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  • How to change the caste in the community certificate

    Want to switch from the mother's caste to the father's caste in the community certificate? Know with expert guidance whether this is possible and, if so, the procedure to get it done.

    I have a doubt regarding the community certificate. My mother belongs to SC and my father is BC. In my community certificate my mother's caste is mentioned and now I need to change my community certificate name into my father's caste/ Is it possible to do so and what is the procedure?
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  • Normally the caste certificate issued by authorities based on the father's caste. It is news that you have received your caste certificate in your mother's caste. It is good to have your caste certificate based on your Mother's caste as there may be higher chances of getting benefits as SC rather than BC. You please check with your local people which is beneficial. And if you are very particular to get a caste certificate with your father's side, you can approach the Panchayat office of your area for a fresh caste certificate by producing your father's caste certificate.

  • If you want to have a certificate favouring the cast of your father, you would have to approach the Gram Panchayat where your father was born and apprise Mukhia of your intention. Based on your father's cast, you would be provided a certificate reflecting your cast being BC.
    However, with the tag of SC by virtue of your mother being a SC, it will provide you the chance of your better employability since in the areas of the jobs at least in the government sectors, SC aspirants are more preferred than the BC ones.
    Hence before you take any step in this regard, this aspect has to be seen.

  • You can get it changed. You may be having a birth certificate and in that names of your father and mother might have been mentioned. You have to obtain the caste certificates of your father and mother separately. Then with your birth certificate, your present community certificate and the caste certificates of your parents, you have to reach the Village Administrative officer of the village in which you were born and show these details.
    By changing the caste you may be losing some benefits as you are coming to BC from SC. In some states, they may ask for an affidavit from your father in which he has given a confirmation that he belongs to so and so caste and hence his son can be considered as a member of that caste only. If your state wants this you have to approach a lawyer and get the affidavit made. If your father is not alive you have to make an affidavit confirming your father's caste and for this also you have to approach a lawyer and get the affidavit made.
    When you have more benefits by getting the caste of your mother that is SC, why you want to go to your father's caste that is BC?

    always confident

  • As per the existing laws and rules and regulation a person can seek the caste of his mother or father as per his choice. In your case your caste is as per your mother and it is reflecting in all your credentials or personal documents.
    Now if you want to change it then you have to apply in the local SDM office or Tahsildar office or designated office or Gram panchayat whatever applicable in your case.
    You have to apply in the prescribed performa and give all the details asked and attach the copies of the required documents with it.
    The authorised office and the designated authority will check and go through your case and if satisfied with the details provided would issue you a new caste certificate and it is obvious that the earlier caste certificate gets cancelled.
    Changing one's caste like that has certain underlying consequences regarding the job opportunities and applying at various places. So one has to consider all those pros and cons before going for a change in the caste from mother to father or from father to mother whatever the case may be.

    Knowledge is power.

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