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  • D.El.Ed certificate validity

    Have a query about the validity of D.El.Ed certificate? Interested in information about any website where the validity can be checked? Find advice from our experts here and plan further plan of action.

    I want to know, where and how do I check if my D.El.Ed certificate is valid or not?
    I did a course in ordinary college and that's why I have doubts about this.
    I request you tell me where can I check my certificate validity in any online website.
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  • You have to check the following
    1. The college you have studied is having approval from the state board of technical education. If they have the approval of the board the certificate given to them will be valid only.
    2. The examination you have attended is conducted by the college separately or with all other institutes in the state that are affiliated with the State board of technical education.
    3. What is the admission procedure. If they followed the procedure described by the state government and if the admissions are conducted commonly with all other such institutes, there may not be any problem.
    4. You verify the website of the college for its recognition and affiliation. They will be mentioned on the website.
    5. You can write to the Technical Education Board of the state under RTI ACT following the procedure and they have to give you the reply within the stipulated time.

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  • To know the validity of your certificate relating to D.El. Ed certificate, you may take up the following steps-
    1) Verify whether your institution is approved from the state board of technical education or not. If the institution is approved, there is no question of any suspicion relating to the certificate since the examination is conducted by the approved institution.
    2) Within the state board technical education, there are chains of polytechnics attached to state board technical education and are approved even by AICTE.
    3) AICTE takes care of quality of course and also ensures best infrastructure within the institution apart from their supervision of sufficient staffs for quality teaching.
    4) You can go through the website of the polytechnic to know its recognition and affiliation.

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