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  • Career opportunities for AutoCAD experts

    Looking for good career opportunities for those who have excellent knowledge and expertise in AutoCad? Find out with expert guidance the many options available today.

    I would like to know what is the job scope and career opportunities for those having expertise in AutoCAD.
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  • Computer-aided design ( CAD ) is a very good field and there are very good opportunities for candidates having expertise in this field. Once you are having a qualification you know how to use software and prepare 3D and 2D technical drawings and blueprints. Almost all industries will require these drawings for all their activities and hence they may need CAD professionals. These professionals will have many opportunities. some are discussed below.
    1. Computer programmer
    2. CAD drafters. These drafters will work closely with engineers and officers in making drawings related to construction and manufacturing.
    3. CAD technician. CAD technicians use computer-aided drafting technology and make plans for various construction and manufacturing components.
    4. Graphic designers. They use CAD to develop the layout and design of websites, brochures, advertisements etc and they will work closely with marketing professionals in creating various advertisements for their brands.
    5. Game designer and tester. These professionals will taster play an important role in designing and testing various virtual games etc,
    There are many other jobs like draftsman, Interior designer, 3D artist, project engineers etc.

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  • AutoCAD is little outdated (2D design and drawings) but still you can get the job or run own architect or construction firm through this one. There are many still using this platform.

    The latest one is, 3D modeling software, (namely, Revit and Fusion) those helps for today's custom design and the latest configuration. And many high-end companies are using these platforms in foreign countries.

    There would be pros an cons in every Software package and they are based on time being requirement, operation and demand. The next version or the the latest Software may come from the different brand.

  • Auto Cad is a kind of software having its wide application for the drawing relating 2D and 3D designs where we can get better designs with the employment of Auto Cad. It could even eliminate limitations in relation to the drawing being done manually and it also ensures to keep such design files safe and the same can be used in the hours of need because of its storage characteristics. Some job profiles for Auto Cad include -
    1) Mechanical Engineer- Auto Cad experts with their basic degree in Mechanical Engineering can work independently irrespective of their designation in their jobs. They can get noticeable improvement in the areas of air conditioning system , gas turbines, generators and other type of machines.
    2) Civil Engineers -
    Certified civil engineers build, supervise and maintain infrastructure like roads, buildings, tunnels, air ports, bridges, sewerage system etc with the help of Auto Cad Mechanism. With this system, they can even save their time so as to supervise their jobs effectively.
    3) Electrical Engineers - The field of Electrical Engineering involves the designing, development and testing of electrical equipment. While discharging their duties, Auto Cad designs would help them to make and modify electrical and electronic diagram and documentation. Auto Cad would help them for the maintenance of power generator, communication device, navigation system and so forth.
    4) Fashion Designers - Fashion Designers can choose Auto Cad for their design upgradation in their dressing plans and with the application of the Auto Cad, attractiveness relating to the prints, sketching and the pattern developed by them would be quite amazing to look at.
    Fashion Designers could eliminate human errors in the design and the synthesis of the print based on the Auto Cad will reduce the raw material cost and at the same time there will be the augmentation of the production cycle.

  • Persons having knowledge and practical experience of AutoCAD or its modern avatars like
    NX, Creo 8, Onshape, Solid Edge, Alibre Design, Shapr3D, nTopology 3.0 etc have a good scope of getting a job in the related industry as these designing softwares are used in many areas. Some of the career opportunities for the qualified people in this arena are -
    1. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician - The CAD technician has job assignments related to designing of buildings and machinery. They have to make the basic designs for the perusal of the senior engineers.
    2. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafter - This is more and less like a technician position only and their work will be then seen by the engineers and architects for approval and going ahead in the project.
    3. Interior Designer - Interior designing is also taken a big leap in last decades and CAD persons have scope in designing the interior for optimum utilisation of space and aesthetic appeal.
    4. Architectural Technologist - They assist the chief architect or engineer in providing the basic design of an engineering or civil project.
    5. Project Architect - This is a senior position but hard working CAD persons can reach here in no time. This is a position with full responsibility for a particular project in respect of designing.
    6. Urban Planner - This is a position seeking work related to large scale planning for projects like housing complexes etc and requires a good layout and designing skills.

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