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  • Meeting challenges in struggle filled life journey during the pandemic

    Faced multiple challenges during the pandemic? Get moral support and guidance on meeting them.

    I am from the city of Joy Kolkata. I hope everyone is fine and doing well with this changing time. I would like to narrate the painful times of my life which I faced during this pandemic. I am a 26 years old boy. Currently, I live with my parents and a younger sister. My father has been a daily wage labourer. Prior to this pandemic, I was working in a small educational consultant firm in Kolkata. It was my first Job. However, during this critical time of the pandemic, I lost my job due to pandemic-induced lockdown in the state. I worked for 20 months there. However, after losing work, my family started facing huge financial crises as I was the sole bread earner of my family.

    It's been 1 year since I am jobless. I feel no shame to call myself a jobless person as this is the current reality of my life and also for those who faced similar situations during this pandemic. It has been more than a year since I lost my work and didn't get a better opportunity so far. I applied for work but did not get a better option. Meanwhile, to run and support my family, I also used to work as a construction labourer in many under-construction projects and run my family with the income I earned from the work. During this critical time, I also exhausted a large amount of my savings which I kept for my future study.

    During the second wave of the pandemic, I bought a second-hand old computer so that I could work online as a freelancer and started earning money to run my family because I knew construction and business activities during the peak of Covid cases would be restricted. As I mentioned, my father has been a daily wage laborer. He doesn't get work daily and also at this age I don't really want him to work. It's my moral responsibility to take care of my family and accomplish their needs which I have always done responsibly.

    Undoubtedly, I have struggled a lot in my life. At this point in time, there is no one in my family who can support me financially. There is a popular saying I have heard. When people have a responsibility and dream, people often choose responsibility. It was a time when I had a dream to prepare for civil service since I did a master's in public administration. Hence, It was one of my dreams to prepare for civil service and worked for society. I still have this dream. However, the situation and responsibility to run and support my family have always forced me to work because if I don't work then my family will suffer. Being the only son of my parents I can't see my family suffering from the financial crisis. It then becomes my moral obligation to run my family since there is no one who can support us financially. It also becomes important because my sister is just 16 years old and she is now studying. I have always accepted challenges in my life and have always tried to learn from the challenges and difficult times. We have lived our lives in extreme poverty. We don't even have our own home. Whenever I meet boys of my age whose family is well qualified and has a better financial condition, I usually start crying. Why did God idid not let me have good fortune?

    I had lots of wishes and dreams in my life because I have completed my studies by working hard as a daily wages labour but I don't think the circumstances and responsibility of running my family and raising my sister for her future study will help me. Even I am not getting a better work where I will get fixed salary. These unprecedented times often make me much more depressed and tense. How to face these challenging times?
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  • A challenging time for you and your family. Many people faced a similar situation due to pandemics. Many companies removed their employees and they all became jobless.
    You are a postgraduate and your father is a daily labourer. Your parents might have taken many troubles to see that you will be properly educated. A daily wage worker made his son a postgraduate. We can understand the pains he has taken. Now it is your responsibility to take care of them and you understood your responsibility and you are trying to earn as much as possible and see that you will take care of your family. You have purchased a computer for working and earning online. There are many schemes started by the governments to see that young people can go for their own business instead of waiting for a job. So if you know any bank employee through him and you can try for a loan. Once if you get the loan you can start a xerox centre and internet Cafe. You can manage the show on your own. Simultaneously you can study during your free hours for your UPSC examinations.
    I know a driver who is working as a driver and earns Rs,15000/. per month. But that amount is not sufficient for him to run his family. So he took some loan in his wife's name and started a Kirana shop and made a good business. simultaneously, he supplies milk packets and water to the houses which gives him some income. Kirana shop will be taken care of by his wife. He continues working as a driver. With all his efforts now he is able to get some good income.
    You can also think of some small businesses by taking a loan and as suggested by me you can think of Xerox centre, internet cafe, stationery shop etc. While doing this you can continue your search for a job. I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • The pandemic time was a very challenging time and many people lost their jobs and could not get a new job because of depressed market and business sentiments. You are not alone and many people are facing these difficulties. The fact is that this is not a time to search a job as practically jobs are not there and even if some of them exist there is such a big competition for them that it is almost impossible to get them so easily.
    So this is the time for self employment and many of the qualified people have started some small business like tea stall, snack corner, food supply, tiffon service, transport of goods, courier service, delivery of items from super stores or online stores, joining food delivering groups like Swiggy or Zomoto, sales person in big marts or stores, driving, security services etc. It is obvious that none of them singly would be giving a good remuneration and it is necessary that one works part time also.
    Other than above there are scopes in private tutoring to the children of the rich families, taking care of elderly people in rich families, assisting in work to the executives etc. Please remember that even if you want to give some competitive exam to secure a Govt job then you would need the earnings for survival during the preparation time and if you do not get success in the first attempt then you would be in a difficult situation so the only thing is do some small work and part time do the preparation. It is a very difficult thing to do so much of hard work in ones life but there is no other way at the present juncture.
    Try to get self employment occupation near your residence only so that you do not waste time in shuttling from one place to another. Save on the transport expenses also. If you take up the tiffon service or food delivering service then do it in a group so that you get the support and help when needed. Doing these things singly would eat up a lot of time.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The pandemic is really painful for the world and particularly for those who lost their loved ones and also those who lost their jobs during these critical times. I really feel sorry for your situation. What I suggest you check for online courses which can be finished in a very short time. Start with some freelancing jobs online. If you want to go for web developing, go for web designing courses on Udemy or Coursera platform, even you can search for other online resources which give you knowledge about web designing. Do not lose heart. Just accept the reality and start changing the existing situation by taking steps now.

    You can also start with coaching nearby children. This is not a permanent solution but this may help you till you get a permanent job. The lockdown certainly affected the education of many children and these people tuition in these days. You can approach your locality.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

  • The pandemic situation has been very much painful for most of us whew we we have seen how even the experienced employees have been laid off due to no demand of the products produced by them. After facing such a turbulent situation, they are still unemployed facing the financial crisis. Anyway, let us not be depressed with such events but your cool mind approach can solve your crisis.
    Let me see this case in a different angle by seeing your past history of your father who being a labour has raised you providing you a post graduate qualification was wise enough in making crucial decisions. For you he might prove to be true motivator in your case.
    I would not say that you should compromise with your dreams which you have cherished for long but realisation of the same would take some more time and this calls for your continuous studies for becoming an IAS. Some planning has to be chalked out after going through the pattern of such an examination and a careful selection of the optional subject would be required to put your name among the selected candidates. You will have to study independently within your allotted time set by you.
    Now for the smooth running of your family, the following arrangements may be taken up -
    1) Be a competent tutor in a subject for which you have your passion-
    Any subject with which you have done your graduation can be taken up for tuition but ensure that you have a liking for that subject. If Mathematics, Economics, Geography had been your subjects, choose any one for tuition. In the initial phase you may start with five or six candidates but it will grow with your lucid style of teaching. Here patience is vital to see that you are in the booming business.
    2) Start a computer class by either taking Franchise of APTECH or NIIT for your better earnings. The initial phase may not be smooth but later it would prove rewarding.
    3) Start a Food Outlet in your area - Even engaging for at least two hours in the morning and evening with the provision of snacks and tea in the starting phase will not be a bad idea which can be expanded further in the upcoming time by gauging the strength of customers. You may further include meal plans.
    4) Enrol yourself in any professional institution offering IAS coaching- There are many such institutes but choose the one having reputation in this line. TIME is one of such institutions.

  • This is a very painful situation. I appreciate you as you are thinking of studying even in such extreme situations. But, why do you only want to get a job? Why not go and have some self-employment work. Always remember you are not the last job seeker. But if you decide to do some work on your own then you can do good for yourself as well as others in society. Several inspiring selfies of self-employed people are in the current news like MBA Chaiwala and many more. It's your choice to be a civil servant and you can crack the examination if you are firmly determined. But time is not always the same. You can work as a delivery boy part-time as they pay well and you would also get time to study. Moreover, you can apply for some online teaching platforms, like unacademy, Vedantu etc. as even in the lockdown this area is flourishing a lot.

  • We cannot control everything that is coming to us or when this already has taken a toll but at the same time each moment of life gives a lesson to learn. It is my personal experience that life is equal to all and very cruel when not respected. Sympathetic words sometimes give temporary relief, but this has a short impact and ultimately the ground reality needs to get accepted so as not to add further troubles in our lives.

    I am saddened after reading but this does not make any sense to be sad for me or for you if this does not lead to something good and favorable.

    Have you ever wondered of your key interest and area of expertise? Please go for it. The previous posts have suggested a good deal of small businesses wherein one can earn a comfortable earning and at the same time pursue your careers options. Although difficult and for sure not impossible and furthermore we never know what future produces for us.

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