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  • Eligibility for IT and engineering jobs based on academic scores

    Keen to know if the marks you got from Class 10 to the PG level make you eligible for jobs in the IT and engineering fields? Get quick feedback from the responses below.

    As per my academic marks, I would like to know whether I would have job opportunities in the IT and engineering sectors. My marks are as follows-
    1. 10th: 82%
    2. Inter: 66%
    3. Graduation: 58%
    4. Postgraduation: 70%

    I would like to know if the above scores would make me eligible to apply for MNCs such as TCS, HCL, etc.
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  • In your question you have not mentioned the subjects you studied in your post-graduation and graduation.
    Are you an engineering postgraduate or science postgraduate or any other? You should have mentioned this in your question so that a better and more specific answer can be given. Another point missing in your question is the year of passing of PG.
    Generally, there are chances for all postgraduates and graduates in the IT industry. Your percentages are good in all the levels. But selection for a post in the IT industry completely depends on your performance in the written test group discussion and then the subject interview. So you should prepare well for the tests and you should fare well in the selection process. If you know somebody working in any of the IT companies you can get your CV referred by them to their HR department and you may get a call. But selection will depend completely on your performance in the selection only.
    The jobs in the engineering industry depend on the subject you studied in your graduation and PG. If you are a mechanical engineering PG, definitely there are chances for you to get a job in the mechanical industry or chemical industry. Try based on that. Your marks are good and there is no problem for you to get an interview call if you apply for a suitable post.

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  • You have not provided a full picture of your stream with which you have proceeded further at least from class twelve and onwards. Is your post graduation from technical background related to some specific branch such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical etc or a mere post graduation or otherwise.
    Considering your case as having a post graduation degree in the technical stream, I am briefing my suggestions-
    1) Try to make an attractive resume with the datas as indicated above mentioning the details of degree of your graduation and post graduation reflecting the nature of the stream, details of the institution/ colleges etc. Include in your personal format whether you have had any inclination towards any extra curricular activities in your school or college days such as sports, debates etc. if you have won any medal at any stage in such activities, these should also be reflected in your format.
    2) Regarding the scrutiny of your resume in TCS, HCL or any other IT sector, they would like to see consistency in your academic performance. By going through your achievements, only at the graduation stage, there is some shortfall of marks for which the members on the Board might ask you to provide a satisfactory response from your side.
    3) Your selection would be based upon the three components to be held separately consisting of your written including current events, general knowledge, English and a technical paper followed by your interview with the members of the Board of the selection committee. The last one is the Medical Test which would follow only after the clearance of the former two stages.
    4) Considering all these points mentioned, start preparing for the forthcoming test giving much importance to the basics taught in your areas. Please go through the such basics from the text books prescribed in the different stages of graduation and post graduation.
    5) Remember in your Interview Session they would assess your communication skill and your patience in some difficult situations asking you very sensible questions.
    6) If possible, take the help of a professional institute providing you necessary communication skills and other useful tips.
    Hope your preparation should proceed accordingly and have the best of luck.

  • Nowadays everywhere there will be some entrance exam followed by interview or in specific cases simply interview for getting a job in a Govt department or private company. You can very well apply for those positions and if you qualify the exams and finally get selected in the interview then you will be given appointment letter for the particular position. There are so many students having more and less scores like you only and all of them will be applying for those positions depending on their subject and qualifications. You have to compete in that group and emerge as a winner and you will get the job.
    There was a time when for some positions the candidates were called based on the merit of their scores in the qualifying examination and then based on that merit plus performance in the interview they were selected but today such a thing does not exist in general except some private companies where highly skilled people having specific talents and qualifications are taken directly based on the interview.
    If you had some engineering degree and had qualified in GATE etc then based on that also you could hope to get a job in the leading companies.
    If you give more details about your subjects then we can advise in a better way.
    For IT and computer jobs one has to acquire some additional qualifications like certificate or diploma courses in computer areas like web designing, animation, digital marketing, AI, latest coding trends etc.

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  • Your percentage at all levels is really good. Generally, is no certain criteria in the private industries for the selection of candidates according to marks, although large tech giants prefer candidates with good academic records. IT sectors generally focus on the overall skills of a candidate, through your marks they can judge that you are proficient in the academic skills and through personal interviews they can conclude your communication skills and confidence. Nowadays, I interview is conducted in several rounds. Like at the first step they do screening based on a written test. After that, they call shortlisted candidates for group discussions. Through that, they can shortly candidates for a personal interview. So to crack all such levels one should have both good academic records as well as a good level of confidence. Also, your CV should be prepared in a lucrative manner so that you can get an edge over other candidates applying for the same post.

  • Your academic record is good. But you did not mention in which stream you completed your graduation and postgraduation. Nowadays, all competitive exam is based on a written test followed by an interview. Selection is based on your performance in written and interviews. So, you should give focus on the development of skills. Generally, the IT sector is based on skill where your academic marks are judged afterwards. At First, your skill and confidence level would be seen. IT sector conduct exam in a different step where you will have to qualify every step then you will get the job. And one important thing is, you should prepare a CV very impressively so that you can get intreview call easily.

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