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  • How is Upgrad different from Unacademy?

    Confused about the difference between Upgrad and Unacademy in terms of their features and courses? Want to know which would be the better one to learn a course from? Get a better understanding of the similarities and differences between the two from the responses to your query.

    Currently, the internet is full of opportunities to learn on various platforms like Udemy, Upgrad, Coursera, EdX, and Unacademy. Each one is having its own features and benefits with its fees. I want to know how the Upgrad platform is different than Unacademy. Whose course or certification has more value? Which certification course has more reputation, one from Upgrad or one from Unacademy?
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  • Unacademy was Started in 2015 in Bangalore, India. The institute claims that theirs is India's largest coline education platform. There are over 2 million subscribers. They offer a wide range of courses. They use videos to teach subjects to students. They have an Educator App and Learning App. They give coaching for Union Public Service Commission Exams (UPSC), State Public Service Commission Exams, Bank Exams, Engineering, Medical and Management exams. They have free as well as paid courses. The classes will have a limited number of students for paid courses. Discussions, debates sharing learning resources will be there among the students under the guidance of the educators.
    Upgrad was also started in 2015. It is having its registered office in Mumbai. The institute claims theirs is the largest in South Asia. It has more than one million learners. They also use videos for teaching. They claim theirs is in the first 1% of top universities. They may organise 1 to 1 session with experts. They also have free courses as well as paid courses.

    Various overall reviews and comparison details are available online. The overall rating for unacademy is around 3.8 whereas 3.2 for upgrad. The reviews online from various sources say Unacademy is a better option than Upgrad. However, based on the course you want to do you have to go through both the website and see the relevance and then taking a decision is always better than going by general rating.

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  • It would be futile to compare any platform with other platforms and so is the case between Upgrade and Unacademy. Both the platforms started in the year 2015 at different locations. Unacademy started its programmes in the different courses catering to the needs of the aspirants interested to qualify IIT, Medical Entrance, Management, UPSC examination and so forth. Upgrade started its programming in the same year having its headquarter at Mumbai covering the different courses as stated for the former platform.
    At the initial stage say upto 2017, Unacademy had achieved its distinction being the pioneer in the field of excellent coaching but with the time, students feel that that the entire course is not covered fully in the different segments. Their main thrust area is to provide best output to the first three batches consisting of best students selected on the basis of their entrance test conducted by the Institute. In this respect, I have nothing to add but it would better to have the feedback of the aspirants having received their coaching in this institute.
    In relation to Gradeup, the feedback of the students are encouraging giving some more points to this platform. Most of the aspirants are of the opinion that this institute is user friendly in the sense that you can have the access of the course material systemically- be it previous year paper, study material series or online classes covering lecturers and so forth. There is a systematically weekly examination being held at All India Level where you can see your performance level at the national level.
    There is the provision of purchasing green card providing you a lot of materials for the mock test.
    Aspirants would do better if they could collect the feedback's of the said two institutions with the aspirants having their exposure in this academies.

  • Unacademy and upgrad both are educational platform. Both have started in 2015. The main office of Unacademy is Banglore whereas upgrads main office is in mumbai. As far as rating is concerned, unacademy having 3.8 and upgrad having 3.2. Both provide different video to teach student on different subject. Unacademy having more subscriber than upgrad. So, uncademy is better option than upgrad. Unacedemy have good educator where all kind of problem are solved. They provide coaching for Union Public Service Commission Exams (UPSC), State Public Service Commission Exams, Bank Exams, Engineering, Medical and Management exams. They have both option free as well as paid courses. As per your wish you may join course. If you want to join courses then go through website.

  • Upgrad and Unacademy are two leading and reputed online platforms for learning. They are working neck to neck in that business space. So it is very difficult to generalize that which one is better than the other. The main point is that one has to find out the course one is interested in learning from these platforms and then only can find out the details about it in both the platforms and then can see the relative merit of both the courses and then decide which platform is to be opted for online learning in that particular subject or topic.
    If we go to internet sites for finding the comparison between these two then we would find that the overall score of Unacademy is slightly more than that of Upgrad. But there is a catch here that in some respect Upgrad is better than Unacademy. For example for preparing for competitive exams and mock test practice Upgrad is well equipped and easy to handle. So one has to see one's requirement before deciding the particular platform out of these two.

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