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  • Career options in mechanical engineering in Canada

    Keen to take up a work opportunity in Canada after a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering? Know about career opportunities in Canada after completing a doctoral program in India in mechanical engineering.

    Nowadays, there is a trend of students going to a foreign country for study or work and one of their favorite destinations is Canada. What is the scope of a Ph.D. holder in mechanical engineering in Canada? Will he or she be eligible to get an express entry or work permit? What are the rules and regulations for this case? Is there any scope to get a teaching job in Canada in the Engineering field?
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  • I understand there are many opportunities for mechanical engineers in Canada. Only 70% of the posts can be filled with the existing mechanical engineers and there is a gap of 30%. This fact is revealed in a survey conducted by "Canadian Association of Professional Engineers". There are many companies that hire mechanical engineers in different posts based on their qualifications and experience.
    You can apply for a Canada Permanent Residency (PR) status in two ways.
    1. Express Entry Program
    2. Provincial Nominee Program
    The first one is a process designed to have a fast track entry of engineers to fill the existing vacant positions. They will follow comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) points for selecting the candidates for fast track entry.
    Main parameters considered for this program.
    A. There is no age restriction but 18 to 35 aged candidates are given preference.
    B. IELTS and CLB tests are to be taken to prove language fluency.
    C. Higher qualifications will be considered for additional points.
    D. Higher experience will get you higher points.
    E. If a sibling or spouse is staying in Canada may get you higher points.
    Once you complete the above screening your application will be moved to the Express Entry pool if the minimum points criteria are achieved in the screening test. Then they will be taking draws to select the people for PR status. We will be given 90 days time to apply for PR status from the date of their invitation to apply for PR status.

    Candidates with less score and not considered for the Express Entry pool has to apply for PR through the second method that is Provincial Nominee Program. Each Canadian province has its own eligibility criteria. You can refer to the website of Canadian government website to know about the eligibility criteria.

    Employment opportunities for mechanical engineers can be found in all aspects of the industry.
    The aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and transportation industry recruits more mechanical engineers. They also will get employed in agriculture, mining, pharmaceuticals, waste management, road transport and defence industries also. Designing, maintaining, new products and system development are some of the areas where mechanical engineers will have employment chances. They can also work in research fields and teaching fields.

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  • There are lot of demands of Mechanical Engineers in Canada depending upon your exposure in such a field. You might be hired for your earned skills. If you are a candidate from a developed country, you need to acquire at least 5-6 years experience with the records of achievements to be enlisted in your resume so as to land a decent job in terms of emoluments and future prospects.
    Most of the Mechanical Engineers in Canada have good prospects in Southern Ontario and some in Montreal and Alberta. In case, you are a fresh graduate, you will have to struggle a lot in absence of your working experience. In that situation, your degree will appear as mere ticket during the process of interview.
    In Canada, the employers would expect real exposure of the aspirants in their working fields. You will have to show your caliber at least showing your CAD programming on your computer to substantiate your ideas. You will have to elaborate how passionate you are in the successful accomplishment of your job. Since Mechanical Engineers fill up the posts for Aero Space Engineers even apart from their jobs of their own stream, the are definitely at the great demands provided they can exhibit their skills successfully.

  • As mentioned above, you are a mechanical engineer and want to do job in Canada. So, you should apply for job in Canada with current status. There are lot of opportunity in your field but mere qualification is not sufficient for getting a job. You will have to prove your calibre in your field. As said by you that you having no working experience. So, you should try to gain 4-5 years working experience so that you could get good job. You should apply for canada permanent residence because they having different paremeter for selecting Canadian candidate. For more information you can check website of Canadian government. Employment opportunities for mechanical engineers are available in different field of the industry such as aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and transportation industry. You can also get employed in agriculture, mining, pharmaceuticals, waste management, road transport and defence industries. The employment chances are more in designing, maintaining and system development.

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