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  • Age limit for class 10th to sit in board exams

    Are you having a query about age limit for eligibility for board exams of class Xth. Confused what is the corect age limit? Find responses from experts on this page.

    My daughter born in 19-4-2017. Now I am planniong to give her admission in class 1st as on April 2022. She will complete her 14 years in 19-4-2031. At this time she will enter in class 10th.
    will there any problem for age limit to sit in the board exams?
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  • A candidate should complete his/her 14th year by December of the year in which he /she attends the 10th year exam. For example, a person born in the month of November in the year 2020 can appear for the 10th examinations in the year 2033-34.
    Your daughter's date of birth is 19-4-2017. That means she will be completing her 14th year on 19/4/ 2031. This is year she is getting admitted to 1st class. That means she will be writing the SSC examinations in the year 2031=32. There is no problem for her to sit in tenth examinations in that year.

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  • No, your daughter is not likely to face any problem while sitting for her class ten Board Examination since her date of birth is recorded as 19-4 - 2017 and she is to be admitted in class one standard this year. With this recorded age, she would sit for class ten in 2031- 32. The standard rule is that the ward should have completed 14 th year by December of the year in which the ward attends the 10 th class examination.
    Considering this calculation, she is fulfilling the eligibility criteria in respect of her age to sit for her class ten examination as stated above.

  • As per CBSE age criteria, the minimum age for appearing in the board exam should be 14years. As mentioned above, your daughter's DOB is 19-4-2017. So she is eligible for taking admission into class 1. If she takes admission in class 1 in April 2022 then she would sit for class 10th board exam in April 2031.

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