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  • USB port issue in desktop computer

    Worried about broken USB ports of your desktop computer and that they can no longer be used or replaced? Quickly get expert tips on what would be the most inexpensive option for fixing this essential hardware part.

    In the desktop computer I use now, the two USB ports in the front are damaged due to heating and continuous use. The plastic part has become corroded and the USB device cannot sit properly and/or connect.

    As I use the Wi-Fi adapter for Net connectivity for my desktop, it was in constant use and is essential to me. As both the front ports are now damaged it is not usable now. Though I tried with the residual available port at the backside, it is not functioning properly and issues are cropping up, because I am using the keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. using the other ports and now only this one port is spare and that is not helping too.

    When I contacted the computer service center, they say it cannot be repaired and I have to change the whole cabinet. However, the same type of cabinet is now not available, and the present Motherboard and accessories cannot be used with another type of cabinet.

    What solution you can give me in this regard? What is the easy and economical way for me?
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  • One option that I read about is using the LAN (Local Area Network) port if you have one. You need to purchase the required connecting cable that will enable you to connect the external device to that port. Since I do not have knowledge of hardware, you could request the service engineer to visit and check whether the connecting cable required should be an adapter or a connector or an extender. That is, I am not sure of the difference between all these and which would be the right one if at all the LAN port is available. In case he suggests something, ensure that it does the required job of connecting the various devices to the desktop computer, including a pen drive, a printer, etc. You could also find out about simultaneously connecting multiple devices via that LAN port.

    There is also the option, if possible, of installing an entirely new USB port into the existing cabinet. Perhaps you could find some YouTube videos on this.

    You could also approach another service center or ask at local retail stores that sell desktop computers to inquire about a new CPU cabinet that will be compatible with the current Motherboard and other fittings. The store's staff/service engineer may even be able to guide you on where such a cabinet would possibly be available.

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  • You will have to take the help of some good technician who is experienced in computer repairs. Generally, the front USBs are connected through a front panel USB hub and you will have to get it replaced in your computer. Generally a good mechanic will have a good number of old computers lying at his place and even if a new hub assembly is not available in the market he will be able to get it salvaged from some old one.
    The USB port which is available in the back side of the computer will generally be mounted on a PCI card and you might require a new PCI USB port controller card in case you want to replace the faulty USB in the back side of your computer.
    Please also note that sometimes these USBs might be directly connected to the motherboard and if the new motherboard is not available or is a costly proposition then you will not be able to get the USBs replaced.
    Another noteworthy thing in this matter is that today many technicians are able to connect a new external USB socket by pulling wires (cable) from the inside of the desktop computer to outside the cabinet and in old desktops it is a quite common practice.
    Talk to the technicians about all these options and they also have many tricks under their sleeves to help you.

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  • There are two issues in your problem.

    1. The back side USB port does not function well consistently. Sometimes a USB port when not in use will get sometimes disabled. You can open the control panel on your system and the go-to power options. You can then click on Change advanced power settings. In you will find USB settings. There will be an option that says selective suspend setting options. You can disable that. Then you can restart your computer and see whether the USB is working. Still, the behaviour is erratic, you have to go to the computer software professional and get his guidance for this problem.

    2. The second problem is that the USB port is got corroded and the USB device is not getting accommodated properly. For this, the best course of action is to change the cover. But your mechanic told that the covers that are available these days will not suit your equipment. You have to go to different shops and search for them. It may be available in some remote places.

    Otherwise, you have to go for external USB ports that are available. You will get them on Amazon also. What type is suitable and which will work for your system is to be enquired from computer technician and you have to purchase the same. This external USB port system will have provision for keeping 3 or 4 USB devices.

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  • I am also using usb connector only for my net connection in my desktop. Similar to you, the front portion USB ports are not working due to some reason. For this I bought "USB 2.0 Male to 2 Dual USB Female Jack Adapter Cable for Computer" from local vendor and using well. If you need you can buy two of this type and utilize as four usb ports.

  • In case, your USB ports have ceased functioning, you will have to diagnose the roots of the issue. You should be familiar with the mechanism of your USB functioning.
    Before you proceed ensure the status of the port rather than the device with which it is connected. You may connect the device to another USB port if the same is not working. The problem might lie in the device.
    If there exists a problem with the USB port, you would notice the same occurring either of the issues-
    1) The device fails and the detection of the fault in such a case would be difficult.
    2) Operation System might display an error message in respect of the device. In that situation, you can remove and replace the device and see if it is working.
    Ensure that the USB port is free from the dust, dirt or some detritus material might have embedded on some area of the port.This needs to taken care of. If the situation needs a vacuum cleaning, the same can be taken up to ensure that it has restored its functionality.
    If you suspect that USB port on the motherboard is failing, replacement would not be easy. On a desktop computer, you can find a replacement board which can be slotted in without too much effort. If soldering is needed, get it done through the service engineer.

  • If the author could inform about the configuration of PC because seeing the longer duration this may not seem feasible to go for repairing. As the technician has already conveyed that similar cabinets not available in the market shows urgency for replacement. I would suggest going for the renewed or refurbished PC / Desktops available through online purchases.

    Like the author, I had the same problem with my Desktop back at home and my father could not used that in the way he wanted to. The USB ports slowly stopped working then we kept on using by installing extensions wires pulling out from ports from back of desktops. Then it happened like the mouse, or the keyboard ports started malfunctioning and my father being not so good in handling those and we are being outside faced difficulties in performing even for checking mails or connecting to network. Due to software upgrades and new versions of Windows the motherboard became slowly irrelevant for and when new devices came to surface, we finally decided to replace it.

    But if the author still intends to go for repairing then you can also consult other technicians for putting-up with the external ports. Furthermore, you can go on using with the wireless keyboard and mouse devices for lesser interference with the ports.

  • Thank you al for the kind suggestions. After thinking all the aspects and taking necessity and practicality into consideration, I had now got the cabinet replaced with a new(but different) cabinet. The whole inside parts were refitted into the new cabinet. The total expense including service charges cane to Rs 1900/-.

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