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  • Which book is best suited for learning vedic maths?

    Are you planning to learn vedic mathematics? Searching for the best books to do so? On this Ask Expert page, you can find advice from our experts to learn vedic mathematics.

    Currently many students are opting for learning new ways of learning mathematics and science. Vedic math is one of such methods. What are the best available sources (online or offline) to learn vedic maths and which book is best suited for learning vedic maths?
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  • Vedic Mathematics is the Mathematics of the ancient scholars in India. It has simple and easy methods to solve the Mathematical problems. It can bring great creativity and fundamental understanding of Mathematics in the students who learn it. There are many books available in the market/online for learning Vedic Mathematics. Some of these are -
    1. Vedic Mathematics by Bharati Krishna Tirtha - This is the original book by the monk Bharati Krishna Tirtha and is considered a good reference book for Vedic Maths.
    2. Maths Sutra by Gaurav Tekriwal - This book is based on the 16 Vedic sutras. Students can learn problem solving in the areas of algebra, algorithms, square roots, cubical roots, trigonometry, and many other problems.
    3. Vedic Mathematics Made Easy by Dhaval Bathia - This is a very good book helping students to practice Vedic Mathematics. The book is divided in basic and advanced section.
    4. The Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta - This is a simple and basic book for understanding the concepts in Vedic Mathematics. There are about 1000 problems and their solutions given in the book.
    5. How to Be a Mathemagician by Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal - This is an interesting book where learnings of Vedic Mathematics are explained through tricks and tips.

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  • Vedic mathematics is gaining very good popularity these days. This subject will make the student calculate and solve different problems easily without using any calculator and the person will become a human calculator. This is a very ancient subject created by ancient Indian saints and scholars. There are many good books available on this subject. Some of them are mentioned below.
    1. Vedic Mathematics Teacher's Manual - Elementary Level by K R Williams, ISBN 978-1-902517-16-2
    This book is useful to teachers who teach mathematics to primary classes up to Class VII. The book can be used to learn the Vedic systems.
    2. Vertically and Crosswise: This book is authored by A. P. Nicholas, K. R. Williams and J Pickles
    ISBN 978-1-902517-21-6. This is a book of sixteen chapters and each chapter deals with one sutra. This book will discuss all sutras in detail starting from multiplication to the solution of non-linear partial differential equations.
    3. Geometry for an Oral Tradition: A. P. Nicholas is the author of the book and the ISBN number is ISBN 1 902517 05 9. This book presents a discussion on the philosophy of mathematics. This book will be useful to mathematicians and many more people who are interested.
    4. Pebble Maths: The author of this book is Vera E. Stevens and the ISBN number is 978-0-9872995-0-5. This book is available on This book will be useful to people of all ages who wants to learn these subjects. You may get some videos also on this website.
    5. The Curious Hats of Magical Maths, Books 1 & 2: The author is James Glover. These books on Vedic Mathematics are workbooks. These books give some unique and quick methods of working with numbers.

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  • Of late, Vedic Mathematics has gained popularity among the Indian Students because with the use of the techniques indicated therein does help them to find the correct solution with the least time possible. Though there are several books on this subject by the Indian and Foreign writers but of all I find two books very different in dealing with the Vedic Mathematics.
    These are produced below-
    1) Dhaval Bhatia is popular among the students for its quick approach to crack the tricky problems in Mathematics. With the handful formulas, Bhatia has presented this book giving the readers insight how the complex problems can be tackled with ease. The Vedic formulas are known as sutras in Vedic Mathematics. The author has penned down sixteen important sutras with the detailed explanations how these can be utilised to solve complex problems related to Arithmetic and Algebra. It can be memorised taking a little pain and is definitely useful for the aspirants preparing for CAT, GRE, MAT etc. By going through this book, the aspirants will have more clarity in attempting the problems related to Mathematics.
    2) Magical book on quicker Mathematics- This book has been written by M. Tyra and by going through this book, it would be the boon for the students engaged for the competitive tests in the various fields where Mathematical applications are required. Concepts have been made clear to the aspirants to the extent that even a newbie can solve mathematical problems at ease after going through this book. To solve the problems, direct formulas have been suggested. On application of the same, the aspirants would save time and can arrive at the the results within the short time frame.

  • Vedic mathematics has been popular among Indian student. This is a very old subject developed by anc Indian saints and scholars. There are different books available on this subject. Some of them are as follows:-
    1. Vedic mathematics by the Indian monk Bharati Krishna Tirtha - It was first published in 1965. It gives information regarding mathematical techniques. This book contain all mathematical knowledge.
    2. Vedic Mathematics Made Easy by Dhaval Bathia- It is one of the best book. Vedic Mathematics Made Easy' has been written by Dhaval Bathia. The book is popular among the readers for its quick approach to solve tricky problem of mathematics. Utilizing a handful of formulae.
    3. Vedic Mathematics Made Easy by Arihant Experts- This book is very popular among student.
    4.The Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta- It is used for competitive exams.

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