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  • Can I do MCA without maths in 10+2?

    Aspiring to study MCA course? Searching for information about the eligibility criteria and if one can apply without taking Maths? Here, on this page our ISC epxerts have responded to yuor question.

    Can I do MCA without 10+2 Maths but computer as an optional subject and BCom in graduation?
    Is it possible in few college to do MCA PG without Maths in 10+2 as well in graduation. But I have opted for computers in 10+2.
    I am searching for colleges in which I can do MCA without Maths.
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  • I am afraid that it will be difficult for you to be selected for MCA of any prestigious university unless you qualify the entrance test set for MCA course. Normally all the reputed universities conduct both written and oral tests to screen out the deserving aspirants for the said course. The written test comprises Mathematics taught at 10+2 level, English and Aptitude Test and unless you qualify this test, you will not be allowed for the oral test being conducted by the members of the Board.
    Mathematics is the essential tool helping you to understand the complexities of computer domain. It consists of different sections such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Vector Algebra, Differential Equations, Matrices etc which will help in understanding the basics of different tools of computers.
    In your case, you have not gone through Mathematics at 10+2 stage nor was it covered in your B.Com stage though Accountancy was one of your papers which in no way will provide you basics of Mathematics to be employed in learning the computer skills during your MCA session.
    If you are determined to fare well in the Mathematics included in the entrance test where you will be tested for your skills in Mathematics, English and Aptitude Test, you need to achieve expertise in this subject either through the professor teaching Mathematics in a college or from a subject expert of this subject teaching the aspirants for the Engineering Entrance Test. In that way, you can perform brilliantly in the test set for MCA.

  • Many standard universities ask for mathematics as a subject in 10 + 2 for applying to MCA. There may be some universities that may accept your application for MCA. But selection will be based on the rank obtained in the written test. Various universities have their way of conducting the entrance. But all of them will have the majority of the question in mathematics. The questions will be basically from the syllabus of 10 + 2 only.

    As you say you are interested in doing MCA, you have to get your skill in mathematics updated. So you should go for tuition and completely understand the 10 +2 mathematics. A piece of superficial knowledge is not enough. You should know the basics and should go to the bottom of the subject. So a lot of hard work is very essential. So start practising the subject as much as possible. In addition to this, you should concentrate on General Knowledge,
    and English.

    IGNOU is offering an MCA course. This is 3 years duration but can be completed in 2 years itself. The maximum duration allowed is 6 years. Go to the website of the IGNOU and see the eligibility criteria. That university will select the candidates based on written tests only. Some institutes are offering online courses also. So spend some time on the internet and get a piece of complete knowledge and then go ahead.
    I suggest you can do MCom with computers course so that you will have fair chances of going into IT field once you get that qualification. These days some companies are hiring graduates in commerce and science as software trainees. If you are interested you can search for that option also.

    always confident

  • In Short ,You can do MCA without Mathematics in 10+2 but a few number of universities provide this facility. For Example IGNOU , If you are simple graduate without math at 12th level or graduation level then you can take admission in MCA from IGNOU but student need to pass the BCS-012 course concurrently with MCA Course

    Phagu Mahato
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