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  • How to get job in USA from India

    Plannign to take up a job abroad after having experience of working as a HR professional and coach? Looking out for the detailed process to do so? On this page our experts have responded to yuor query.

    I am an HR Professional & a Coach in India. I have done my MBA in HR and working since 1998. Recently my daughter is gone there for studying and I would like to accompany her. Wanted to can I get a job in USA? What is the best way to find one? I can also do some small certificate course but not so expensive.
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  • Your daughter might have gone there on a student Visa. So if you want to go there you should get an H1 B visa to go there. But many qualified persons are natives of that country and so many companies may not be interested in employing foreigners for the HR professionals. Additionally, the process of recruiting foreigners is very tedious and hence many companies may not do this. So Employee sponsored Visas are very less in this field.

    If somebody is there in the US, you have to go with Visa as their visitor and after going there you have to try for a job. But legally it is also difficult. So you have to join an MNC in India and slowly you should try to get transferred there.

    In recruiting a person directly to a company in the USA permission from DOL is required. Department of Labour (DOL) will give permission only after ensuring that no local candidate is available. But people with advanced degrees or specialised qualifications may stand a better chance. So if you have to go there you can do some advanced PG diploma course in HR specialisation. That will help you in getting a job.

    As you are an HR professional you may be having some friends who know about getting jobs in HR in the USA. Speak to them. Some agencies in India will be in the field and arranging Visas and Jobs in the USA. You have to look for a reliable agency and approach them and try through them.

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  • You are working in HR area since 1998 which means that you have a good experience in this discipline. Now you are searching for a job in US. What I would suggest is that you please register in some good reputed job portals like Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, Simply Hired, CareerBuilder etc and then find out the jobs advertised in them matching with your area of specialisation as eel as interest. By doing this exercise you would also come to know other jobs in HR area advertised by the companies hiring the HR persons. If you find that there is a particular demand in some specific area in HR but you are not having experience in that niche then it would be necessary to acquire those skills which are giving more opportunities to the professionals for getting a job abroad.
    Some of the areas in HR which are interesting for making a career are - International Human Resource, Labor Relations, Training and Development, Executive Recruiter, HR Analytics Specialist, Employment Management, Compensation and Benefits etc. So, acquiring a certificate or diploma in one of these could help the job seeker.
    You can do these courses from any reputed online agency like coursera, unacademy, EdX, FutureLearn, Udemy, Skillshare etc.
    I hope that you are having requisite computer skills for working in a company abroad. If not then go through some short courses for improving your proficiency in basic computer skills. It would be difficult to survive in alien environment without that.

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  • As you are involved in the HR job since 1998, you might have accumulated sufficient experience in this area but in case of looking out for a job in a foreign country, you need to update your skills to make yourself demanding in your job area.
    Your daughter has moved on the students visa basis but for you need to procure H1B Visa and even with this visa, procurement of a job with your existing experience may not materialise owing to availability of the competent personnel in such countries and your term for getting a job seem to difficult. You may approach the following routs so as to be successful to get a job of your requirement.
    1) You should start working with such a company in India having its offices in the foreign countries. Your transfer to the country, you need would be possible with getting your name recommended by your top officials. This can be done with your excellent performance in your job area.
    2) Being a HR manager, you need to update your skills in the areas of Training Development, Motivation of workers, Labour Relations, Identification of talents of the workforce etc. look out for a proper verification course which could enhance your job prospects.
    3) If you are working in Infosys, Accenture, Capgemini, Standard Charted Bank or any one of such companies having their foreign locations in the country you want to move in, your transfer could prove to be fruitful one.
    4) Look out for job constants providing you opportunities for grabbing your jobs in the foreign locations.

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