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  • How to decide on the selection of right Educational Board for school

    Wondering whether or not to select the ICSE Board for your child's initial school years? Know the pros and cons of various Boards to select the best one.

    I am from Hyderabad, Telangana. I am looking for admission of my kid into First grade. Please suggest which Board I need to opt for, as this is the first step of my child's education and I am really confused. Which board SSC/CBSE/ICSE would be good for the child's future career? Would ICSE be the best choice?
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  • I am not against of any board whether be it SSC or ICSE or CBSE. All boards have their own importance. Mostly, depends upon children whether they are studying well or not. As per my view, the ICSE syllabus is tough compared to CBSE.
    ICSE provides an in-depth study of all the themes. It has more number subjects than CBSE. ICSE board is expensive in comparison to CBSE. In my family, most of the kids studying CBSE board. If you select the CBSE board, there are huge advantages of stepping into the competitive or entrance exams. The academic pattern of CBSE will help your child to succeed in the doorway exams like IIT JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). The prime reason is to select this board that most of the exams which are conducted in India are supported by CBSE Syllabus. Exams are IIT JEE gives more weightage to NCERT books which covers the CBSE Board syllabus. Most of the parents prefer to take admission to CBSE Board because the CBSE Syllabus is easier than the other board. The CBSE board has a precise and easy syllabus that delivers subject matter in a very light way.

  • In the initial years parents should ensure that the kids should be inducted with such schools who can provide enriched education with the pattern being followed in these schools. Of the three prevailing patterns such as SSC, ICSE and CBSC, they differ in their qualities of presentations. In respect of SSC Board, the schools are following this syllabus as recommended by the state board and with the proper follow up of the recommended texts books sincerely, the aspirants could score well in their final examinations.
    Let us go to the merits of ICSE Board, the syllabus has been designed in such fashions that in each subject, the aspirants would get detailed informations in all the chapters included in the texts books. The students need to know the art of its representation in the different examinations regular board or otherwise.
    CBSE pattern are quite helpful to students for both their board examinations and ensuing competitive examinations for medical and engineering. The texts books are crafted in such modes that it will strengthen their basics in the subjects. This is definitely desirable for NEET test aspiring for completion of medical entrance examinations successfully. Even for the ensuing IIT Entrance Tests, the texts books would provide the aspirants sufficient in - depth knowledge in each subject. Hence CBSE model surpasses the remaining two models in terms of quality.

  • CSE, CBSE, and SSC all have their own positives and negatives. Based on our future plans and study areas we have to choose the best one. If a person is planning to go abroad for higher studies ICSE will be more helpful as many foreign universities give preference to students who passed out from the ICSE board. If a student wants to go for JEE IIT examination and other prestigious institutes for their higher studies CBSE syllabus appears to be more apt. SSC board is good for state entrance examinations and studies in the state universities etc. The students who passed out from the SSC board may have to do special work for IIT entrance etc and many SSC students are also able to go for IITs. CBSE is the best-preferred board by the majority of the students and their parents. But one should keep in mind is that scoring marks will be easy in SSC. Scoring marks will be very tough in ICSE. Scoring good marks in CBSE exams is easier when compared to the ICSE board but difficult when compared to the SSC. The details of each board curriculum are mentioned in brief below for your information.

    The CBSE board curriculum is very well designed for the student's requirements. The two main subjects that are Mathematics and science are given a very good focus here. At the same time, due importance has been given to the remaining subjects. Project works and assignments are also important parts of the syllabus. The majority of entrance/competitive tests in our country follow a pattern similar to that of the CBSE curriculum. board. requires students to have excellent memory retention and logical thinking/application skills.

    The syllabus here is very vast and extensive. The English language will be given very high preference almost equal to Mathematics and Science. The other subjects follow after them. All the concepts that are included in the curriculum will be in a very detailed way. This will help the students a lot in developing strong analytical and practical learning skills. The valuation system is stringent and scoring here is very tough.

    The SSC board is the Telangana state education board. The curriculum is limited. The state board will prescribe some books and the questions in the examination will be mostly from these test books only. The valuation system a little liberal. Generally, SSC students require coaching for cracking entrance tests as their regular syllabus cannot cover all the concepts.

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  • Parents often choose about the admission of children, especially in today's time when the competition has increased so much, it is natural to be like this. As far as the board is concerned, every board has its own image and importance, yet if compared, the level of ICSE is considered to be the best at this time. But studies and career do not only depend on which board the child is in but other elements are also important. Every school has its own policy regarding education. On the basis of these policies, the way of education of the children is also different. Since no one knows your child better than you, choose a school for your child that best suits your child's intellectual level. Every school calls its education policy the best and gives all the evidence to prove them, but every child is different on the intellectual level. Only you know on the basis of experience which type of education is best for your child. So choose a school where the policy regarding studies is suitable for the development of your child and where your child performs well. Otherwise, your child will pass the class in drag-and-drop - which is not good for him in any way. When the child performs to you, his morale will increase and his interest in studies will be awakened. Take special care of one thing, education is as important as it is important for the development of the child in every direction, so the role of the school is important.

  • There are many state boards and central boards in our country for the education of children. Each has its own uniqueness and quality. However, the two boards CBSE and ICSE are centrally standardized. You can enroll in any of your nearest CBSE or ICSE affiliated schools. But keep in mind that if you want math-oriented then CBSE is better than ICSE.
    Below is a brief overview of these two boards:

    1. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. It was formed on November 3, 1962, and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. It has more than 16000 approved schools in India and 24 more countries around the world. The sanctioned session in schools is at the higher secondary level, which includes all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawaharlal Nehru Schools, private schools, and most of the schools approved by the Central Government of India.
    The Board is responsible for conducting the final examinations for 10th and 12th class students, for the 10th and 12th classes of the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSEC), each spring as well as for the entrance examinations for engineering students - AIEEE, and medical students - AIPMT.

    2. The Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) conducts an examination known as the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). The Council is a private board of education in India which is up to 10th class and after 10th class, ICSE becomes ISC (Indian School Certificate). There are 1000 and more schools approved by the board, in India and other countries of the world.
    Now, I think you can make a good choice for your ward for his/her bright future.

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  • All board of examination are great in there own place. I would like to change your point of view. Education is completely dependent on money you have. For better education you need more money. Student of state board are good in math but poor in English whereas CBSE and ICSE Board student are good in English. ICSE student are good in English than CBSE.
    I think all board are good. it is completely dependent on money and student that he/she wanted to read or not.

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