time job and if the orders increase one can hire some helping hand for printing of invoices and packaging work. Every reseller has a past performance reputation and those who can maintain it, are likely to get more orders through those online portals.
    Opening an online shop venture individually is a difficult proposition because the cost of advertisements will be high unless the sales picks up significantly. Further, doing it single handedly makes it a full time job and one has to do a lot of hard work in getting affiliations with other portals and sites for mutual advertising possibilities.
    Coming back to the reseller option, after associating with a big portal as a reseller one would learn the basics of this online business as well as the overall aspects of the requirement of the customers and then only it makes sense to open a separate online shop individually.
    I will reiterate that online selling has become a big space and one has to enter it after due deliberations and preparations.

    Knowledge is power.

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