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  • What are the essential travel kit to be carried while travelling?

    Want to know travel kit required while travelling? Check this ISC Page for more details.

    People come out of their busy schedule by taking off or vacation and prefer to go traveling to different locations. Exploring different places is a good thing but it becomes difficult if you miss any essential stuff while traveling. I want to know what is the essential travel kit to be carried while traveling?
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  • When we go out of the house and travel to some destination then we have to keep some basic items as well as some specific items as per the geographical and climate needs of that place. So it is not possible to take with us so many items but there are some basic items which are to be taken for making the convenience during the journey as well as stay at those places and have a nice time while travelling to those locations. Let me list out the basic minimum items to be kept as a travel kit wit us -
    1. Medicines and first aid kit - We cannot keep all sort of medicines and bandages due to space limitations but we have to keep some OTC analgesics like paracetamol and some emergency medicines for stomach disorder. A small tube of Burnol or similar thing is very handy if someone gets a cut or wound during the travelling. A few miniature flat bandages would be a great help in some cases. If going to a hilly place it makes sense to keep a few tabs of anti-vomiting medicines.
    2. Shaving/Beauty kit - For personal management certain items like ointments, toothpaste, small scissor, knife, powder, soap strips etc are required to be kept and it is obvious that we have to keep the small sized ones. Nowadays everything is available in small pouches meant for travel only and it would be better to have them while travelling as they are a great space savers.
    3. Mobile device and charger - It is a important item and is to be taken invariably with us.
    4. Small immersion rod - These are available in 4-5 inch sizes and can warm up the water in a minute and in emergency one can connect it to electric socket and heat the water. This is a very useful item.
    5. If we are going to a cool place then some basic woollens are a must to be kept.
    6. Some cash/cards/payment apps are the essential part of the travel items and generally people remember to keep them.
    7. There are some items which are generally not required but if they are available in the travel kit then they are of immense help in emergencies. For example a thin rope of 10-12 feet length, a small lock, some rough clothe pieces, some loose papers, napkins etc.

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  • I was a frequent traveler on my office work. So, I used to keep a bag ready with the following essential items so as to avoid time delay in searching for items when proceeding to travel.
    1. shaving cream, shaving razor with blade
    2. Tooth Brush and paste
    3. Bath soap
    4. Bath Towel two numbers
    5. A steel tumbler
    6. Comb, mirror (small size)
    7.Pencil, eraser, spare pen
    8.Some gem clips and pins kept in a paper
    9. Kumkum, sandal powder, holy ash (viboothi)
    10. Dhothi
    11.Pant, Shirt, hand kerchief and inner one set (this is permanent and vary if days of stay varies)
    12.Bed spread
    13.General tablets like paracetamol, avomin (for arresting vomit), Loparate (for arresting loose motion), Vicks, saibol, Amrutanjan.

    The above set was kept permanently in my travel box.

    Usually the items 1 to 4 is given by the hotel persons, but if we happened to stay in small/normal rated hotels we would save running for that.

    One time the hotel person told me that the towel went for wash have not been came back, so he was not given in the hotel. I went to shop and got a towel for 100 rupees for two days, though I am having a plenty in the house. Then onwards the list modified with a towel

  • The requirements depend completly on the age group of the people that are travelling. Irrespective of that one should keep the following without fail.
    1. Medicines and first aid kit: These days we are all having some medicines to be taken daily. These medicines may be available at the place we go. So we should purchase them and keep them in the kit. Anyhow it is advisable to keep the prescription copy on our smartphone. Some basic first aid items are also to be kept in the kit. If children are also coming with us we have to keep their medicines also.
    2. Dresses and casual wears: Based on the duration of the trip all required dresses and casual wears are to be packed. We will be knowing the climatic conditions of the place we are going and we should carry the dresses that will suit that place.
    3. Shaving and makeup kit: The gents require a shaving kit and the ladies want their make up kit. These are also to be packed without forgetting. Soap and other items are also to be carried.
    4. Laptop bag with the required accessories: Whether we go on a personal trip or official trip this bag should be with us, So we have to carry this without forgetting. Our mobile charger and charge store etc can also be kept in that.
    5. Aadhar card and Pan Card: These are very essential for any journey. We have to carry them and it is better to carry the Aadhar card and Pan Card of all the members who are travelling. Credit cards, ATM Card and Debit cards are also to be carried with us. It is advisable to carry some cash also and we should be careful while travelling if we are using public transport. All the money should not be kept in one place. All money should not be with one person. While paying we should always take out our entire cash and give. A small amount can be kept in the shirt pocket and we can spend from that.
    6. If the travel time is more you can think of carrying some snacks that can be used while travelling. It is not advisable to buy and eat junk food during the journey.
    7. If kids are there with us we should carry their food items, water for them and diapers with us. These items should be easily approachable even on the journey also. Accordingly, we should plan them and pack them.

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  • While going to a journey, we need to take some precautions so that our journey should be smooth and comfortable and this can be done effectively if we make a list of all the essential items to be carried over along with our journey.
    A list has been prepared and the same should serve our emergency needs for ourselves and for our families. The following items would be helpful-
    1) Emergency Medicines for self and for our members - In all the situations, the life saving drugs prescribed by the doctor for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart issues or any other health disorders with which the members are suffering should be carried without fail so as to avoid inconvenience.
    2) Medicines for common disease - Whenever we are planning for a trip along with the family members, we should ensure that we are carrying medicines for fever, body aches, cough and cold, loose motion etc. We could face such an emergency situation.
    3) Take care of your Cards such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, ATM Cards - These are the essential cards and would serve our purpose in case of emergency needs. We need to ensure that we have the sufficient balance in our account so that there is a comfortable withdrawal in case of need.
    4) Our dresses and garments- Ensure that at least three sets of undergarments for each member has been packed including the towels of each members.
    5) Snacks and other eateries- It would be more important if we are on the journey along with the minor kids. They frequently ask for biscuits, cakes or something of their choices and would loose their patience if they are not immediately satisfied.
    6) Notes of lower dominations and coins - It has been felt that sometimes we cannot buy an article or an eatery item for at least the kids, if we have a currency of higher dominations. Hence it is desirable to have currencies and changes of lower domination.

  • When we plan for travelling then we need to be very careful about the travel kit so that there should not be any kind of problem while travelling. First of all, we should make a list of travel items age accordingly. If a small child is travelling with you then you need to keep a special bag which is related to child-related. Here is a list of common items which is essential for all person:-
    1. Essential medicine- Whenever we go out for a trip along with the family members, we must keep essential medicines for fever, body aches, cough and cold, loose motion etc. Those people who are suffering from B.P, sugar and heart-related diseases should not forget to keep their medicine.
    2. Keep all necessary cards - You should keep all kinds of cards such as PAN cards, Aadhar cards, ATM cards etc so that if anywhere verification and check-up is there then you will not problem. You should use your card as much as possible for money transactions as nowadays it is more convenient. You should use your cash minimum.
    3. Required Dresses- You should keep all required dresses and casual wear according to climate. If necessary, you should keep woollen cloth, blanket and bedsheet also for corona safety purposes. Before travelling you must find out the place climatic condition.
    4. Electronic device- Nowadays, electronic devices are compulsory because most of the transactions are done through online. In such a condition you should have a smartphone, laptop and charger. You should not forget to keep it.
    5. Food items- If children are travelling with you then it would be a compulsory requirement to carry eatable items. You should avoid junk food as much as possible.

  • Certainly when we are traveling out, and when the distance is long and when we are going to stay for longer days, then the preparation and the travel kits need to be elaborate and nothing short of it. If the travel is done with elders and children, obviously the things concerned to them should be taken with us. The medicines for the elder, the small kit of toys mostly prefered by the children along with their milk bottle, milk powder, flask need to be taken. For the elders the diapers are most important and that need to be taken. Likewise the children likes lots of food items which we may not get at the destination and some children are very fond of home food making and we have to chart out menu to carry the same. Even the water can be taken from the home to avoid outside water which are highly contaminated for the children and the elders to use.

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  • A very good question asked. Though every one enjoy travel, many times we lose the real charms of enjoyment due to our lack of planning and preparation and awareness of needs for our travel. I suggest a few such tips from m travel experience, which can make your travel pleasant and you will not waste time on small things.
    General tips:
    1. Planning and preparation.. This include knowing maximum about the destination places , their weather features at the time of visit, availability of facilities , etc.
    2. Keeping things organized as kits for any general travel as well as based on the specialty of a destination.

    Kits needed for any travel of more than a day stay away.
    The following is what we follow :-

    1.Travel cosmetic/toiletry bag or kit.
    There are various types available online and we can buy that suitable for us. This we keep permanent and use in any travel. It can accommodate the daily essential items like toothpaste, brush, comb, talcum powder, soap, perfume, hair oil, kerchief ,tissue paper etc. And any cosmetic or toiletry item we need. As a sub section in this we can keep mosquito repellant etc. For gents shaving items can be kept.

    2. Medicines kit:
    This can be a small plastic box, or a suitable 'pill organiser' can be bought. From experience I can say this is very convenient. At least a day before travel the essential and daily consuming medicines should be keep in the pill organizer box as per order of taking as per prescription.

    3. Cards kit:
    A suitable card holder wallet or even a purse can be used for this. We can keep the Debit, Credit cars and also the Aadhaar card and other ID cards usually asked for identification. It is suggested that one can have a separate set of copies of these which can be kept in our money purse and this Cards kit can have the original set. So that for frequent purposes the copies (which are now akin to original due to the QR codes). We can also keep copies of tickets/return tickets in this for safe keep and use.

    4. Power kit:
    This should contain Mobile charger and power bank. It is better to have a spare universal charger so that it can be kept along with other general travel kits ever ready. This kit can contain any other small electronic devices useful in travel or stay. It can also keep a small handy torch.

    5 Snacks kit:
    It is always better to keep ready to eat and easy to carry packed items in a kit for any emergency or routine need.

    6. Coins and small changes kit:
    We should always keep some loose coins and small changes in a small box or bag for travel. They will come to use.

    7. Zip-lock packets and covers.
    Zip locks and permissible packing kits of various sizes should also be kept at hand and should be included in travel kit as they will be needed any time for anything.

    Though I have listed separate kits, an omnibus cabin type bag or any suitable bag or kit can be used to keep all the above individual kits, for ease of use and avoid wasting of time.

    As per destination:
    A separate kit bag containing Sweaters, Shawls, head and ear coverings etc. can be kept to be used when travelling to cold climate places or during winter season.
    As most of us will not forget the usual clothes,, and they may not be repetitive and same for all travels, I am not suggesting about them in kits here.

    Personally after one or two long distance or long stay travel we will come to know about the deficiencies from experience and from that w can keep al necessary essential kits as per need.

    You can also read the article Travel tips while traveling with children in India

    (While it may appear long and tedious on reading, it is easy if we can buy any suitable multi layer toiletry/cosmetic bag or box and keep the organised once. Then it is easy to follow up and update before each travel. Many such creative and convenient products are available online)

  • It is very exciting to go on trips but sometimes in the zeal of that excitement we forget to take some essentials and due to that our whole trip spoils. Although some of the basic things are available at hotels nowadays on the safer side it is beneficial to have them with us because we should always be prepared for the worst condition. The necessary kits we can take with us primarily depends upon the geographical area of our trips, for instance, hilly areas demand different things as compared to deserts. So the necessary kits can be:
    (1)First aid kit: Health is the primary thing and we can enjoy our trip with full enthusiasm only when we remain healthy throughout our trip. So, take a first aid kit. Also, you can take a separate first aid kit of some of the homemade remedies for example for stomach aches which is quite common on sea journeys, we have several homemade remedies which have no side effects and give instant relief.

    (2)Necessary accessories: You should maintain a complete list of accessories required. This can be for your smartphone or other gadgets you are taking with you on the trip. This is very necessary and its importance gets increased if you are having a business cum family trip because in that case, you have to be ready with a laptop and all that stuff for your official presentation and also need them for your enjoyment with your family. You can take a camera also on a trip and it is very necessary if you are going to some bio reserve or national park.

    (3)Necessary documents: Take necessary documents such as Adhaar card and passport. Adhaar is very necessary nowadays and even at some hotels, it is necessary to have it stay. Also, take a debit card so that in case of lack of cash you can continue your enjoyment.

    (4)Food items: Snacks are very necessary during trips. You can take snacks, dry fruits and even some fruits so that in case you are unable to get food for some time or in some emergency you can manage for some time.

  • Preparation in advance is very important for every journey, but what matters in this preparation is, for which place this journey is being done and more importantly, who is involved in the journey. As per this, we can make a list of important tools which may be essential for a journey.

    Power bank
    During travel, we click a lot of pictures of that beautiful destination with our friends and family. During travel, you also listen to songs on the phone, in such a situation, the battery of the phone can run out quickly and you may not have the facility of charging then. To support your phone's battery for a long time, you must keep a power bank with your luggage during travel.
    Rechargeable flashlight
    If you are going out trekking or camping, then do not forget to keep a rechargeable flashlight with your luggage. This can be of great use to you during the journey. In fact, it can help guide you in the dark during travel, so carry it with you.
    Health kit
    Sometimes due to carelessness during the journey, health can also deteriorate. Usually, this happens due to changes in place and changes in weather. In such a situation, you do not fall ill during the journey and can enjoy the vacation well. For this, do not forget to keep a medical kit with you at all. With this, you will not have to worry much during the journey
    Glucose drink
    Along with having a water bottle, it is also important that you have a glucose drink. You may not get anything to eat on the journey and due to heat and humidity, you may have a low BP problem. In such a situation, having a glucose drink will be a relief for you.
    Energy bar
    Avoid overeating or heavy food during the journey. Eating too much spicy food can worsen your health. In such a situation, it would be good that you keep an energy bar with you. This will give you strength and your health will not deteriorate.
    Wet tissue and sunglasses
    It is not necessary that you get water all the time to wash your face. In such a situation, the face starts looking extinguished and the feeling of tiredness is more. It would be better if you keep a wet tissue packet with you. You must have sunglasses for protection from UV rays. Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes.

    If you plan to visit a new place, then you must gather all the information related to that place. And keep the map of that place with you. So that when you go there, there is no problem in reaching that place and roaming there.

  • What could be required during travelling but before that one got to be aware of the type of travelling that one is planning. For instance,
    1. Adventure travelling or
    2. Travelling in order to explore some new places or
    3. Local or planning to revisit or
    4. To some remote areas that you do not have much detailed with you.
    5. When on a trip alone or with a family or friends

    There would be many more and the preparations and the type of commodities required to be carried along would be accordingly.

    If one is intended to have adventure travelling, then one must hire experienced professionals while going for boating or hill climbing. The instruments should be light weighted and the minimum possible carrying. If you are interested in photography, then keep one camera or else your mobile should be ok.

    You would not be required to travel with the daily soaps as the hotels you would be staying at should be providing you as complimentary.

    Do not keep much cash with you instead use digital payment methods and I would also suggest a medical kit with you. During winter times, you will also require the woolen cloths to keep you warm. I can not ignore the food items and if possible, use home cooked food or arrange the same from some reliable source.

    If you are with the kids, then it is going to be some more luggage will require.

    Usually when there is more luggage the lesser would be the enjoyment and therefore keep the luggage to its minimum and keep which only found out to be mandatory.

  • The things to carry in an essential travel kit depend upon the travel destination and also the traveller. We should only take very few items that can fit in our bag. There are so many people who take unnecessary things while going for a trip for about 3 to 4 days. It is very inappropriate to take huge luggage for a small trip for ourselves and others. Some of the essential items you should include in a travel bag are as follows;
    1. Take only the exact number of clothes depending on the climate of the destination.
    2. one pair of shoes and one pair of sandals/ slippers( to wear indoors).
    3. Toiletry bag
    4. Socks, towel and extra underwear.
    5. Torch , umbrella, camping tent and a small knife (if you are going for hiking).
    6. Camera, phone, charger, extra batteries, power bank .
    7. Some over-the counter medicines for emergencies .
    8. A bottle of water and snacks.

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