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  • How to make a correction of Income in and Income Certificate

    Made a major error in entering the amount while filling up details to get an income certificate from a government portal? Quickly get guidance to know whether it is possible to make the corrections or get a new certificate with the correct data entered.

    Recently I got an Income certificate made through online mode in UP. The portal is Due to a mistake, the annual Income entered is Rs. 50000 instead of Rs. 500000. Now this certificate was made for Rs. 50000, how can I change the income or correct the income in the same certificate through legal modes?
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  • The following are the options you have.
    1. you can try again to take a fresh income certificate by applying again online. as per the site, one can take the income certificate any number of times.
    2. You can contact the concerned person and apply for correction in the certificate by showing proof of your correct income details.
    The following are the phone numbers. You can contact them on phone.
    1. 0135-3051521,2, 0135-3051520, 3. 0135-3051523, 4. 180030002300
    Email address: You can send an email to them with all the details. So that they will come out with a proper solution. You have to upload proof of your income also.
    Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA) Department of Information Technology, (Government of Uttarakhand) IT Bhawan, Plot No. IT-07 IT Park, Shasthradhara Road Dehradun, Uttarakhandncome.

    You can try the first option and if any problem comes you can try the second option.

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  • Sir what is the procedure for the above query in Uttar Pradesh

  • From the details you have provided, you must had logged in the site and got the certificate made where the mistake happened.
    Now you again login there and go to main menu. Under that there is a 'services' option and you can select the service you want and make a correct certificate. It may ask you whether you want to edit the earlier record or go for a fresh one. You can make a new and print that after downloading.
    Please go through the options carefully and make your certificate. In case you have some confusion then there are authorised service centres in UP for these digital services and you can go to them and seek help.
    Explore the site and read the general instructions and you will come to know various features. This is a vast site offering so many services for the people in UP.
    The site will ask you to upload documents like the salary certificate etc as the proof of the income for which you want to create this income certificate.
    There may be a facility of deleting the old certificate created and making a new one.
    When you move in the site systematically step by step then you would find all these options there. The site is in Hindi language but there might be a English version also.
    Please login in the site and after completing your task, if possible, please give a feedback here.

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