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  • How to change engineering College for second year in Tamilnadu?

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    How to change engineering College for second year?
    In case of special reservation can I change my college in second year?
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  • Yes. You can change the college. Special reservation seats should be available in the college to which you want to get transferred. The following are the rules and procedures.
    1. Students who are studying in UG/PG course and completed their 1st year only can apply for transfer. All the transfers will be done with permission from the Directorate of Technical Education, Chennai. The student applying for transfer should not have any backlogs.
    2. Transfer of branch is not allowed. College transfer will only be permitted. If you have joined BE. Civil, you should continue in the same branch even after changing the college.
    3. No additional seats to the colleges will be sanctioned to effect the transfer.
    4. The transfers will be done at the beginning of the academic year only. The students who applied for transfer should continue in their original college till the seat in another college is allotted.
    5. The application for transfer should be signed by the Principals of both colleges. Then only transfer may be accepted. The Principal of the present college as well as the principal of the proposed college also should accept the transfer. Some private colleges may not accept transfer unless otherwise the student pay fee for the remaining years.
    6. Even though both the colleges accept also, the Directorate of Technical Education may not permit the transfer without assigning any reason due to administrative problems etc.

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  • There is no problem for such transfers provided the following points are followed. I am enlisting some points which need to be followed in case of transfer from one college to the other. The following points would be required to be followed-
    1) You should have interaction with the Principals of both the colleges - the college where you are currently studying and the college where you intend to study further. This will even help you to know the vacancy position of the engineering college to be joined in the next time.
    2) You have to write to authorities of AICTE of your area including the attachment of mutual consent of both the principals.
    3) You have to accept the fee - structure of the college where you are likely to join and similarly the dues of the former college has to be cleared fully prior to your transfer.
    4) You cannot claim to have another stream on joining a new college. However, you may request the Principal of the next college of your preferred stream. In case, some student accepts to continue his studies with your current stream, mutual transfer is possible.
    5) Ensure that you are completing all such formalities at the beginning of the academic year.

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