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  • What are the job or business scope of mechatronics engineer ?

    Want to know the scope of studying mechatronics engineering? Searching for detailed information here? Find suggestions from our experts on this Ask Expert page for understanding why one should mechatronics.

    Currently, there is a trend to go for specialized knowledge in degree engineering. Be it artificial intelligence, data science, cyber security, or mechatronics. Depending on the specialized knowledge, there is a unique demand for these engineers in the industry nowadays. What are the job or business scope of mechatronics engineer ?
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  • Mechatronics is a discipline which is an amalgamation of mechanical and electronic learnings put inside the Mechatronics package. So when we talk of scope and opportunities for a Mechatronics person then it could be in many areas related to these two disciplines and definitely the Mechatronics person has a more chance as compared to those who have a degree only in one specific subject. Anyway that is not the only criterion for making a career and we will go to other aspects in this matter.
    In todays business world whether it is manufacturing or production activity everywhere machines and equipments are used which are having invariably some mechanical as well as electronic assemblies. So the growing demand of persons for various positions in these industries create a place and scope for the persons having a degree in Mechatronics.
    Some of the niche areas where Mechatronics engineers can try for jobs are robotics, AI, nanotechnology, automation, system engineering, aircraft engineering, electrical and electronic industry, oceanography, oil and gas industry, biomedical systems, computer-aided design, transport equipments, defence sector, civil and construction sectors, engineering designs etc. In addition to this there are scopes in the managerial and administrative side also and some of these areas could be like graduate engineers in PSUs or private companies, design managers, research and development, sales and marketing, safety and security, industrial management, quality monitoring, training and HR etc.
    One can keep a watch in the leading job portals also for Mechatronics positions and that would give more idea about the possible job openings where one can try to apply. One point which is pertinent in this matter is that nowadays for some positions some additional skill is expected and in that case one has to go through some short course and acquire that learning for increasing the chance of selection in a particular position.

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  • Mechatronics combines different engineering subjects like telecommunication, mechanical, electrical, computer and control engineering. Mechatronics engineering is a recent specialisation created by combining electronic and mechanical control systems with precision engineering. This branch is an interface of electronics, informatics, automation, mechanics and robotics. The engineers who are qualified in this subject will become conversant with
    multidisciplinary skills. Such engineers will have a very good scope to excel in various industries. The engineer who is qualified in this discipline can manage a team having engineers from different disciplines. Like any other engineer, these engineers will also excel in business also, if they have a zeal for business. They can become a good employer.
    After completing a degree in this subject, an engineer can join any of the following industries as a management trainee or as an engineer.
    Software firms
    Mining industries
    Defence and Aerospace sector
    Manufacturing Industries
    Oil and gas industry
    Further, career development will depend on the efficiency and the dedication of the individual towards his work and career.
    After completing your graduation in the subject you can work in the following fields in any of the above-mentioned industries,
    Telecommunication and Data Communication Networks.
    Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing Systems.
    Energy Devices.
    Transportation and Vehicle Systems.Bio-medical Systems.
    Computer Integrated and aided Manufacturing Devices and Systems.
    Computer-Aided Design.

    In India, there is an increased demand for these engineers and many MNCs and Corporates, Defence R&D establishments, Space related establishments are hiring these engineers with good pay packages. But a word of caution is all depends on the individual's interest in the filed and focus on the job they have to perform.

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  • Mechatronics Engineers receive sufficient inputs in electronic, mechanical and software engineering so that they can efficiently manage automation technology. They would fit in the Indian market from the automobile industry to telecommunications. They are assigned their responsibilities to improve production of goods with the application of mechanical, electronics and computer engineering principles.
    There are various job opportunities of the mechatronics engineers because of their enhanced exposure of their software skills and electronic exposure apart from their own stream of Mechanical Engineering. The following are the different assignments that a mechatronics engineer can handle.
    1) Mechatronics Technician- They can be assigned the job of repair and maintenance of the complex automated machine so that it requires least interference in respect of its repair from the different source. They can develop automated machines for the performance of even hazardous testing such as underwater exploration or mining.
    2) Robotics Engineer- They can take up the career of a Robotics Engineer when they would speed up the manufacturing process in the industries where they have been employed.
    3) Automation Engineer- The work of an Automation Engineer is to reduce human work in goods and service procedures. They can apply their mechatronics knowledge in the industrial automation.
    4) Instrumentation Engineer- Instrumentation Engineer plays a significant role in the seamless operation of manufacturing units. These engineers work in manufacturing or chemical plants, public sector units, IT and petrochemical industries where they can handle the jobs efficiently because of their exposure in the mechatronics field.
    5) Software Engineer - Since the Mechatronics Engineer has the expertise in the basic knowledge of programming language, coding versions, design pattern and unit testing, they can handle Software Automation process easily.
    6) Electronics Engineer- A Mechatronics Engineer can utilise their skills by applying engineering principles with the use of Mechanical Physics dealing with electrons. They have had sufficient exposure in the field of robotics, automobile embedded system, control system for electrons etc and as such they can function in a better way being an Electronics Engineer.
    7) Mechanical Engineer - Mechanical Engineers are intrinsically involved with all automotive manufacturing, turbine operations, operation of boilers and host of knowledge of their fields,they can function effectively in their own fields.

  • Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that concentrate on the integration of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering systems. It includes a different subject like robotics, electronics, computer science, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering. Mechatronics engineer having more skill compared to those who have a degree only in one specific subject. As far as job opportunities are concerned, there are various job opportunities in this field. Mechatronics engineer are eligible to make career in business field. They can apply for manager and administrative post also. After completing a degree in this subject, an engineer can try in industries as a management trainee. Some of the following area where you can try are as:-
    1.Software field
    2.Manufacturing Industries
    4.Oil and gas industry
    5.Mining industries
    6.Defence and Aerospace sector
    7.Telecommunication and Data Communication
    8.Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing
    9.Transportation and Vehicle Systems
    10.Computer Integrated and aided Manufacturing

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