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  • How is your trading experience through OctaFX ?

    Want to know if OctaFX is a reliable trading platform? Get feedback and user experiences of OctaFX app.

    Currently many Android or iOs applications are available in the market for different finance-related work, be it trading shares or trading commodities or currency. Today I heard about the OctaFX trading app that people are using for trading in currency. I want to know, how reliable is the app?
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  • OctaFX is an official forex trading engine. We can deposit money and trade and withdraw the profits earned through trading.
    it is safe to trade with OctaFX in India. Advanced SSL encryption is used to protect clients' information. Two-step verification is in place. A 3D visa protection system is used to protect the personal or financial statements of the users from invaders.
    OctaFX is a broker for forex traders, It is registered under RBI. Y OctaFX app can be used for trading legally.
    When we see different reviews about this app on the internet and on different websites, there are many good reviews and many gave a good ranking to this app.
    As it is an international broker, it will not hold ESBI regulations of India but it has RBI registration. So some people feel it is better not to use these international brokers. But there is no risk involved. This is is the individual who has to decide.
    I have not done much trading but I gave an attempt and I am happy with the way it worked for me.

    always confident

  • OctaFX is a trading platform where one can open a trading account and trade in the stocks. Nowadays many trading platforms have come in existence due to increased activities in this segment and OctaFX is one of them. I have gone through its features and it seems to be a good platform for the people who are interested in trading. It has basically two types of accounts - Micro and Pro. Micro is for the beginners while Pro is for the professionals. They are providing bonus also on the deposits that a person deposits there for trading.
    Earlier people had to open a demat account in bank for trading and the fee were high but with the advent of these modern online trading applications the investor has more choice to choose a platform as per ones convenience and ease.
    Some of the other equally good platforms in this area are eToro, Webull, Stash, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade.

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