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  • What is the meaning of Gujlish medium schools?

    Having a question about various types of schools based on languages? Looking out for understanding what are Gujjish schools and how they differ from english medium schools? Here, on this page our experts shall respond to your query.

    Currently, there are two types of schools with respect to the medium of language in teaching i.e. Mother tongue and another is English medium schools. In Gujarat, there is another Gujlish type school. What is the meaning of Gujlish medium schools? How is it beneficial compared to existing schools?
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  • The Gujarat state government introduced the Gujlish project in some schools in the year 2016. As per this scheme, in some Gujarathi medium schools, the subjects will be taught in English. Even though the medium instruction is mentioned as Gujarathi, in schools where this project was implemented the subjects are being taught in English medium. The basic terminology and main contents of fundamental and elementary subjects like Mathematics, Science and Environment for Standards 1 to 10 are taught in English medium in these schools.

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  • The Gujarat Medium English School has been introduced by the Gujarat State Government in the year 2016 with a view to nurture the students for both speaking and writing English effectively and the medium of instruction for all the subjects included in the syllabus has to be taught in English except the mother language Gujarati.
    Such medium of instruction will help the pupils to overcome their hesitation in practicing this language. Apart from introduction of this innovative approach, there is the special provision of the school management for enhancing the extra curricular activities of the students with the emphasis of the school management to make pupils competent in hockey, foot - balls, cricket etc. They also organise chess competitions sometimes within the school premises.
    There is the chance of winning several prizes with their participation in the hockey and cricket both in the district and state levels. The main thrust of these schools is to provide overhaul development of the pupils under the guidance of the competent teachers recruited by the school management. These schools excel in many ways as compared to the conventional schools.

  • The Gujlish project was introduced in the Surat district of Gujarat state in the year 2016 by the Gujarat Education Department. The idea was to make aware the students about the English terminology used in science subjects. The Education Department directed the schools to use English terminology in teaching for the classes 1 to 10. There was some worth in this idea as it was useful for the students and they will not cut a sorry figure in front of the students educated from the English medium schools. This project initially had some hiccups because the students felt difficulty in understanding the English terminology as they were habitual of Gujarati words till the last year of their education. But slowly they could cope up with this directive and in fact it was done for their own benefit.
    Some Gujarati people did not like this idea as the students cannot be forced to learn the subject in a language other than their state language especially in a Gujarati medium school. If it is certified English school then it is ok to do so. So due to that a strong resentment was felt in Gujarat state and finally some lawyers lodged a PIL (public interest litigation) in the high court and now the court has asked explanation from the state about this directive and next hearing is scheduled for 3rd May, 2022.

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  • Gujlish medium school means Gujrati medium school. It was started in the year 2016 by the Gujarat Education Department. The main aim to this project was to give education in English only for all subject except the mother language Gujarati. The Education Department instructed the schools to use english for the classes 1 to 10 so as to student become confident in practicing this language. Many people was against to this project. Their saying was as why education deapartment want to give education in English medium whereas it is certified as gujrati medium. Now, this matter is in court and it will take time to conclude this matter.

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