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  • Can a landline phone be kept or mobile charged near the television

    Wondering if it is safe to charge your smartphone near the TV or keep the landline phone too close to it? Find out from experts if this is Ok and no dangers will arise.

    We keep our television on a big table with a junction box for power connection for the television and cable connection.
    It may be advised whether we can keep our landline telephone near the television. Similarly, we are charging our mobiles in a junction unit near the television. Is it ok to do so?
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  • Landline phone near the TV. Technically speaking there will not be any problem and they will not harm each other. I was keeping my landline by the side of our TV. I used the landline for a long time and I never had any complaints. When TV is on and the sound is a little high, you may not be able to hear the ringing sound of the phone when any call comes and you may miss a call. Generally, the ring sound of land phones are reasonably high and we can hear if the TV sound is not very high.
    The second thing is a mobile near the TV. As far as my knowledge goes there will not be any problem. When TV is not absolutely there will not be any problem. When TV is on also there will not be any problem.
    Mobile phones use electromagnetic waves to send mail and voice data. TVs use electrical signals from cables wires and convert them to an electron beam which when excited emits photons. But it may not affect the phone which is on but not in use.
    But when a mobile phone starts ringing the electromagnetic waves may intercept the electron beam and such times the TV screen will become shaky and the pictures you see on the screen will be also shaky. But once the ring is stopped the screen will become normal.
    You may not be able to hear the ring sound of mobile if the TV sound is high.

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  • Mobile phones release electromagnetic waves when we send some mails and some datas. It is finally converted into the desirable state in the mobiles. On the contrary, televisions use electrical signals by means of the cable rout and then gets converted into an electron beam on being excited. Thus it will release photons when a mobile set is kept near a television.
    The resultant electromagnetic waves would intercept the electron beam releasing the photons causing a shaky image of the television set due to the interference of electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone and the electrical waves emitted from the television set.

  • Generally to keep the interference at the minimum these devices use different frequencies for their operations. Still there are some interferences that can be observed as the wobbling or other effects on the TV reception when a mobile device is kept near it in active mode. Nowadays 4G/LTE mobile devices are in operation which work in the allowed frequency range which is the range of 700 MHz to 800 MHz. On the other hand the TV signals and receptions in cable TV are operating at a frequency much lower than the above. That arrangement is internationally decided for reduction of the interference and there are standards stipulated for the manufacturing of cables, junction boxes, adopters, splitters etc in such a way that the electromagnetic radiation does not leak from any point or node and create interference with nearby devices.
    Unfortunately, many local manufacturers do not adhere to these strict regulations and then the people using their gadgets or spare parts get these interference problems when they keep these devices near each other.
    One thing which is important in this matter is that the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard needs revision because they were updated long back in 2006 and then amended in 2010. Once that is done then better regulations will come in force in accordance with the technological advancements and interference would decrease further.

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