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  • How to get IT Python programmer job

    Have knowledge of Python programming but do not possess an IT graduate degree or certification? Know with expert guidance whether or not it is still possible to acquire a job in the field.

    I am having knowledge of the Python programming language and do not have a graduate degree in IT job. What is the scope of my job in the IT industry as a Python programmer? What are the prerequisites of this kind of job? Does it need any kind of certification?
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  • To get a job in the IT industry you need not have a degree in IT. Any graduate in any discipline can apply for a post there. But the companies generally, prefer fresh graduates. Getting a job after many years of passing the course is very difficult. However, there may be some companies that may consider. You have to try in various places.
    If you want a Python programmer job, you should have a certificate in Python. You may have some knowledge of the Python language but without any certification, it will be difficult.
    Students who are not having Python as part of their qualification examination can do Online Python courses from various online platforms. Python certificate courses available online are mentioned below.
    1. The University of Michigan.
    2. Google IT Automation with Python Google.
    3. Jose Portilla, Udemy
    4. Harvard University Online Learning
    5. IntelliPaat
    You can take the certification from any of the above. Some universities and institutes in India are providing the certification course offline also. The following are some institutes.
    1. IIT, Kharagpur
    2. IIT, Roorkee
    3. Jadavpur university
    4. Manipal Academy of Higher education.
    5. Bharathiar university
    You can try in these institutes also. Once you get a proper certificate, chances of getting a job in that line will be more.

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  • It is not compulsory to have degree in IT for getting job in IT industry. You can apply with graduation degree in any discipline. If you have passed graduation recently then there are a good chances to be employed. But after long gap of graduation you will not be considered for job. For getting job in phython programming you should have certificate as It is proof of your knowledge. Nowadays, phython course can be done through online mode. Some of the reputed institution offering this course which are as follows:-
    1.Google IT Automation with Python Google.
    2. The University of Michigan.
    3. Jose Portilla, Udemy
    4. Harvard University Online Learning
    Some Indian university also providing certificate course through offline mode in this field which are as follows:-
    1. Jadavpur university
    2.Manipal Academy of Higher education.
    3.Bharathiar university
    4.IIT, Kharagpur
    5. IIT, Roorkee

  • Python is becoming one of the most preferred language of the coding people in modern times and many people are learning it to make a career in the industry. Even the old IT persons are learning it online to keep a pace with others who are getting advantage by having Python knowledge.
    You can easily get some certificate by joining an online course in any reputed agency like Udemy, Coursera, Pluaralsight etc.
    Having some certification is necessary as your employer will not know about your learnings in the subject until you produce such credentials.
    So once this part is over then you can very well apply for programming positions with your basic qualifications and that Python certificate credential.
    One thing that you have to visualise at the present juncture is that just knowing a programming language and writing a code in it will not be a thing that qualifies a person for getting a job or excel in career. That will be a too simple an assumption if we are thiking like that. One has to have or learn best programming practices and should have some idea as how a project is to be viewed and designed in a coding language. The syntax and language correctness is one thing but how to link the basic code to so many platforms and systems is the real challenge and that is where the true knowledge of a person gets tested. So keep those things in mind and do not limit yourself in designing a small part of a code given to you without any head and tail.
    You may be knowing so many languages but that is of no use if you are not able to design the complete solution considering all the peripheral devices and output requirement.
    The field of programming is very competitive today and there are so many new things coming up that one has to keep a good knowledge of those things and try to learn the skills in accordance to those changes.
    Everytime clients will come to you with new challenges and you have to provide solutions quickly to them before any other competitor can do so. I am sure that with hard work and sustained efforts you can achieve your objectives.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Python is the most popular and a high level programme used by the soft developers and software engineers where there is wide application of scientific and numerical applications.
    You can master in Python Programming languages in the different plate forms both in on line and offline modes where the basics can be learnt and practiced under the guidance of a trainer. However, it would require a lot of practice on the live projects. In the initial phase, you would be required to understand the complexities of the codes explained by your trainer with the full attention. Ensure that your trainer is having wide reputation in imparting tutorials in Python Language for over five to six years at least with his attachment to a reputed institute.
    Python Learning Institute in Delhi.
    A best Institute would provide the aspirants live project training so as to achieve self confidence in the Python Coding. If sincerely interested to know the different tools in this coding language, you may choose Jeetech Academy located in Delhi for the persuasion of the Python Course. This institution takes pain to nurture your basics in this language and would wipe out all your doubts hovering over your mind relating to the complexities of this language.
    This institute would provide you lesson step by step with the gradual proceedings to the higher stages taking care of your grasp over this language. They would develop you as per demand of the current industries providing you an opportunity of more satisfying career in the field of Python Programmes.

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