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  • What are the popular android app development courses on Udemy?

    Interested in learning Android development? Want to know the best courses on Udemy platform? On this page, our experts shall suggest courses on Udemy and may also on other online platforms.

    I want to learn Android app development. I have knowledge about Javascript at a basic level and want to get more knowledge about Javascript and android development. Currently, many platforms provide online courses on android app development such as Udemy, Coursera, UnAcademy, etc. So, in this regard, I want to know, what are the popular android app development courses on Udemy?
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  • The following is the list of android App development courses that are available on Udemy.
    1. Android App Development Bootcamp 2021 - Build a portfolio: A beginner can also learn this course without any previous experience or knowledge. On completing the course a course completion certificate will be issued. This course will teach you all concepts and skills required to be a successful Android developer.
    2. The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass: The course is designed to teach JAVA and android development. Anybody who wants to learn this can join this course. You can learn the complete details of basic concepts of developing an app from the beginning.
    3. The Complete Android 10 & Kotlin Development Masterclass: By completing this course you can work as an Android freelancer. You can work from anywhere in the world. You can publish your apps on Google Play and generate revenue.
    4. NativeScript + Angular: Build Native iOS, Android & Web Apps: To learn this course you should have angular knowledge.
    5. Complete Android 11 Jetpack Bootcamp(With Jetpack Compose): This course will have Advanced Android Development in a practical manner.

    These 5 courses are found to be the best and most rewarding. There are many other courses which you can see on their site with all details.

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  • Udemy is a leading and reputed online course provider in many areas of learning and knowledge enhancement. It offers a variety of courses in so many spheres and Android app development is one of them.
    Android is the most popular operating system throughout the world and its basic structure is in Java. One can also develop Android apps in many common languages like C++, Java, PHP or many others. For achieving this task one must have basic programming knowledge and a computer to work for long hours. Some of the popular options in Udemy are as follows -
    1. The Complete Android N Developer Course -
    This uses the Android 7 Nought for building up the applications and in fact does not require any other language as everything is inbuilt there. One can learn this through the 272 lectures made available for 32.5 hours and at the end of that one would be able to create the desired app and upload it in the Google store for its use by the users who generally visit the Google store for these things.
    2. The Complete Guide (2021 Edition) -
    This is based on the Flutter SDK and Flutter framework for developing Android as well as iOS apps. It contains a series of 375 lectures planned to be learned in 42 hours as per the convenience of the learner. One can learn how to create native mobile apps using this framework. Many advanced developers choose this course in Udemy for learning the intricacies of app development.
    3. React Native, the Practical Guide (2021 Edition) -
    Those who have a good control on Javascript and some basic knowledge of React can go for this course. It has a series of 345 lectures over a time period of 32.5 hours. This is a good platform as one can learn the app development without having expertise in languages like Objective-C, Java/Android, or Swift.
    4. The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course -
    This is based on Android Oreo platform and through the learning one would be executing some projects to understand the methodology of creating apps. It has 272 lectures spread over 37 hours. Those who have basic ideas about Android Oreo can benefit by this course much.
    5. Android Java Masterclass –
    This is based on the Android Studio and is a great utility to build ones mobile apps. The operating system is mainly Android 7 Nought but the app created will also work in the older versions of the Android. This is a good course to become an Android developer.
    6. Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin -
    Here the platform for learning is Kotlin. So the development would be done through Kotlin programming rather than the usual Java. It is a long course having 382 lectures over 62 hours.

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  • Nowadays, Udemy is one of the largest online course platforms in the world. It creates an atmosphere for the individuals to impart knowledge from the comfort of their homes. These platforms are designed in such a way that students can learn new skills and acquire them. Moreover, it creates an avenue for expert trainers and shares paid and free courses which go a long way in improving the skills of the students. With Udemy, individuals who have the will to learn can grow and develop their careers, expand their knowledge. As far as android app development courses are concerned, you can find many such courses available over there. Most of them are already suggested by other authors. I would like to share one suggestion with Udemy, every course has specified a fixed time which will use to complete the course. Sometimes people avoid some episodes as they want to get a Certificate sooner or maybe they feel boring for a specific episode of course but this is a wrong practice. Give all the required time for the course and understand it in a good manner, not just to get a certificate but also to gain knowledge. You can choose any of the courses as per reviews given on Udemy. Here are some of them-

    The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course
    Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin
    Mastering Kotlin Coroutines for Android Development
    Android App Development Bootcamp - Build a portfolio
    The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced

    You may also get some free courses that are already associated with the course that you are buying, also you will get all updates on your purchased video for free.

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