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  • Blue Whale and African Elephant

    Are you in thw process of comparing blue whale and african male elephant? want to know all the differences in detail? On this page our experts have replied to your query.

    We know that Blue whale is the biggest marine animal. On the other hand, African elephant is the biggest animal on land. How much bigger is a male blue whale (in length, breadth, height and weight) than an African male elephant? Kindly explain in detail.
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  • The blue whale is the largest animal among the known animals as of today. The maximum length it can grow is around 25 to 30 meters. The average weight of a blue whale is around 150 tons. Blue whales are also the heaviest Known mammal. Their heart may weigh equivalent to a car. Their tongue will be around 4 tons which is almost equal to the weight of an elephant. The maximum weight so far recorded is 190 tons so far.

    The largest land mammal is the African bush elephant. It can grow up to six meters long and 4.5 meters tall at the shoulders. It will weigh up to 12 tons. The weight of a blue whale is almost 15 times that of an African male elephant.

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  • Blue whales are very big sized animals and their sizes are around 100 feet in length but on the other hand though the African elephant is also a big animal but it has a length of around 20 feet only. So we can approximately say that blue whales are about 5 times bigger than the African elephants. From evolution point of view blue whales are there for quite a long time while elephants are a later evolutionary form. Further, blue whale is about 30 times heavier than that of the African elephant.

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  • Blue whales are the large sized animals extending from 90 ft to 105 ft if we compute their average size of this animal where as the African Elephants are roughly 1/5 th of the sizes of the Blue Whales.
    Blue Whales existed long before the advent of African Elephants and the same has been confirmed from the theory of evolution. Blue whales are heavier than the African Elephants as much as thirty times than the later ones.
    The weight of Blue Whales can be as heavy as 190 tons.

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