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  • What is the Gap related criteria in Mphasis?

    Worried about a gap during your academic years? Find out if this would create a major problem in getting recruited with Mphasis despite clearing all other rounds of hiring.

    I have recently been selected for Mphasis through Amcat. They did not conduct any interviews. I was shortlisted on the basis of Amcat score, then I gave an aptitude test, and participated in the group discussion round. After clearing Group Discussion, they sent me a Letter of Intent and asked me to send basic mendatory documents. I have a one-year gap after 12th and a one-year gap during in the ECE branch (5 years). There were no gap-related criteria mentioned during the hiring sessions. Will I get rejected during the document verification process?
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  • The eligibility criteria for a post in Mphasis is a graduate Engineer in the mentioned subjects and when you are applying you should not have any backlogs. You should be a fresh graduate. This is the requirement. Nowhere they have mentioned anything about the gaps during your studies. So you need not worry.
    You have to send your consent with copies of all the documents they have asked for. You should nor give any wrong information or modified information. Once they receive your documents, they will verify the same and inform you of the further course of action. You need not worry about the gap you have.

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  • Please send your consent along with all the educational credentials and score cards and check the documents thoroughly so that no mixing up is there in the documents sent to them. There are many students who have gap in their educational career due to umpteen reasons and personal problems. It has nothing to do with the performance of a person when one is entrusted some work to be carried out in a responsible way. Your score in Amcat is clearly showing your potential and competence and that is what for a company generally looks for.
    So gap in your educational career has nothing to do with your document verification. In case some explanation is asked for that gap then you have to give a satisfying answer and that is all what can be some little activity there before your joining of the company.
    I wish you all the best in your job in the company.

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  • Note that the eligibility criteria for this post in Mphasis is a graduate engineer. You have already passed the minimum qualification what they want. There is no mention that there should not be any extension of the period which is currently of four year duration. Moreover during the process of submission of your application, there should not be any backlog if you go through the advertisement, there is no mention of the gap during the study of your engineering. Hence you should not worry on that account.
    You are required to send all the copies as required by them. Furnish informations correctly for which they are interested. Your submitted copies are subject to verification. If no anomaly is detected, your candidature for the post remains intact and they would intimate you regarding the future course of action. In no way, gap is not likely to create any impediment in your service career.

  • As mentioned above you are a graduate engineer. So, you need not to be worried as the minimum eligibility for the post in Mphasis is a graduate engineer. And you have already fulfilled criteria. You show your Amcat score which is proof of your potential. As far as gap is concerned, nowhere It is mentioned that gap during studies would create any problem. You should send copies of all your documents without hesitation. After verification they will inform you for further process.

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