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  • Query about the village of Pachmohwa, in the district of Pratabgrah UP, India.

    Looking out for a specific tiny village Panchmohwa in UP named in yesteryears? Want to know more about the people in this village? Find suggestions from our experts here.

    Does anyone know if this village still exist or if the name has been changed? In 1889 the name of the Village was Pachmohwa.
    How do I find land records of who owned lands during the late 1800's in this area
    Place: Allahabad, India
    District: Pratabgrah
    Thana: Jaittiwara
    Village/Town/Mahalla: Pachmohwa
    Chetoo had two sons, Bhairow and Sewnauth who was a policeman in the area.
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  • You are digging an old record and for that you should have information on the taluka or tehsil or block under which this village falls. If the name of the village was changed then also it is to be found out from the tehsil or block information only. There are 8 tauka/tehsil in Pratapgarh district - Arnod, Chhoti sadri, Dhariawad, Kunda, Lalganj, Patti, Peepalkhoont, and Pratapgarh .
    If you can find out the taluka/tehsil where the village is located then only you can find further information on and records by visiting the corresponding taluka/tehsil office.
    You can also try to find it or at least some clue at the following links -

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  • Umesh, Thank you very much for your kind response, it is greatly appreciated. Here is what I know from the registrar in Guyana.
    My Great Grandfather (GGF) was called Bhairow son of Chetoo. He left India on 17 July 1889 on a Sailing Ship called Shelia for British Guiana (now called Guyana).
    When my GGF left India he left behind his mother, a brother and a sister. His brother's name was Sewnauth and he was a Policeman locally. His family had land and many Bisson. His caste was Ahir and here is the info on his hometown:
    Place: Allahabad, India
    District: Pratabgrah
    Thana: Jaittiwara
    Village/Town/Mahalla: Pachmohwa now called Panch Mahua
    see attached.
    Thanks for all you help.

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  • I have found the village, but the page with who own what is in Hindi:

    Uttar Pradesh Village List
    Seq No Village Khatauni Code Village Khatauni Name (Hindi) Village Khatauni Name (English)
    204 158579 Pachmahua Panch Mahua

    This link in Hindi only

  • Mr H. Roy Bhiro, I am happy that you have dug out some information which is relevant in your case. You might not be knowing exactly in whose name the land records are because it is mentioned in Hindi and being out in Guyana for such a long time you might not be knowing hindi. One thing that I want to share with you is that there are many legalities with the land records and once someone had got his name mutated there in the land records in the land record office then the other person who feels that he is also a contender for that will have difficulty as he would have no recourse except moving to the courts and court proceedings are a long time phenomenon.
    In such a situation one can visit the native place and find out the things in an amicable way and negotiate with the close relatives and family persons who might be physically having the control of the land today whether their names are there in the land records or not.
    If you have some confident person in the village who can do these things for you then also you can take his help but my feeling is that a visit to the native place and feel the things physically would solve the problems if any in the matter.

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  • Good morning Umesh, your feedback is highly valued and appreciated. Perhaps, I need clarify my purpose and explain my motivation.
    1. I am only interested in finding the actual land of my ancestors so I am place a memorial in his name and perhaps start a scholarship in his name.
    2. The land records will serve as confirmation of the family roots and connection to my ancestors. (I have no other interest)
    2. I am keenly aware of potential for fraud, therefore, I will send DNA kits to conduct DNA testing
    3. I want to complete this inquiry, mainly because my father started this effort back in the late 80's and could not get a response from the agencies he was writing to.
    4. With the aid of technology and helpful people like yourself on various platform, drilling down to finding family should be a lot easier than it was in the 80's.
    5. It has been almost 133 year since my GGF and GGM left India, it's time for their descendants to connect with ancestral family and know where our forefathers came from.
    I am also interested in death/birth and marriage records, if available.
    Once again, your kindness is greatly appreciated and I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

  • Happy to know your objective and motivation for this work. I wish you all success in this great idea to erect a memoir in memory of your grand elders.
    Before I close my interaction with you I would like to mention one last thing which is important and may be useful for you. At the village level the village Sarpanch and at the block level the Tehsildar or SDM or BDO are the most important personalities and if you include them in your project then you might have a smooth ride. All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Umesh, you are the BEST! I cannot adequately express my appreciation for all you guidance and suggestions, I am eternally grateful. Thanks again for taking time to point me in the right direction. Stay well!

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