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  • What score should I get for PR in Canada and for IELTS?

    Planning to head to Canada? Know with expert guidance the scores you need to achieve for PR and for IELTS as well.

    In order to get PR in Canada, one must have the desired score. I want to know what score would be good to get for PR? I am a 37-year-old person with qualifications for Ph.D. I am yet to prepare for IELTS exam. How much should I score for IELTS in terms of bands? What score can be good for me? How do I improve the score for express entry?
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  • A minimum of 6 in your IELTS is required to qualify for any immigration programs to Canada. This is equivalent to CLB(Canadian Language Benchmark) Band 7. You have to have Band 7 in the IELTS examination.

    The minimum points to qualify for Express Entry in Canada will vary based on the program to which you belong. There are three programs as mentioned below.
    1. The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    2. The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP
    3. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

    For Federal Skilled Trades Class or Canadian Experience Class, no minimum points are required.

    To immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Class, you need to score 67 out of 100 points These points are calculated on various factors like your age, work experience, education, language skills, adaptability, etc.
    The eligibility criteria for the express Entry are:
    1. IELTS Score. You can get up to 150 once you qualify in IELTS.
    2. Educational qualifications: Maximum number of points one can obtain with a PhD is 140
    3. If you have any work experience in Canada you may get 70 points
    4. No age limit but no points once you cross 47 years. You will get up to 100 points in this case.

    Once the total score is calculated they will see the percentage. It should be a minimum of 67%.

    To have a better understanding about the entire process and the calculation of the points , you better contact a good agency which will help you in knowing the facts.

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  • If you are trying to go to Canada for pursuing some course or career then you have to get through IELTS for establishing your english language proficiency. The minimum IELTS score band required for Canada PR (Permanent Residency) is CLB 7. In terms of score, as per the existing rules and regulations of Canada, one has to obtain a minimum score of 6.0 in each component of this proficiency test. These components are the listening, reading, writing and speaking abilities under the respective sections of the IELTS. For express entry route also you would require the same score.
    If an individual is not able to obtain the requisite score in IELTS then there are other routes like 'Canada PR Visa through Provincial Nominee Program(PNPs)' and one can try that route also.
    If you are thinking to go trough the express entry route then please note that age is also a factor there and for the age band 18-35 years one would be preferred as above that age one would be in a disadvantage position. Other factors for facilitating smooth entry are education level, work experience, adaptability, and sponsorship.

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  • Minimum IELTS score needed for Canada PR Visa through the express entry programme is a minimum score of 6 in each band. If the aspirant has scored this threshold score in each band of of IELTS, they will be eligible for the express pool apart from PNP. The candidates have the fair chances of their selections provided the scores exceed beyond 7. More is the score beyond 7, the better.
    We would deal with the various details related to IELTS examination for Canada PR Visa through the different topics.
    IELTS Overview-
    Canada follows two official languages namely English and French. This reflects that skilled immigrants intending to move Canada, they will have to move to Canada with the attainment of Language Proficiency Skills in either of the languages or both. In order to show your proficiency skill in English Language, candidates are supposed to take this language examination recognised by the government of Canada.
    Here the candidates are evaluated in four different abilities consisting of 2 hours 45 minutes where they will be evaluated for Listening, Reading and Writing Skills. The candidates would be required to be attentive in each session. Then the session would follow for Reading and Writing skills needing the same devotion to clear the tests with the impressive scores.
    This test comprises of two modes such as paper based or through the online depending upon the choice of the candidates.

  • If you are planning to go to Canada for pursuing career related course. So, you need to qualify IELTS for english language proficiency. This test having different section like reading, writing and speaking abilities. Both mode online and offline are there in this test. You can appear for this test as per choice either online or offline. You have to secure a minimum score of 6.0 in each component of this proficiency test. If you are not succeed in getting the requisite score in IELTS then there are another option like 'Canada PR Visa through Provincial Nominee Program(PNPs)' and you can try through this way.

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