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  • How to complete Graduation through credit policy after a long gap

    Want to complete your Graduation after a gap of four years and by switching to another university to complete it? Check out the possibilities of doing so through the expert answers given below.

    I have completed my BA 1st year and 2nd year from Dr.BR Ambedkar University Agra in 2016 and 2017 respectively. I have secured 56% marks in both years. Due to some reasons I droped my BA after 2 years and now I want to complete my graduation through distance mode. So I want to know how I can change my university to Subharti University, Meerut. Can I go through a credit transfer to get admission in the 3rd year directly to Subharti University? I also want to know if this degree is valid or not.
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  • Yes. You can complete the course by changing the university or in the same university.
    First of all, you have to contact the university in which you have studied the two years of under graduation, that is Dr BR Ambedkar University Agra. You have to make an application giving all the reasons for discontinuing the studies and you have to apply for a Gap Certificate. They will issue the same. Then you have to take apply to any institute affiliated with Subharti University, Meerut. You have to submit copies of all the certificates required and a copy of the gap certificate also. Once you get admission. you have to apply for a Migration certificate from your earlier university and submit the same to your new college and you can appear for the examination. You can do the final year with any distance school. Once you get the migration certificate all your credits will get transferred to the new course you have joined.

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  • Yes, there is the provision of your transfer of the course earlier started in a college of the different university and switching the same in a college of the same university or continuing with other university from the present one.
    You will have to take up the following step -
    1) You will have to meet the Principal of the college from where you were receiving the education and the reason for the dislocation of your studies from the same college is to be indicated. The reason indicated by you has to be accepted by your present university. Better take a forwarding note of the Principal in the same application and produce the same to the university officials. If the gap is due to the health ground, it should be supported by a registered medical officer.
    2) Ask the present university officials to provide you a gap university.
    3) Once the gap certificate is obtained, approach any college of the other university along with all your certificates of your past achievements including the gap certificate to the college attached to Subharati University, Meerut.
    5) Apply for the migration certificate to your previous university and they will release the same after sometime. This has to be submitted to the college where you have decided to continue the pending course.

  • After a long gap you are eligible to complete your course by changing university. For completing your course you will have to fulfil some formalities. At first, you should meet principal of the college where you recieved two years education and write application about your need giving all reason and apply for gap certificate. They will issue gap certificate which you have to submit in the institute's office where you want to continue further studies. For getting admission into other university you will need migration certificate so you should apply for that. They will release after some time. It is very important document for changing university. After getting migration certificate your credit will be transferred to new course.

  • You can restart your education from the point where you had taken a break in it. As per the new education policy the earlier credits will stand in your name and based on that you can go ahead for your remaining education in the same Institute or another one. Only thing is that you will have to undergo all the formalities of migration from one university to another University and collect all the relevant documents from the earlier one to present to the new one so that they can consider your admission for the continuation of the course that you could not complete earlier due to some personal or some other reason which you would have to specify in details giving the documentary proof for that.
    Nowadays government has started a special facility of digilocker for storing the credits in the safe and secure digital platform being provided by government of India. That is very helpful to the students as that is not only authentic in its nature but very easy in fetching the documents on the go. You have to find out whether you can get your old documents shifted to the digilocker for better storage and fetching them at any instant of time.
    The main idea of credit based education system was to help students in completing their degrees or education even in a staggered way as there are many students who due to the personal reasons or adverse conditions can not continue their education in one go.

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