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  • Have questions regarding document verification

    Do you have a query about document verification? Looking out for answers to your questions? On this page our experts have provided you with guidance to handle docuemnt verification in case you have had a back and cleared it later.

    I have completed my graduation in BSc from Agra College, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University and I am currently preparing for a central government job
    i have done everything according to university i.e-
    -Gave Fees of all years
    -Gave all years exam and praticals
    -Did internship
    So I have the following questions regarding document verification:
    1)In the second year of my course I got back in 2 subjects which I cleared in my third year, so does backlogs are checked during document verification ?
    2)My attendance was very low during my college years but I got admit card from college and they let me sit in the main examination and practicals of all years, can it create any kind of problem during my document verification?
    3)I have my mark sheets of all years but according to college I can apply for a degree after two years of graduation,so will my marksheets will be suffice for document verification ?
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  • As indicated by you, you don't have any backlog to your credit signifying that you have successfully passed your B.Sc from Agra College attached to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University.
    Relating to ongoing documents verification session, you have little doubts regarding the satisfaction of the authorities in your case. The following points in your favour can be noticed.
    1) You do have all the mark - sheets of all the years including the clearance of the backlogs ones and as such this would not come in the way of any hindrance in the session.
    2) Despite your low attendance, you were provided admit card to sit for the examination and so this is not creating any impediment in the documents verification process.
    3) You have stated that your final degree would be received after two years which you have confirmed from your college- source. You can meet your Principal of your college in this connection and you may request him to provide the existing rule of the university for the delayed procurement of the degree.
    4) Preserve the forwarding letter of the Principal to be shown to the documents verification authorities.
    5) Other than the degree certificate, you do possess all the essential documents such as mark - sheets of all the examinations, you have so far passed apart from the degrees of class ten and twelve. Hence, no obstruction is foreseen for the ensuing documents verification process.

  • According to your statement, you have completed the B.Sc., degree course from Agra College which comes under Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University. Now you are preparing for a job in the government. You say that you have paid all the fees due to the college, appeared for all theory and practical examinations. You have cleared all the examinations including the backlogs of the second year. You have done the necessary internship also.

    Coming to your doubts about the document verification and your questions about it, let us examine them one by one.

    1. There were two backlogs in the second year of your degree course which were cleared by you in the final year.
    Marks sheets may not be checked when you are applying for a job unless it becomes necessary. If they ask you for mark sheets, they may check them. Since you cleared the backlogs, there is nothing to worry and your marks sheets are the testimony that you have cleared them. No problem there.
    2. Your attendance was poor during the course of study according to you. Once the college permits you to take the examination, it is understood that the minimum required attendance was given by the college. They might have asked you to produce a medical certificate. If not asked, it was not your problem. Your poor attendance might have been condoned by the college or ignored by them. In any case, it is not a problem and the document verifier is not concerned about it.
    3. You have all the marks sheets with you which you can produce if necessary. The document verifier is not an authorized person to say about your success in the examination or not. It is for the University to declare it. The marks sheets may not be sufficient proof of your obtaining the degree.

    One thing, I am unable to understand is why the University put in a stipulation that you can apply for the degree after two years of graduation? They will generally issue a provisional certificate and then the degree certificate after some time but not after two years. You better get clarification in this regard from your college and the University also,

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  • You have cleared the backlogs in time during the third year and that is as per the rules allowed in the matter. So, there is no problem on that respect and there are many students who clear their backlogs later as per the allowed time extensions. This is a normal practice and nothing to worry about it.

    You were allowed to sit in the exam irrespective of your short attendance which means that you were given a relaxation in that respect and that is the prerogative of the institution to allow the student on that score. So there is no problem on this account also.

    It is very common that the final degree will be given to you after a gap only and till that time the mark sheets and the institution's certificate of clearing the exam as well as the character certificate would be suffice for you to apply anywhere and present them during the document verification sessions. Generally degrees are given within one year during the convocation function. But they are sometimes delayed also.

    So as per my knowledge there is nothing there for which you should have an apprehension for inconvenience during the document verification session whenever it is there.

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  • There is nothing to worry about. Leave all the doubts about document verification. Before that please prepare well for the written or interview as the case may be. That is more important than worrying about certificate verification.
    Based on the information submitted by you, your name may be shortlisted and they may call for a written test. Once you are successful they may call for an interview. After that only generally, the document verification will come.
    All universities will give a provisional certificate immediately after passing the examination. They will not give it by default. You have to apply for that and pay the fee as required. Then only they will issue the Provisional Certificate. So apply for that Provisional certificate immediately and obtain the same keep as a record. Generally, the original certificates will be issued only after the convocation of the year you passed is over. Till such time provisional certificate will be enough.
    Your backlogs will not be a problem as now you have completed all the subjects and the university declared that you passed the examination.
    The employer will never ask about your attendance. Attendance will be considered by the college only and they will decide whether to allow or not to allow a person to examination if the attendance is also. Now you have already passed the examination. So there will not be any point in attendance

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  • As mentioned above that you have completed a B.SC degree from Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra. Now you are trying for a Govt job and you have paid all fees and you have cleared all exams including backlog. Then why are you worried? If you go for document verification they will never ask about backlog as you have already passed all examinations. Following university rules, you cleared all backlog subjects so, there is no ground to raise any question. It will not create any problem during document verification.
    As far as poor attendance is concerned, it does not matter during document checking. It was the duty of the University whether they should permit a candidate or not for the examination. If they allow and you passed successfully then no one will object to you regarding this case. As said by them, you will be submitted a degree after two years so you can convince for it as it is normally given within one year. But, instead of it, you will get a provisional certificate which will suffice for fulfilment criteria.

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