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  • Completing studies through correspondence after a gap

    Worried about your incomplete education after Class 10? Get guidance on how to resume your studies and finish Class 12 in the Arts stream through a correspondence program.

    I completed my SSC and proceeded with my HSC selecting commerce. Unfortunately, I had major issues regarding my family and finances, which lead to my worsening mental health and led me to drop out of HSC and I took up a job to help with the family finances.

    While my family's finance continues to be a necessity, I am concerned about my incomplete education. I will be 22 years of age this January and need guidance as to how I can continue to study HSC in Arts as a correspondence student since I cannot leave my job.
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  • You are taking good care of your family. You are doing currently a job which is a must thing for you in such conditions. With respect to incomplete education, you can proceed for HSC by visiting the school and explaining your situation. I am in the teaching field and if the case is genuine, the teacher or principal of the school will consider it in a special case. Currently, education provides such freedom and this is the need of an hour. Many students opt for open schooling. So, in such cases, students complete the HSC and go for higher study with regular students having HSC from full-time school. So, do not worry about what the school will say to you. Just approach them with your complete genuine case and ask them to consider. Hopefully, you will get some relaxation.

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  • You are going through a tough time but this is the time which requires patience and strong will to emerge out as a winner in one's life in spite of so many odds. Please note that for self employment or business or some other work it does not matter much whether you continue your education or not because there are many jobs where only experience is enough and there are agents which one can hire for the work which are not well understood by a person because of lack of education. Still acquiring the HSC and subsequent qualification is not a bad idea but you have to mentally prepare yourself for the distance learning courses only. Now the only option you have is to apply as a private candidate for HSC and attend the exam as a private candidate only. Try to complete your education in the spare time and you would be successful in your mission.

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  • Thank you for the guidance and strength. I'll take each and every word seriously and find a path for myself.

  • We can understand that education is very much important in our life, and discontinued education for reasons beyond your control does not matter, as you can pursue the same through the correspondence courses while attending the present job. Delhi University has a correspondence course in Arts and you can have the details to pursue the same.

    Even when I was having problems at home, I studied through the correspondence course at Delhi and completed B.Com and later M.Com while working. Since your age is 22, going for real-time college and having education may not be possible for obvious reasons, therefore choosing the correspondence course would be great and the study materials are provided with discussions in the weekends for sure.

    K Mohan
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  • You are really passing through a tough time when you are facing family issues and at the same time you want to pursue your discontinued education for a better future. At least, you realize the importance of education and in that way, you understand the benefits of education.

    To sort out the same, you may approach a nearby school and discuss the same with the Principal of the school to allow you as a private candidate for the forthcoming coming examination taking arts in your higher secondary stage. You may get some valuable tips in this direction. Even your decision of pursuing through the correspondence course is not a bad idea provided the same is followed consistently.

    Hope you would not deviate from your plan. Wish you all the best.

  • Age is not a barrier to education. Education also to be considered basic to the graduation level or school final level for employment sake but over and above that it is in our hand according to our interest. Once I finished my graduation when I approached my father for Post Graduation, he advised me to get a job for the graduation level and continue education afterward if interested. Accordingly, I got a job and finished my Post Graduation in Commerce, Diploma in Labour Law through distance education.

    To enable such education-interested aspirants, the Distance Education courses of various universities give a hand to level up themselves according to their interest. Accordingly, you can continue your education by selecting Distance Education offered by Annamalai University, the University of Madras, and Madurai Kamaraj University. For Madurai Kamaraj University you can have contact centers all over India. You can finish even degree courses directly without HSC through their Open University System.

  • Welcome you to this site and I wish you a long and happy journey on this excellent Education site. Don't get disappointed with the present-day problems, good days will be waiting for you.

    You can definitely go for higher education through distance mode. I suggest you visit Distance Education Colleges in India. Then you can search for the various colleges that are available in various states and cities and you can select the institute you like and then proceed.

    Indira Gandhi Open University (INGNOU) is very famous for distance education in India. You can also think of many other colleges that are available across the country. I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • While continuing your job in the present assignment, you can continue your studies of HSC with the arts stream for which you have made up your mind.
    There are several distance educational institutions such as Indira Gandhi Open University, Annamalai University, University of Madras, Karnataka Open University etc.
    The only thing what you have to do is to get yourself registered with one of the universities as mentioned above and continue your studies in the spare times. In that way, you will be fulfilling both the objectives. With your continuation of studies at IGNOU, you would be provided with excellent course materials. That will definitely boost your confidence while going through the course materials.

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