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  • How to increase the wifi connectivity range of my laptop?

    Are you interested in increasing range of wifi hotspot? Looking out for information here? Find advice from our expert here for ways to use wifi facility from a faraway hotspot.

    I am unable to use the facility of wifi hotspot at my University. I realize that the range of my laptop wifi is short. Please, suggest me some hardware or software to increase the range of my laptop's wifi and use the facility of wifi internet at hostel.
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  • If the laptop is not able to receive the Wi-Fi signal in the campus then it means that the hardware or firmware in the laptop is old one and is not capable of receiving the signal. Though there are modern firmwares available but replacing the old one with new in the laptop is not an easy task and requires many considerations in addition to the fact that it can be done only by a qualified laptop repairing expert.
    Anyway, one simple solution is to go for a Wi-Fi repeater. It is a simple device which you can plug in your room to the mains and it will first receive the Wi-Fi signal that is available in your campus and then will amplify it significantly and then relay it to the laptop which is kept in the room. I hope that your problem would be solved with this repeater thing.

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  • You can try the following steps for improving the connectivity of wifi on your laptop.
    The problem may be with the speed of the internet also. So check the speed of the wifi and if it is satisfactory then you do the following checks.
    1. You update the drivers for your WiFi network adapter. To do this you have to visit the manufacturer's website. Otherwise check the updates available in Windows, macOS or Linux. The manufacturer's website will give you the steps you have to follow for this update.
    2. Then you have to update the firmware of your wireless router. You have to go to the manufacturer's website and update the firmware. The site will give you the steps you have to follow for the update.
    3. See the various corners in the room where the signal is strong and try to work there.
    4. See that the distance between the router and the laptop is minimum. If there is no router you may have to get a router fixed in your room.
    5. There may be many articles in between your laptop and wifi. Because yours is a common network, the signal may be very weak in your room. So you first install a router and then see there are no objects that may interfere in receiving the signal. Microwave ovens. cordless phones and similar electronic devices may be causing this problem. Please see that such articles are not there in between.
    6. The router should be in the same room where your laptop is there. No mirrors should be there in between also.
    7. If doing all the above steps also if there is no improvement you may have to show your laptop to a proper technician and he will do the needful.

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  • There are several technique to increase the WiFi connectivity range of a laptop.
    In some cases you have to change the laptop specific part and by updating of software.
    1. By using the external WiFi adapter.
    2. By updating the router software.
    3. Use answer WiFi standard.
    4. Updating the laptop software.
    5. By avoiding frequency interference.
    6. regularly checking the transmission power setting.
    7.By increase the band length.
    Otherwise go and meet to service center and IT field expert.

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  • Range and the speed of the Laptop are affected due to the various reasons as indicated below and their remedies, too, have been enlisted so that the Laptop works in the optimum efficiency.
    The points are listed below-
    1) Wi-Fi promotes reliable connectivity and amazing speeds if the same is operated at the peak availability of the signals.However if the same is connected with the limited signal - range, it would suffer due to dropped conditions. The same can be improved with the placing the same closer to the Router. More closer it is, the better the signal.
    2) Take care of the metal structure and the large appliances coming between the Laptop and the Router. In such a situation, the Laptop has to be relocated with the best place where the disruptions are the lowest.
    3) The strength of Wi- Fi signal and the range depends upon the Router, its drivers, firmwares and the provision of the Software of the Laptop. In case of weak service, update the equipment and the Software.
    4) Connect your Laptop with an external Wi- Fi adapter to minimise the interface- External Network Adapter us equipped with the antennas which could function better if an external Wi - Fi is included in the system.
    5) Avoid Frequency Interface - If the Laptop is working at 2.4 GHZ, try it by upgrading the same with 5 GHZ. This might offer you an improved result.
    6) Check the Transmitter Power Settings - The Transmitter Power can be adjusted on some network with the use of a suitable adapter. If the settings are changed through the adapter's drive interface programme so that 100% transmission power is achieved ensuring you strongest signal receptor, the same might be effected through the changed alignment.

  • If you are feeling your internet slow, due to which you are assuming your Wi-Fi router, then first check the internet connection coming from ISP too, is it really the same internet speed coming from ISP. To solve most of these cases, you will need to have a wireless signal repeater to get the best signal. This repeater improves coverage without the need for more wires. Most people's advice is that if you want better coverage, keep your repeater between your access point and your computer. There are many types of internet boosters available in the market which you can buy from mid-range to high range and with their help you can increase the range.

  • Just use USB WiFi Dongle to boost the same; also you can external device i.e. Tenda router and configure the router with your laptop's wifi name and keep the router near to your laptop as the laptop can not spread signals to long distance.

  • If you want to increase the WiFi connectivity at no cost, you can use aluminum foil. Take the WiFi router and wrap aluminum foil around the transmitters. This increases the range and decreases the scattered signals.

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