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  • Cure of hearing impairedness through Yoga and Ayurveda

    Suffering from hearing related impairedness and want to know alternative ? Looking out for non allopathy cures? Check out this page for responses from our experts about cure through yoga and ayurveda.

    If is often read in some newspapers and advertisements that there are certain asanas in Yoga which can cure or improve the hearing problem up to some extent the same is with Ayurveda medicines too.

    Though ENT specialists and Allopathy Practitioners do not agree that either Yoga or Ayurveda can cure hearing impairedness.

    I would like to know more information from learned people here about this issue.
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  • There are many reasons for hearing impairment or hearing loss and only after diagnosing the real cause the doctors will be able to suggest the remedial treatment. Sometimes even a small amount of wax deposited and hardened on the ear diaphragm can lead to hearing loss and the doctor will clean it and remove the wax and the cure would be achieved. But there are some serious reasons where such simple cure would not suffice and doctors will even advise other courses like surgery etc. One of the most common reasons of hearing loss is the hardening or stiffening of the three small bones which transmit the hearing vibrations from the ear diaphragm to the inner ear and brain and nowadays there is a simple operative procedure in which the doctors will remove these three stiffened or fused bones and replace them with a teflon one (artificial) and then the vibrations in a uninterruptible way reach the brain and the patient immediately starts hearing after this surgery. It takes hardly half an hour in this procedure and the patient is generally discharged in a day or two. This problem of hardening of the small bones in the ear generally increases with the age and many people suffer hearing loss. Doctors also advise intake of Vitamin C and Zinc for boosting the immunity and reducing the ear infection, if any.

    Coming to the Ayurvedic cure for hearing loss the modern medical practices do not see any merit in that but our body is a big mystery and challenge even for the modern science and we do not know what can be a means of cure for it. In the Ayurvedic system certain measures are mentioned which keep the ears in healthy conditions. It is prescribed that by managing one's diet and lifestyle one can get cured or arrest the further degrading of hearing loss. As per Ayurveda, ear problems are due to the Kapha Dosha and we have to avoid foods which increase Kapha. For example we have to avoid sour foods, sour fruits, sour curd, refrigerated foods etc. Oily and junk foods are also to be discarded from our diet. On the other hand items like onion, ginger, turmeric, basil, neem, and garlic should be preferred and are to be used. It is also advised that a good lifestyle is often a great support for getting rid of ailments in our body including the hearing problems. One has to protect the ear by using ear buds in a highly noisy and loud sound environment. Smoking and drinking are to be completely stopped. Keeping a good hygiene and keeping the throat and mouth area clean is a pre-requisite for good heath in the ear, nose, and throat common region.

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  • There are various reason for hearing loss. The ear is made up of three primary parts: the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Each section is composed of structures that play important roles in the process of converting sound waves into signals that go to the brain. Generally, Hearing loss happens because of loud noise. It is very common in aged person. Besides, excessive earwax can reduce your hearing capacity. As per aurvedic treatment, it is little bit curable. According to aurveda It happens because of accumulation of cough. So, you should take healthy food. Avoid that kind of food which increase cough such as sour fruit, curd, refrigerated food etc. You should take that food more which control your cough problem like ginger, onion, garlic, tulsi leaves etc.
    Following exercise may reduce hearing problem :-
    1.Bhramari Pranayama - The word Bhramari is derived from the Hindi word Bhramar or Bhavra which means a Honey Bee.This exercise is especially for the Ear, Nose and Throat. The exhaling of air during the exercise sounds similar to the humming of the Bee, this produces an echo in the ears and also resonates the skull and stimulates the hair cells which are instrumental in converting the sound signals into electrical impulses. The weakening of these hair cells is the main cause of Sensorineural Hearing Loss. This exercise will help in improving hearing problem.
    2.Shunya Mudra asanas- It is understood as Zero or Sky. In Sanskrit, It is also known as Akash Mudra.The Shunya Mudra is strongly recommended for Tinnitus, Vertigo and for better overall Hearing power. The exercise should be done for 30 to 45 minutes every day.


  • Hearing impairedness is most commonly known as deafness. There are many types of deafness. The treatment and curing of this problem depend more on the type of deafness one has. The following are the types of deafness as per Ayurveda.
    Conductive: Sometimes the sound wave may not reach the inner ear.
    Sensorineural: It is due to the dysfunction of the inner ear. This hearing loss is permanent.
    As age is increasing the hearing ability of the individual comedown. People above 75 years of age may have some loss in hearing capacity.
    You have not mentioned your age. The chances of curing depend on age also. You have to consult a practising ayurvedic doctor and explain the problem. He will suggest medicines and other related activities you have to perform for getting out of the problem.
    The following are some of the home remedies one can try. But You should not do them on your own. You should consult a doctor and use the remedy as per his suggestion only.
    1, Take raw onion and remove the skin and then take the juice of the same. Put 2 or 3 drops of the same in the ear.
    2. Neem oil is also good for hearing loss cure. Just heat the neem oil till it becomes lukewarm. Then put 2 or 3 drops of the same in the ear.
    3. Keep some borax in the ear and then immediately add 5 drops of lemon juice.
    4. Ginger Juice and honey can be mixed and a little of the same can be applied in the ear.
    5. Tulasi leaves extract is also good for the same.
    6. Sesame oil and fried garlic can be missed and 8 drops of the mix can be placed in the ear.
    7. Ashwagandha, Boswellia and Guggulu are also useful. You can use 500mg of this.
    But do all this after taking the consent of the doctor only.
    The following asanas or Yoga exercises may help you in improving your hearing capacity.
    1. Bhramari Pranayama: This is very good for improving hearing capacity. This is basically an exercise where you have to inhale deeply while keeping your ears, eyes and mouth and leave the air slowly through the nose.
    2. Matsyasana: This will help in improving the blood supply by reducing the stiffness in the neck region. This exercise will help to improve Hearing Power.

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  • Hearing impairment is normally seen among the people with the advancement of age and the symptoms at the initial stage might be mild but with the progression of time, it might take the severe form. The Ayurvedic Doctor or Vaida would ascertain the Prakriti of the patients prior to treatment so that the impairment could be eliminated permanently. The duration of the treatment might take a couple of months as many as six months but the results could be quite encouraging.
    However there are ways to tackle this order with our little efforts and can be beneficial to all patients irrespective of their Doshas( Prakriti). The following tips would be helpful to the patients if implemented on regular basis. Some tips are given below-
    1) Avoid Sou foods such as taking lemons, oranges, papaya, curds, sour grapes etc since consumption of such items would lead to aggravation of cough doshas.
    2) All items pacifying cough doshas should be included to eliminate the hearing impairment. One may use Ginger, Garlic and Onions on regular basis to restore the hearing loss.
    3) Take seven to eight Bael Leaves, Basil Leaves and Neem leaves and taking the same equal quantities, boil the same in 150 ml of water till volume reduces to half and this should be consumed in warm conditions. This has to be used twice in a day in empty stomach.
    4) One can take half gm of turmeric powder which is mixed with warm milk and the same is to be taken half an hour after the dinner.
    5) Avoid processed, oily and fried foods since this would enhance cough doshas.
    6) A mixture of Neem Leaves around eight leaves and one gm of turmeric powder should be boiled for at least fifteen minutes taking 100 ml of water initially and decanting the residue, filtrate is to be consumed regularly for at least six months.
    7) The patients might get considerable relief with the following concoctions-
    1) Insert Anu Tailya on both the nostrils ( around one ml) and after ten minutes Bilwadi Tailya around 20 drops on both the nostrils are to be inserted. Both the treatments should be continued for three months.
    2) Patients should consume Sarivadi Vati one tablet of 250 mg twice daily after the principal meals along with warm water. This will strengthen the hearing mechanism and they could see the improved results after six months.

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