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  • Where can I publish my paper?

    Are you interested in publishing a history paper? Searching for detailed information about websites for this publication? You can scroll through this Ask EXpert page and get answers regarding how and where to publish.

    If one is pursuing an academic discipline one needs his/her papers to be published on various papers. But this endeavour is mostly guided by professors. If someone intends to Publish something about a particular subject what should one do? Whom should one approach? In my case I want my Essays to be published in magazines related to History. Can anyone guide me where can I find anything related to history which is authentic?
    Is it possible to send such articles and essays on one's own without any professor's guide, are there any websites available please do answer?
    All the sites and magazines related to the publishing of history-related journals and processes to approach them?
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  • If you have interest in writing a research paper in History then it is imperative that you must be having a good knowledge of this subject which might be your core subject during your acquiring of educational degrees. If it is not the case then it is expected that you have to read a lot of books on the history especially in that part of the subject where you want to prepare a research paper.
    Generally for doing research and then publishing papers on it and finally for submitting a composite thesis on it a guide is needed. The guide is an experience person who has already given guidance to so many students for writing research papers and completing their thesis work in that particular subject.
    In case if someone has to do it without the guidance of a guide then it becomes a difficult task but it is not impossible to do it. What one has to do is find out the related literature in the authentic sites in the internet about the subject and the topic on which one was to do some research work and then subsequently add one's analysis and findings to it and write an original research paper on it. Fortunately, there are some internet sites today where one can publish one's research paper and there are capable editors who will review the work and might also suggest for corrections or modifications in case there are some fundamental errors and mistakes in the research paper. These sites sometimes charge amount also for processing and editing or proofreading of the research paper by the experts in the field. As these sites also have to maintain their reputation in the internet arena it is obvious that the work submitted to them should be of high quality so that they don't reject it for publishing.
    I would advise you to visit some sites in the internet like ijisrt, ResearchSquare, sagepub, SciencePublishingGroup, HistoryHub etc. You will find a lot of information in these sites about writing of a research paper particularly in the subject of history.
    Please note that while visiting these sites you will find so many links as how to write an effective research paper or how to improve your writing skills and produce a well presented research paper etc etc and you can very well go through them also as there are some sites which offer high quality editing and proofreading of your work and make it more presentable. Please note that they will only be helping you for the syntax and grammar of your write up and would not suggest anything about your content. The content part is solely as per your study and deep knowledge of the subject.
    After going through some of these sites you can give your feedback here and from that we would be able to guide you further in the matter.
    I wish you all the best in preparing your research paper on the topic that you would be selecting under the History subject and once it is published in one of these reputed sites you can further try to get your future papers for publishing in the official journals of History.

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  • what type of paper you are talking about.
    One can publish papers without any research guide also. We can do it on our own and publish
    There will be many journals related to history where the researchers in the field are publishing their articles. As a history professional, you may be knowing about those generals. There will be some journals where the papers to be published are peer-reviewed and then published. Some may publish without any peer review also provided you pay the fee required for publishing the paper. Generally, papers that are not peer-reviewed will not be considered publications by many universities. I published some papers related to chemistry in related journals. Another way you can publish these papers are by presenting them at conferences. These conference papers may be published in full or in abstract form in the proceedings of the conference. So you can forward your papers to such conferences. You can make review papers also and send them for these journals or conferences.
    To publish in these journals or conferences the work should be of your own. It need not be a research topic, it can be a review also. But it should be written properly and references are to be mentioned. There may be some sites where you can publish your own written essays and papers.
    You can refer to the article sections of ISC where you will find essays that are useful to students on a variety of subjects and here also your essays will be reviewed and then only considered for publication.
    The following are some sites that will accept essays and papers. You can go to those sites and see whether they are useful.

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  • While working on the research papers while doing Ph.D, we are provided with a guide instructing us to write on a topic as chosen by him and we need to show our best performance in the allotted area. The guide will review, moderate and guide us in completion of the research paper. It is valid for all subjects including History.
    The same passion can be achieved at any stage of our lives provided you can contribute significantly say in the area of History. However this should the article of high order and needs the clearance of the editors who will review your work. You can go through the different sites relating to details of acceptance of your articles in History in the Google. Though the may ask you for some charges for the review of your content, suggestion of the editors and corrections wherever required in your write up and finally this might be approved from the end of the editor. If doing effort in that way and getting your articles published in this way, you might get even recognition from the university professors or scholars from History.

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