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  • Why the movie ticket booked online through the internet is always costly?

    Annoyed that movie tickets are much more expensive than when bought at the theatre? Understand the reasons for this through the expert answers below.

    Movies are one of the major types of entertainment and for that, we need to pay for tickets if you want to watch them in the theatre. But there are two ways, offline and online. Out of these two choices, the online mode is costly to us for the same movie ticket. Why? Why is it that the ticket booked from the internet is always costly? What exactly makes it costly?
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  • There are two ways to book your ticket online. You can book tickets through online portals like BookMyShow or paytm. These portals charge around 10 to 15 per cent extra as internet handling charges. This is the amount one needs to pay extra. The second online method is booking directly on the website of the theatre. In this case, we need not pay anything extra. It will be charging you the same charges as you pay when you go and purchase a ticket at the theatre. Sometimes these online portals give some offers or discounts. In such cases, you may be getting the ticket at the same price as online booking or even less also.
    Today we have gone to a movie and we booked online. The cost of the ticket is Rs.200/-/ The ticket cost at the theatre offline also is the same. There is no difference.

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  • If you buy a movie ticket online then there are fees attached. That'll increase the cost of the ticket. But the theater operator has to offset the cost of all the infrastructure (software, hardware, credit card processing, app development and certification, etc.) that's involved in building up the platform for ordering. It cost 10 to15 percent more than offline cost. If you book directly on theatre' s website then it cost would be same as you buy ticket on the theatre.

  • If we are interested to have a movie ticket online, it would cost us around 10% to 15% more than the cost of the same if purchased from the booking counter. Online booking involves handling charges apart from the cost of the tickets by way of development charges, Credit Card handlings and other development charges.
    However if the same is booked through their sites, cost of the ticket charged would be the same if booked from the movie counters because no handling charges are involved. Sometimes they offer us discounts to attract the customers.

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