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  • Want to know which cloud platform better according to my qualifications.

    Confused about which is the most trending cloud platform in the IT industry? Looking out for genuine suggestions on this page? Here, our experts shall respond to your query.

    I have completed my Bsc IT and joined an IT company ahd have worked in Microsoft Azure. After 2.5 years I decided to shift another cloud platform which is regarding AWS Linux Operating system. Now I have a confusion that switching into this cloud platform is good for my career or the previous cloud platform which was regarding Microsoft Azure is better? Which cloud platform is more demanding in IT industry?
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  • As per the present trend in the IT sector, both Azure and AWS are in demand.
    There are three leading cloud service providers, AWS is having a market share of 33 per cent. Azure is having a share of 19 per cent and Google Cloud is having 7%. There are some other companies that are also there but not significant. AWS revenue share has grown by 32% in 2020 whereas the revenue share of Azure has gone up 23%.
    If you have competency in cloud computing you can shift from one to another so that you will get exposure to both the model. You can go for a certification in both formats and that will become an added advantage to you for your career growth.
    AWS or Azure for career growth. This is what you have in mind. There are chances and scope in both fields for career growth. Nobody can say that one among the two is good or bad.
    Career growth depends on the performance of the individual. The company and its policies, the status of the company in the market. your qualifications and way of working. These are the factors that decide the growth of your career. Your thoroughness in the subject and the certifications you have will also add value.
    So you have to analyse yourself about your abilities and your subject knowledge. Then you have to make a decision. But go for some certification, if you are not already having them. Scope and chances are almost the same for both areas.

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  • The top companies like Microsoft, Google etc are developing and expanding their cloud platforms as the future of these platforms is very bright as many companies are going to use the cloud based platforms for their operations. Please note that top companies charge higher fees or service charges to their customers or clients and in that scenario many small companies will enter the cloud platform services with less charges and many small to medium enterprises would take services from them and save on expenses. So it is not only the question as who is the best among the top ones but the main point is your requirement from that cloud platform or if you are seeking a job, your position in that organisation as a cloud platform software or management person. There is a big rush of people for these positions and every one would not be able to get them so easily. Hence it makes sense to search or explore some next to the top level aloud platforms in the industry for using the facility or seekig a job.
    In addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud there are some other companies also which are coming on the forefront in this area and we can consider them also if we are getting some advantage by joining hands with them. These companies are Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Rackspace Cloud, and VMWare.

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  • Azure entered the cloud computing scene way back in 2010 whereas as AWS started its service right from 2006. Azure has made its rapid progress rapidly over the years and if we compare the features of the two apps, Azure is likely to score more than AWS in terms of service and quality. Let us look the different features while comparing these two apps -
    1) PasS Capabilities- Microsoft Azure would provide you application developers with the enrichment of environment, tools and the building blocks and can offer exciting cloud service. With the Azure PasS infrastructure management, the same can take care of behind the scene activities as seen in the Microsoft. In nut shell, Azure feature allows you for a better focus on your service.
    2) Learning Curve - AWS is considered as being complicated if you go through their guides, tutorials and the documents whereas the Azure would allow you for the utilisation of trusted technologies which are quite relevant in the current time. It is providing you useful tools like Hadoop, GitHub, Eclipse etc. This app provides different third party tools and solutions which can provide you an effective tool.
    3) Hybrid Solution for seamless cloud connectivity- Amazon is on the way for testing the hybrid waters whereas Azure has established its capabilities in the cloud field.
    In terms of cloud connectivity, Azure would provide you a boarder rank of hybrid connectivity including VPNS, Caches and Content Delivery Network apart from Express Rout Connectivity making it superior than the Microsoft app.
    4) Security Aspects- Azure has been devised based on the Security Development Life Cycle providing you assurance on its quality because of enhanced security features. It also supports you with datas and services which are completely secured and protected.
    Though Microsoft was the first cloud app approved by European Data Protection Authorities, this app lacks that much security features as Azure is enjoying.

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