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  • What option do I have for higher education?

    Interested in opting for higher studies in dietetics and nutrition? Want to know the various courses which you can opt for? Check out this page for advice from our experts.

    I am a commerce graduate and I am currently pursuing Diploma in dietetics health and nutrition from VLCC. I wish to study even further in Dietetics, can I get guidance regarding the courses I can do for higher studies.
    Please provide me all the options I have.
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  • There are many diploma courses in Dietetics. The following are the various diploma courses in this field.
    1. Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
    2. Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
    3. Diploma in Dietetics
    4. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
    5. Diploma in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition
    6. Diploma in Nutrition and Food Technology
    Already you are doing a diploma from VLCC. So after this diploma, you can pursue any job related to this field. If you want to study further, you can go for PG Diploma Dietitian Courses.
    1. PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics. There are many institutes in India offering this course. The course is for 2 years and diploma candidates are eligible for this course.
    There is a UG course, PG course and PhD also in this subject. But these courses are offered mainly for science stream candidates. Anyhow you can see the websites of various institutes and understand the eligibility criteria for such courses.

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  • Your core area was commerce but you have now moved to the area of health, diet, and nutrition which is incidentally a popular area as there is demand of dieticians and nutritionists in the medical industry. You are already undergoing a basic diploma course in dietetics health and nutrition from VLCC which is a reputed and popular institute. After this you can further acquire some additional skills and knowledge for bringing yourself to that level where job hunting would become easier.
    By this time you might have acquired some basic knowledge in the field of dietetics and nutrition. So, it would be now necessary to identify the sub area in which you feel interested and have developed a liking for it. If you are able to pinpoint that then it would be better for you to concentrate more in that specialised branch enabling you to apply in the related companies and organisations. These specialised courses are offered by many online agencies like Udemy, Coursera, Alison, edX, Shaw Academy, Stanford Center for Health Education, New Skills Academy, Unacademy etc. Some of these courses are -
    1. Diploma Certificate in Nutrition.
    2. Nutrition Masterclass.
    3. Child Nutrition and Cooking.
    4. Stanford Introduction to Food and Health.
    5. Human Nutrition: Introduction to Macronutrients.
    6. Professional Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health.
    7. Introduction to Sports Nutrition Certification.
    8. Nutrition Science.

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  • You have done graduation in commerce and now pursuing a diploma in dietetics. If you are interested in the nutrition and health area then you can do this. There are different diploma courses available in this area:-
    1. Diploma in Dietetics
    2. Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
    3. Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
    4. Diploma in Nutrition and Food Technology
    5. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
    6. Diploma in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition
    7. Clinical Nutrition
    8. Public Health Nutrition
    9. Pediatric Nutrition
    10. Diabetes Education
    11. Cardiac Nutrition
    12. Renal Nutrition
    13. Sport and Fitness Nutrition
    You can join this course online also. Nowadays, many courses are being offered online because of covid. No doubt, these courses are in great demand and you will get good job opportunities in future.

  • You had the background of commerce and even you have acquired the degree of B.Com but you have the great fascination for the health area and currently you are pursuing the diploma in dietetics so as to make your career as a dietitian after acquiring some more courses which could enhance your potential.
    There are different diploma courses in this area which could give you an edge in your profession. You might consider the following courses which will provide you opportunities for better growth in the health sectors-
    1) Clinical Nutrition
    2) Diabetes Education
    3) Cardiac Nutrition
    4) Fitness through Yoga
    5) Public Health Nutrition
    6) Diploma in dietetics.
    There are many such diplomas with which you can go ahead depending upon inclination. Speech Therapy is also a lucrative area provided you had the science- stream at your 10+2 stage. There is a great demand for the Speech - therapist in Super Speciality Hospitals. You may go in certification for this course.

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