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  • How is Araku Valley as a tourist destination?

    Planning to visit Araku Valley? Find out why Araku Valley is a popular tourist destination and how to travel there.

    One understands that somewhere near Vizag, there is this hill station called Araku Valley. I have been told that it is a great place to visit. What are the main tourist attractions here, and how does one actually reach this place? Is there a direct train to Araku Valley from Vizag? Those who have been to this tourist place could share their first hand experiences.
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  • No doubt going to Araku Valley would be an enchanting experience for those who love nature and want a break from hectic life. The famous among the places to visit are the Borra caves which have the splendor with nature and many cine shootings have taken place here. During the rainy season, the waterfalls from the Gosthani river would be added attraction for the tourist. But the Tadimada waterfalls are the best to view because you can enjoy the falls in panoramic view. And do not forget to visit the tribal museum which has all the artifacts and belongings of the tribals in the region and the collections are unique. And for those who are selfie freaks, then visiting the Padmapuram gardens will be a must to cherish the natural beauty connected to modern trends. But the hotel stay is costly, so avoid staying during the night.

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  • Yes. It is a hill station. I have visited this place in the month of February 2021 and I submitted details about it- Araku Valley. A beautiful place to visit.

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    You can also read the article on various places around Visakhapatnam which will give some details about the valley as well - Visakhapatnam: Best place in Andhra Pradesh for enjoying Christmas/New year holidays

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  • Araku is a tribal hill area in the Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh. It is located at an altitude of 911 metres above sea level. You have to travel about 100 km from Visakhapatnam. There are buses from Visakhapatnam. There is a train called Kirandole Express which goes through Araku. The railway track is very good. When the train passes through the routes laid through caves we will have a different experience. Many people prefer one way by train and the other way by bus. I have gone one time to this area by bus and came back by train. Recently when I visited this place I used a car.

    This hill station is a very famous tourist spot. There are waterfalls, Coffee gardens and many famous flower gardens. Borra caves is also a place nearby. There are good hotels and restaurants available in this place and a night stay here will be very pleasant. AP tourism buses are also available.

    The best way is to go by car from Visakhapatnam and start early in the morning. While going on the way you have to visit Borra caves, waterfalls and coffee gardens. You can reach Araku in the evening. Then stay in the night there. The next day you can visit all the gardens around the valley. You can start in the evening and come back to Vizag at night. If time permits you can visit Ananthagiri hills which are near Araku.

    The best season to visit is from October to January of the year. I visited this place in January 2021.

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  • Araku Valley is located in the Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh and it is known by the popular name of Araku. This place is at about 3200 feet above the sea level and is a famous hill station in this part of the country. The Araku hill station area falls in the Eastern Ghat section. There are hills around and the whole place is covered with greenery including the thick forests around. There are many gardens, waterfalls, water streams, coffee plantation, silk farm, mulberry gardens, tribal museum, and other picturesque places located in this big valley. One of the prominent waterfall is Sangda waterfall. Due to its natural beauty this hill station attracts a large number of tourists not only from our country but from abroad also.

    The main forests in the Araku region are Anantagiri Reserved Forest and Sunkrimetta Reserved Forest. Some of the forests in this region are home to the local tribes also. There are many mountains around this large valley. These are Raktkonda, Sunkrimetta, Chitamogondi and Galikonda mountains. The Galikonda Mountain is having an elevation of 5000 ft making it the highest mountain in Andhra Pradesh.

    There are many activities that an adventure loving tourist can opt here and the most common is the trekking. There are many trekking routes undertaking climbing the hills, going across the valley, and many other interesting trails. Some trails pass through the waterfalls while some cross the water streams.

    Araku has many mid range to budget hotels for the tourists and there are also some cottages and lodges as well as some resorts. Govt run accommodation is also available in affordable rates. As regards the food and eateries, there are a variety of food and edible items available here and a tourist can choose from that big range.

    One can reach Araku by road. It is situated at about 112 km in southeast direction from Vishakhapatnam. This road journey itself is an adventurous one and presents a picturesque view of the forests and hills. There is a Railway Station also in Araku and some limited train services are available from the nearby cities like Vishakhapatnam. The best time to visit this hill station is from October to March.

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  • Araku Valley is a hill station in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, lying 111 km west of Visakhapatnam city. It is a valley in the Eastern Ghats inhabited by different tribes, mainly Araku Tribes. This is a very famous tourist destination. There are waterfalls, Coffee gardens and many famous flower gardens.
    The best time to visit Araku valley is between September to February. You can see different flower garden during this month. There are good transportation facility available from Visakhapatnam district. According to your wish, you can choose your transport facility.
    If you go by train then you will find picturesue view which is itself more enjoyable. Araku Valley can be reached by road that goes through thick forests which is an adventure in itself. There are many places to visit like the government silk farm, famous for its mulberry gardens and the tribal museum. The region is home to many tribes and the area is rich in tribal culture.

  • Araku Valley is situated in the district of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh which is around 110 km west of Visakhapatnam City. The Araku area falls in Eastern Ghat section where there is the major concentration of Araku Tribes. This hill is surrounded by the greenery pasture adding enhanced beauty of the site. You would find this valley with the crowds of the tourists from the different places including the foreign tourists.
    There are series of mountains lying in this area and some of the noted mountains are Raktkonda, Sunkrimetta and Galikonda mountains.
    Galikonda mountain is having 5000 ft altitude and is ranked as the highest mountain in the region of Andhra Pradesh. The lovely destinations such as Cofee Gardens, Waterfalls and abundant area for trekking for the tourists. Transportation is not the problem for the tourists and it can be availed from Visakhapatnam.
    If heading to Araku, Mayuri is the best hotel to live in, though there are a lot of hotels in respect of spaciousness of the rooms coupled with other comforts, they are not reliable in terms of safety. It is better to reach Araku valley by train in the early morning. Then follow this convenient schedule- Take your lunch at the earliest and then proceed for sightseeing. Next morning, you may hire a taxi to Borracave with all your possessions and visit Borracave. You can enjoy the greenery over there.
    In Araku, you can enjoy coffee plantations or even you could visit Lambasingi in addition to sightseeing of the Strawberry fields. You can enjoy Bamboo Chicken where the chicken pieces are placed inside the Bamboo and then cooked in the fire.
    You can enjoy greenery, beautiful flower garden or a cluster of tribes enjoying their lives in their own traditions which would be quite exciting.

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