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  • Can a Kannada boy marry a Marathi girl? What problems will he will face?

    Want to know if a Kannada and Marathi marraige can happen? Looking out for answers to this question. Check out this page to know if there can be any problems in doing so.

    In the boy's family they does not understand Hindi or English, and the Marathi girl also doesn't know the kannada language.But the boy and girl doesn't have any problem in there relationship but will there be any family problems? Can there marriage be successful?
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  • The girl can learn the Kannada language so that she can manage with the family members of the boy. The boy should learn the Marathi language so that he can manage with the family members of the girl's family members. That may not be a big problem. But both the families should understand each other well. The boy's family members should cooperate with the girl and see that she will understand all the customs of their family and adapt herself to the culture. The food habits of both should also match or they have to adjust with each other and manage with a proper understanding.
    Initially, for some time there will be many issues and one has to be patient. Both the girl and boy should understand each other well and they should try to adapt to each other properly. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems and many troubles will crop up.
    If only the boy and the girl are staying together, the problems may be less and by controlling themselves they can have a good family life. If it is a joint family, the boy should be very cooperative with the girl and see that she will be well-received by all his family members. He should explain to the girls about every person in their family and he should help her to avoid disputes or problems with the other members of the family.
    Anyhow before deciding on the marriage both of them should discuss thoroughly all aspects and come to a common understanding so that no unnecessary problems will crop up at a later stage.

    always confident

  • If boys and girls belong to different communities then the main problem arises related to culture. Both of you will have to adjust with each other. Language problems will be there but it is not a big issue. The boy will learn the Marathi language and the girl will learn the Kannada language. Otherwise, both of you learn the English language which would be common for all. Generally, in such cases, the main problem is related to food and religion especially when families live with them. At this time, there may be chances of fighting and both parties try to dominate over each other. Anyway, I would suggest you before marriage you should consider all the above points and consult family members as marriage is life long relationship. After marriage, if the problem starts then you would not do anything. One important thing, you should keep in mind is that physical attraction between a boy and a girl happens for short period. After marriage, both of you handle different responsibilities. That time, you would be capable of handling the situation. Especially, after childbirth, which culture would adopt your child? You should also think about the problem related to child. Without considering any points, you go for marriage then your marriage would be hell.

  • Not knowing a language sometimes becomes a big barrier and hindrance between the relationships. That is the reason why there is the importance of the common language between two persons or two families. Generally in our country, common language could be English or Hindi but in this case this does not fit.
    We should remember that love is the most powerful sentiment in our life but for practical purposes we have to have direct communication with each other using a common language. The infatuation of young ages many times die out just by some small difficulties in the life. So these things are to be understood in a logical and analytical way and then such decisions of the life time are to be taken.
    Another aspect in this matter is whether after marriage the couple would be planning to live in the joint family or separately. This would be a necessary point to know beforehand to ease up the situation to some extent. In the family how one can survive and coordinate without the communication? Exchange of talks and statements is the prime thing for cooperation and group activity within the ambit of a family. So it would be necessary for the girl to learn Kannada as she would be coming to Iive with the boy. It would not be practicable to learn Marathi by all the family members of the boy.

    Knowledge is power.

  • My sincere advise is to think twice before taking decision. If the couple are going to live separately it is okey but if living with parents the twice thinking is a must. As the practice in both families differ in many respects the understanding will also be very less which leads to daily chaos. In a family of my friend, my friend arranged for a marriage of his brother with a Telugu girl only on his brother's willing. Though they are also belonging to the same religion and caste that girl lacks more in understanding the rituals and follow up of Tamil family and she poses her agitation to follow in all respects. Since they have more relatives she do not accommodate them and shows her quarrelsome arguments always. Now my friend himself becomes an enemy to both husband and wife. The made my friend to live separately from them. She prepares all foods according to their side and it is very difficult to adjust by our people. God's sake there was no parents for the boy and now they are living separately but with some what peace as the boy adjusts her in all respects. As it is natural we cannot correct or advise her to change her practice.

  • The author has raised a very interesting point regarding the marriage of the couples of the different religions. If the boy is Kannada and the girl is Marathi, there will be absolutely no problem if they are familiar with English language and this being the common language to both of them would offer them an opportunity to come closer. If the mental temperament of both the couples is identical apart from their caring nature and having full trust to each other, the marriage would be sustainable.
    Problem would start only when either of them are of adamant nature not caring the emotions of each other. Such couples would always try to find fault with others despite of understanding their difficulties where they need guidance of their partners. Ego, too, would come in their ways hindering their normal relationships in their married lives.

  • Here, the boy's family is Kannada speaking and the girl's family is Marathi speaking. If that is the only problem expected here, then that is not at all a problem. Both the boy and girl can undergo some crash course or self study to learn the other language.

    But, in reality, it is not just language that may be a hindrance for acceptance by the families. There may be many other factors. But for positive persons there are solutions for any problem. If those factors are not creating mismatch or issue then language alone is not at all a problem.
    So in this case what I suggest is: first you both learn the other side language. Once you are comfortable in communicating in both Kannada and Marathi, then open the subject in one of the two side families(whom you feel will be more accommodative and understanding). If they are ready to accept and accommodate, half the problem is solved. Then the other family can be convinced using the good will of the former.

    However as parents always keep the welfare of their children, you should first ensure that both of you have a reality check about your mutual love and affection ensuing that it is not just an infatuation.
    Ensure: that the boy's character and behaviour is good and acceptable to elders.; that the boy is employed and earning sufficient for a normal realistic lifestyle;
    They should also be convinced about your mutual attachment and commitment.
    Above all, both of you should be ready to accept and accommodate each other with all or any differences between you ; accept, adjust and accommodate each other's family and culture.
    In case there are no other major factors other than language then the matter will be smooth.
    However it is suggested to win the confidence and acceptance of both side parents. That counts a lot in your future life journey. If needed use the goodwill of some of your mature and balanced well wishers.

    Best Wishes.

  • Whether Kannada boy marry a Marathi girl or Kannada girl., or, vice-versa like Marthi boy marry a Kannada girl or any other languages or same languages girl. Or, Kannada or other language girl marry a different language boy. There would be few unexpected problem may rise and face quite often, naturally.

    When someone marry within the relatives itself then the problem may arise to face it, so, no doubt about the other languages (though language can be learned in near future) or states or caste or religion etc. sometime it might be fun and sometime it might be an issues.

    If the understand between them (couple) is good forever then it would be successful or else they have to suffer time to time for a different reason in a different name with.

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