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  • I want to name my new home on my late mothers name

    My mothers maternal name was SHASHI and after marriage it was DEEPTI. I want to name my home in her honor please suggest a few ideas.
    I want something meaningful and elegant to get it imprinted on the front of my new home. My fathers name is PRAVEEN if anyone has any idea with cojoining their names.
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  • It is good to name the house based on the name of the parents. Some may name it with their surname and some may name it as per their Gotra. Some may name it in the name of God. You want to try with the names of your parents.
    Your mother's name is SHASHI and DEEPTI. Your father's name is PRAVEEN.
    I am thinking Shashi Praveen is a good combination. So you can name your hose with any one of the following suggestions.
    1. Shashi Praveen Kuteer
    2. Shashi Praveen Nivas
    3. Gift of Shashi Praveen.
    4. Shashi Praveen mansion.
    5. Shashi Praveen Palace.

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  • Your plan is definitely fine in the sense the names of your parents would be immortal if you imprint their names outside the Vila and before entering your premises, they would recall up the sweet memories of their association with your parents.
    Considering the names of your mother prior to her marriage and after marriage as Shashi and Deepti and the name of your father being Praveen, you need to devise an attractive combination of their names outside your Vila.
    The following names might entice you and if so, you may consider the following the following combinations-
    1) Deepti Praveen Vila
    2) Shashi Praveen Cottage
    3) Shashi Praveen Mansion
    4) Dreamland of Shashi and Praveen
    5) A gift from Shashi and Praveen.

  • Many people want to keep house names based on parents' names. I think it is auspicious and good as parents are just like God. We must do something for parents. As mentioned above, before marriage your mother's name was Shashi and after marriage, her name was Deepti. Your father's name is Praveen. So considering your parent's name I would suggest the following name:-
    1. Deepti Praveen Mahal
    2. Shashi Praveen Vila
    3. Shashi Praveen cottage
    4. Dreamland of Shashi and Praveen
    5. Shashi and Praveen Niwas
    6. Gift of Shashi Praveen.
    7. Shashi Praveen mansion.
    8. Shashi Praveen Palace.

  • It is good to name your home in the name of your late mother. Some of the names that come to my mind are -
    1. Deepti Kunj.
    2. Deepti Niwas.
    3. Deepti Villa.
    4. Deep Kuteer.
    5. Shashi Deepti Niwas.

    If you want to join your father's name also then some of the choices could be -
    1. Deepti Praveen Chhaya.
    2. Deepti Praveen Villa.

    There are some other ideas like -
    1. SDP Palace.
    2. SDP Kuteer.
    3. SDP Niwas.

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  • The maternal name of your mother was Shashi. Shashi means moon. As we all know, the moon looks soft and pleasant. The moonlight is also pleasant. The name Sashi is supposed to be derived from Sanskrit. What I suggest is that you name your home "SHASHI". Do not add any other names.

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  • It is great to know your interest to have mother's name to your house. My suggestion is deep praveen sashi mahal.

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