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  • Worried about document verification

    Do you have a question about document verification for a government job? Wnat to know if low attendance of college can become a hindrance for the job? Resolve your worries by checking out advice from our ISC experts on this page.

    I've completed my from Agra college, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar University Agra.
    Right now I'm aspiring for central government job.
    But I'm worried that during document verification something might go wrong because of following reasons: -
    During my college days my attendance was very low as I was preparing for govt job.
    But university allowed me sit in main exams.
    I've done everything according to university i.e-
    1) I paid fees of all years
    2) I gave exam of all years and got result on their website like every other student
    3) got admit card
    4) got 2 backlogs in second year and cleared them in third year got result on web for same
    5) got internship letter from HOD and did internship also
    6) gave practical of all years
    7) got enrolment no and roll no from university
    8) made files for all practicals
    Just my attendance was very very low I just went college for days but was allowed to do everything
    Can anything go wrong during document verification because of that ?
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  • You need not worry for the low attendance since even under that situation, your university has permitted to go ahead for the examination. If attendance were any issues, you would have been intimated in advance prior to sitting your examination.
    You have furnished the entire details which you have complied with and as such I don't foresee any problem while you would face the session of the document- verification.
    However, please keep this thing in mind that all your certificates and mark - sheets from class ten and onward are under your possessions and have been preserved in a file which are to be shown during the process of document - verification.
    Yo need not think unnecessarily on that account.

  • If the attendance is less, the university will not allow you to sit for the examination. Even they allow you to sit for the examination they will not declare your result and the result will be withheld. You have to go to college. Pay the penalty the college impose as per the directions of the university.
    Once you are qualified and you received the certificate( Provisional or Original) you need not worry about your attendance etc. Don't think about the attendance part. You should have all the marks lists of 10th, intermediate and degree. Pass certificates, TC, CC., Aadhar etc., are being asked for verification only.

    always confident

  • Your worries are unwarranted.
    As far as you have a successful degree certificate proving your passing the qualifying examinations, you need not worry about attendance etc. during your academic days.

    What you have to ensure is:
    1. You have the degree/qualification certificate needed as the minimum criteria to apply for the job.
    2. You have all the proofs/ certificates/documents prescribed in the job announcement or call letter.
    3. You have all other papers/documents to enable verification of the important data submitted in the job application.
    4. You posses the relieving/transfer certificates/NOC/letters establishing the completion f your course and having no outstanding liability with the educational institution.

    Go worry free, but well prepared for the verification or interview. Best Wishes.

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