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  • NOC application for a Gazetted post

    Want to obtain a NOC for a Gazetted post? Get quick advice on how to apply for it.

    I am a non-gazetted Group A Central Government Officer and want to apply for a Group A gazetted post with the same basic pay. For this, can I get a NOC to apply?
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  • You have not indicated the total duration of your service that you have put in the government organisation for the present post. If you are in the probation period, it is out of question that you will be entitled to get a NOC. Grant of NOC would depend upon the following factors listed below-
    1) You are not under the period of probation.
    2) You have not furnished a bond of some specified amount that needs to be paid in the event of resignation or your termination due to your misconduct as perceived by the company.
    If you are not covered by the clauses as indicated above, you might be granted a NOC certificate from your current organisation.
    Sometimes, even though you have rendered your service for a long period satisfactorily you may be denied a NOC since the management might not have a spare hand to run the job effectively in case you are spared.
    Hence NOC is not your legal right but it may be treated as the mercy of the management to grant you such a certificate.

  • When you are joining a job, you will be issued an appointment letter. I hope you have one for the job that you are doing now. This letter will have all the terms and conditions of the job. There may be a clause regarding resignation to the job also. Generally, there may be a notice period that is to be fulfilled before you leave your current job. In some cases, if you can't work for that notice period. you can pay your salary in lieu of the notice period. Regarding the No Objection Certificate, one should be getting it based on the terms and conditions that are mentioned in your appointment letter. Please go through all the clauses in your appointment letter and then apply for the NOC by talking to the boss in your office. If there is a chance that getting a NOC will get some time and an advanced copy of your application directly to the recruiter and wait for the response from your boss. Once you get your N OC you can forward the same separately.

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  • It is your right to apply for any other post while working in a Govt post. Everyone has a right to make a better career. Only problem is that you have to apply through proper channel that means that you have to send your application for the new post through your present department and they should forward it to the new place where you are applying. You can of course send the direct application without forward also but your final selection and appointment will be dependent on your providing the NOC from your present department.
    As mentioned by other members also if you are under probation then you will not be allowed to apply elsewhere. But if you are not under probation but under some bond then you can deposit the amount of that bond to get relieved from the present department. So there is no problem on that account. Please find out the regulations in your department about forwarding of application to another post especially in Govt sector and then meet your topmost person in the department and request him to help you, as per the existing rules of course, for making a better career.
    Meanwhile send the direct application to the new department and submit the through proper channel copy of application in your department with a request to forward it to the new department. If they keep it pending then give a reminder after one month and send the copy to the Govt secretary under which your department officially falls.

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  • As mentioned you are working in a non-Gazzetted group and want to apply for Gazzetted post for which you need NOC certificate. As you know that If you are in probation period then you will be entitled to get NOC certificate.
    You will have to apply through proper channel for this post. Your appointment will totally depend on your NOC from your present department. So, you should go through all the clauses in your appointment letter. Following terms and condition mentioned in appointment letter you should apply for the NOC. It may take some time after getting it you can forward.

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