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  • Replacement for rice to avoid losing weight

    Started a diet without rice but found that it results in weight loss? Check out some suggestions on how to regain weight with a diet that does not contain rice.

    I am working for an IT company, and speech is very important for it. I have a stammering issue. One of the nature cure doctors suggested to avoid eating boiled food and rice and, instead, to eat fruits, and to eat pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds at night and pulses in the morning instead of breakfast and rice in the afternoon. The Dr. said that this is a natural diet that will help the nerves in the brain to be active and speech will be good. I followed it and found a good result not only in speech but also mentally and physically.

    Till now I did not find any way to manage my stammering and because of this diet I was able to manage it and I am ready to give up rice totally to overcome the stammering issue, but now I feel I need to stop it due to weight loss. I am losing weight and becoming thin but not feeling any weakness. I find that if I eat chapati also I am becoming thin. Can anyone suggest how to overcome this? I don't want to eat oily and boiled both rice and curries , so what are the substitutions for these? Is it possible?
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  • It is good that the diet suggested by the doctor has helped you in getting rid of some of your problems regarding speech and stammering. Our body needs a balanced diet for maintaining its weight as well as keeping it in healthy shape. Carbohydrates are essential for weight gain and proteins are essential for strengthening the body. Minerals and vitamins play crucial role of maintaining various body functions and keep the body healthy.
    If your weight is within the normal BMI index then you should not worry for it. BMI means body mass index and there are standard charts or tables available for it. If your BMI is within the range 18 to 25 then it is neither skinny nor overweight.
    Please note that being overweight is a big problem and requires a lot of management to control it but being underweight is also an equally dreadful thing and can bring many disorders related to immune system, bones etc. So we have to take care that our weight should not decrease just like that.
    To maintain the weight you have to go for some carbohydrate rich diets of course other than rice in your case. For example some such items could be like potato, sweet potato, banana, beetroot, refined flour, apple, sugarcane, sugar, jaggery, calococia, mango, yam, grapes, anjeer, dates etc.
    You can talk with your naturopath regarding this and finalise and revise your diet.

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  • It is good to note that your stammering problem has come down by following the diet plan given by the doctor. There are many reports in which nobody should be able to directly say which foods are responsible for stammering and the relation between these two is not proved.
    What is your height and what is your weight? You can calculate the body mass index (BMI). You can refer BMI chart and if it is in the safe range, you need not worry about losing weight. But if it is not so definitely you should go for picking up weight.
    Generally, carbohydrates will get digested easily and you will feel hungry and you will eat more. That may make you build up weight. But foods containing proteins may take more time to get digested and you may not feel hungry.
    There are some foods which will not give you fat but help you in gaining weight. You can try them and see whether they will be helpful to you. Some of them are given below.
    1. Skim Milk. This will help you to increase your muscle power.
    2. Protein shakes. They are good for picking up weights. But some shakes will contain extra sugars. So freshly made shakes with less sugar can be tried.
    3. Nuts are good for weight build-up.
    4. Whole grain bread. They are also good for weight gain. They contain some carbohydrates and seeds that will help you to gain some weight.
    5. Dry fruits and avocado may also help in gaining weight.
    6. Whole grain cereals are also good for gaining weight.
    7. Eggs, cheese, curds and pasta are also good for gaining weight.

    These foods will not have any negative effects on your speech. But you better discuss with the doctor who suggested the above diet to you and take his opinion.

    I know a person who had this stammering problem. He got it cured by consulting a speech therapist. You can also think of consulting a speech therapist who will suggest to you the way to avoid this problem. If you keep 2 or 3 small sandstones ( These will be available in sand. We can pick them up and wash them thoroughly with water) under your tongue while continuously when you talk, the stammering problem will come down. Then you will not have any problem even though you eat rice in small quantities. But this you should implement after talking to your present doctor only.

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  • It is a great news that your stammering issue is within control with the consultation of your doctor but at the same the diets suggested by your doctor is not helping you in registering your weight. But still, I would suggest you to notice your BMI and if is within the range of 15 to 25 scale, you need not be unnecessarily panic.
    However, there are ways to put some more healthy weight if you follow the following tips for gaining weight to the extent of around 5 kg within a short time frame of three months. You may try the following tips -
    1) Cow - milk - Cow - milk would provide you all the essential nutrients such as protein, carbs and fats apart from abundant calcium essential for strengthening your bone, if you include the same after half an hour of your dinner with the consumption of 150 ml of warm milk. This will even help you to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
    2) Since Nuts are calorie dense, you may use peeled Almond Nuts taking five to six nuts with your breakfast. Even you can take a few pieces of Walnuts or Cashews along with your breakfast. This will help you in registering your weight.
    3) Red Meat - You can take Red Meat biweekly taking cooked meat with the preparation of less oil and spices. Taking 150 grams in each serving will provide you 450 calories and approximately 45 grams of protein.
    Red Meat contains leucine which provides amino acid to the body - a great nutrient for the nourishment of the body.
    4) Salmon and Oily fish - Salmon is the excellent source of protein and fats. Apart from that it will provide you omega 3 fatty acid for enhancing your immune system followed by healthy gain of weight.
    5) Protein Supplement- You may try Protein Supplements such as Whey Protein which will help you to gain weight if the same is taken regularly.
    6) Combination of dried fruits with the Protein Shake such as cheese, Greek Yoghurt will provide excellent results in respect of gaining weight.
    7) Dates - Consume Dates regularly at least two pieces at a time which can provide you 130 calories apart from invaluable antioxidants for enhancing the immune system.
    8) Dark Chocolates- Dark Chocolates contain around 70 % Cacao known for regulating stress hormones and blood sugars. Apart from that, it minimises the risk of heart- disease, some cancers and anti inflammatory in nature.

  • It is very nice to hear that your stammering problem is coming down. As above said by you that it happened possible because of following diet plan suggested by doctor. But one problem is there you are not gaining weight because of this diet. One important thing you should keep in mind that check your BMI and if it is within range then no need to worry regarding this. Here are some food item which you may try for gaining weight are as:-
    1. Milk- milk is complete food and it helps in gaining weight. It contain all nutrient such as carbohydrate, protein, fat and calcium. Drink 100ml milk at night time would help in keeping fit.
    2. Dry fruit- Dry fruit is very healthy for body. Eat dry fruit regularly. It also help in gaining weight.
    3.Dates - Eat dates regularly which provide strength to our body as well as gaining body weight.
    4. Egg - Egg are rich source of protein. It helps our body in many ways. Besides, you can eat cheese, curds and fish for gaining weight.

  • No general advice are useful in the cases of diet, medical or food practice as it differs from person to person according to the body conditions / structures. Similarly court decisions cannot be considered as a general verdict as it differs according to cases.
    My relative got a severe setback after his change his food patterns to wheat, millets etc from rice which was followed by him past 60 years. So it is good to consult a doctor, dietician who will advice according to your body condition.

  • You can take Nenthiram fruit daily which contains potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C , Vitamin K, Calcium. This is good for heart and rich in fibre content. You can take this as a Nenthiram powder to make this cut the banana into small pieces and sundried for 1 or 2 days and grind using mixer grinder with some cardamoms for flavor and the mix is ready. Now it is easy to consume daily with hot milk with sugar or jaggery as per your wish.

    In the morning you can take green gram sprouts which is filling your stomach easily and it is protein boosting foods to maintain your body weight and fit quickly. Nuts like Badam, pistachio, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, groundnuts are the best replacement. Take a bowl of Curd regularly.

    Take small meals after feeling hunger is easy to maintain weight not high nor less. For healthy snack, roasted Bengal gram, roasted groundnut, some coconut pieces with some dates. You can also consume coconut milk twice a weak.
    This is not a seasonal time but if available you can take panankilangu.

    (Note: Finally you can consume some kashayams using vasambu is good for speaking capacity and good for nervous system which is told by my grandmother and she is good at this medicines while you using this you may consult your siddha doctor as well. )

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