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  • What all verification is done after selection in UPSC

    Want to know what data exactly is verified by a government organization on being selected for a job through UPSC? Get a detailed insight into the verification process, including whether or not aspects of your email will be verified.

    I am a UPSC aspirant (still not selected in the exam) and I heard a lot about the level of verification performed by the govt after you get selected in this exam. I just want to know that does the govt also check "personal" photos and videos which might be available on your Gmail account in case you are selected for this exam?
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  • Police verification will be conducted. UPSC will send information to the police station of your area to enquire and give a certificate. The police will verify the facts and submit the report. Generally, police will come to your house and ask about any pending cases in the court and they may enquire about the candidate in the surroundings and make a report and will forward it to UPSC. Nobody will check emails and social media postings, Generally. But they will also check any cyber cases against the candidate also.
    UPSC will also contact the persons whom you have referred to in your application as references and get the details about you.
    In addition to that, they will check all original certificates of the candidate pertaining to Date of Birth, Educational qualifications and marks list, transfer certificate, conduct certificate, caste certificate in case of reserved castes, certificates which are submitted by you as proof for claiming the reservation. Aadhaar etc before giving you the final appointment letter.
    Medical tests reports by a doctor referred by them or a qualified and recognised doctor are also required and the doctor should qualify you as medically fit.
    Then you will be given the appointment letter.

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  • Police verification is the essential component in the process of selection of a candidate through UPSC. Selection Board of UPSC will send a letter to the police station of your locality to extract the details of your activities. Their duty would be to verify your character and would examine how far you follow the normal rules of the society with no trace of your criminality in your day today activities.
    They have the right of the thorough verification in such places where you stayed in connection with your studies and would ensure that there was no adverse comments against you from the police headquarters in such places where you stayed during the study - period.
    Their duty also includes the verification of your different certificates followed by accompanying mark - sheets, character certificates issued by the schools and other academic institutions, transfer certificates, caste certificates if applicable in your case, your Aadhar Card etc prior to issuance the offer letter of your selection in the UPSC. Your medical fitness certificate issued by a registered medical doctor would also be verified by the authorities of the Police- station. They might approach the persons whom you have indicated in your application as your references. They might go through a session of enquiry of your characters and activities through them.
    You will finally be offered the appointment letter subject to clearance of Police Personnel of your area.

  • There are a lot of formalities done by selection board of UPSC after selecting in this exam. Police verification is compulsory requirement for selecting candidate. UPSC will send verification letter to your local police station regarding detailed information about any criminal activity. After complete verification they will issue a certificate to board. Besides, there are different type of certificate demanded after selection which are as follows:-
    1. Educational marksheet
    2. Educational certificate
    3. Character certificates issued by the schools and colleges
    4. Transfer certificates
    5.Caste certificates
    6. Aadhar Card
    7.Medical certificate
    After complete verification they will give appointment letter.

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