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  • What is the role of right breathing in doing surya namaskar?

    Find out from experts the crucial role that breathing plays while doing the Surya Namaskar.

    Our body is a divine machine and one has to work towards it to remain in an active condition. One can do various kinds of exercises and yoga practices. One such activity is Surya namaskar. It is said that while doing exercise, one has to be very careful about breathing. I want to know the role of breathing in Surya namaskar.
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  • In the classical Indian Yoga the breathing has been given a very important place. Many Yoga teachers teach that aspect while taking the Yoga classes. Every Yoga pattern has a rhythmic application of breathing in it and depending on the positions the breathing sequence would vary. One has to consult some authentic Yoga practice book in this regard to learn the subtleties of breathing in and breathing out in that particular Yoga position or Aasan.
    As a general rule whenever we are stretching our body we should exhale that is we have to breath out. On the other hand when we are coming back to normal position we have to inhale that is to breath in. Using this simple principle one can have the breathing sequence in any Aasan including Surya Namaskar.
    Surya Namaskar has 12 positions starting from the initial standing and leaning back posture and coming back to it after completing one cycle. The exact timing of the breath in and breath out has to be taken from the authentic text book on it but the general pattern is as follows -
    During positions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 - Breath in.
    During positions 2,4,6,8,10, and 12 - Breath out.
    Please note that during positions 5 and 9 there will be a combination of breath in and breath out.
    The above details might appear complicated but once we practice it a few times then it becomes easy to follow it when we are doing Surya Namaskar regularly.
    It is difficult to tell the exact role of this breathing pattern in any Aasan including Surya Namaskar but probably it was formulated to give the uniform supply of oxygen to the various body parts during the Aasan. We have to remember that our ancients had evolved this system after a great pondering and research so that the whole cycle of these exercises help in keeping the body healthy and in good shape.

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  • You should personally approach a specialist in this connection. Some specialists are available in Ayurveda Hospitals. Why this stress is given here is our body have two types of 'nadi - Ida Nadi, Pingla Nadi' It is better to follow after consulting according to the nadi of our body we should do this types.

  • During Suryanamaskarams, we have to concentrate on our breathing also. When there is a systematic moment of our body takes place, there should be a coordination between the body moments and breathing to obtain the best results from the whole exercise. This will give us good movements and keep the lungs and chest in good condition.
    The breathing should be performed as detailed below.
    1. When we raise our hands we should breathe in
    2. We have to breathe out when we stand forward fold pose.
    3. Again we have to breathe in when we are in a low lunge pose with the right foot forward.
    4. We have to breathe out when we are in plank pose.
    5. We have to inhale and exhale when we are in the eight-limbed pose.
    6. When we are in upward facing dog pose we have to again inhale and exhale when we are in downward facing dog pose.
    7. When we are in crescent low linge pose we have to inhale and exhale when we ate standing forward fold pose.
    8. Inhale when you are praying with folded hands and exhale when you relax.
    This is the sequence generally followed during the performance of Surya Namaskara. By performing Surya namaskara following the sequence of breathing mentioned will help us in many ways. Our weight will be in control and our digestive system will function perfectly. The respiratory system will be in good working condition and you will have good control of your breathing. Anxiety will come down and stress will come down. Sugar levels will be under control.
    Many people who perform this exercise regularly can be contacted who will make a demonstration of the whole process so that you can understand it better.

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  • Surya Namaskar is the best yoga posture for attaining the flexibility of the body and by employing the same, we can control almost all the diseases be chronic or otherwise. The main difference yoga and gymnastics lie between their breathing techniques. Hence it would be a wise step to know the real postures for Surya Namaskar so as to follow the right breathing techniques.
    To understand the right breathing techniques, it would be a wise step to follow the steps as suggested by the yoga trainer while doing this yoga. Understand the relaxation exercise under the guidance of yoga guru. Learn the techniques of inhalation and exhalation under his close guidance. Just see how the air is inhaled inside. Then follow the ways how the stomach is expanded like a balloon while the air is allowed to go inside and then hold it and afterwards release the same slowly with the contraction of the stomach.
    You can watch such related videos appearing in the YouTube but it would be still better to learn the techniques under the guidance of a learned yoga trainer so that there is no mistake while practicing the yoga postures.

  • I have done yoga for many years. I used to start my yoga from surya namaskar. Surya namaskar is best exercise for lungs. By doing this exercise you can control over breathing related problem. While doing surya namaskar the coordination of the breathing plays an important role to ensure for easy movements as well as proper use of the lungs and chest to encourage deep breathing. You will better understand inhalation and exhalation tecnique during surya namaskar. Breathing properly during the Surya Namaskar enhances its benefits . Suryanamaskar having 12 position in completing one cycle. Just inhale and exhale alternatively. Be neutral at 1, inhale at 2, exhale at 3, inhale at 4 and continue this alternate breathing. When your body stretches. you inhale and when your body folds you exhale. Just remember one thing that you need to hold(neither inhale nor exhale) your breath at posture no. 6. You can continue inhaling at 7, exhaling at 8 and this alternate sequence until 12. One important thing you should keep in mind that always do yoga with the help of good yoga teacher. Without knowing, don't do wrong because it will have bad effect on your body.

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