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  • What are the opportunities available to a BTech graduate with little experience in an MNC

    Are you a B Tech graduate looking for better opportunities? Are you facing health issues that is affecting your confidence? Do you choose to remain in your comfort zone and yet want to earn better? If you are looking for answers to such questions, you are on the right thread.

    I am a 2017 B Tech graduate in Electrical Engineering. I had almost 1 and a half years of exposure by working in a one-panel manufacturing factory for 7 months starting from May 2018 to December 2018. After that I worked in another factory from June 2019 till February 2020. My role was very minimal in these two factories and was basically limited to drafting and the making of data changes in the bill of materials. The salary paid were also negligible.

    After February 2020, since I was unemployed, I attended an employment readiness program for 3 months from an NGO from where I got an internship offer at Nestle India Limited Gurgaon (referred by NGO) in February 2021. It has been 1 year 1 month now since I am in Nestle India Limited, working as Learning Operations Support. I am still a temporary employee with 1st contract which was of 6 months and then extended for another 11 months. So there is only 4 months left for my contract to end.

    Based on my role I can say that I have exposure to working on employee data and is basically HR related. I know about MS Excel, applying Vlookup in MS Excel, making PIVOT Table, and plotting graphs for analysis. I also know about Microsoft Flow for automation office tasks, Microsoft Share point for maintaining a database and Microsoft Power BI for data visualization. So I decided I want to be in an analytics role based on HR data.

    A few of my concerns are:
    1. Since only 4 months are left for my temporary contract to end and after that, I don't know whether I will be retained, based on my overall experience what are the possible opportunities available to me?
    2. I have crossed 28 years of age and still now I am in the lower position in my big MNC with a low salary of 10k per month in a temporary position because I have a mild autistic problem, that is I cannot take a high level of criticism and have no friends for frequent communication, have low communication and social skills, low self-esteem, low initiation skills, and stammering problem. With all my hurdles, how can I grow up fast in my career or will I have to remain stagnant forever? I am feeling inferior to other guys of my age.
    3. As I am not good at networking, motivating or managing people, I don't want to be in a management position right now so I don't want to opt for MBA even if my family is pressurizing me to do MBA. I want to be on the technical data analytics side, therefore I am doing an online course based on data analytics, learning python, R, etc and moving to the management side gradually with experience. Is my decision to not do an MBA now and want to be on the technical data analysis side.
    4. Can I grow in my career by switching companies after a few years interval and updating my skills in data analysis courses without doing MBA throughout my career?

    Please analyze and understand all my issues and questions and guide me properly and in detail so that I gain confidence and can do better.
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  • With your background in Electrical Engineering and your experience in handling some database and HR related work, I am sure that you can progress in your career by working hard in this line itself. Before considering the various options and methods for making a career at this juncture I want you to understand some basic factors without which we would not be able to properly analyse and figure out the career path for you.
    The first thing is you have some autistic problem due to which you feel shy and lead an introverted type of life. There is nothing wrong with it. There are many people in this world who are struggling with this type of syndrome but many of them have carved out successful careers for themselves. If you have confidence in your work and can deliver good performance no organisation would bother about your autistic problems.
    You are already doing courses related to analytical solutions, Python, and other related skills and keep continuing that as that would help you in near future. The present employer will definitely rehire you if you are of use to them. So it is imperative that you have to work hard and give good performance. Your communication faculty is not much developed but you can compensate for it with your good work, especially in the areas where you have the requisite expertise and experience.
    Please remember and note that we are living in an age of tough competition and you have to be proactive in your approach to the completion of the work that you are entrusted by the present employer. Do not wait for their directions for work and rather try to complete the things beforehand speculating what are the data shapes and figures that they might ask you at some point in time.
    Once the present employer does not extend your contractual work contract then you have to apply elsewhere and with the experience gained so far it would not be a difficult thing to get a job in the industry. Every industry today has HR functions and database management and that is where you can definitely prove your worth.
    Be confident, try to increase your willpower, have positive thoughts, strive for better, acquire more skills, and if possible try to communicate with your seniors who watch and judge your work. I am sure you have the requisite potential and what is required is some hard work and good performance which will attract the attention of the employer to retain you in the job.
    Keep a watch on job portals and sort out the positions where you can do better as per your past experience and apply for those select positions.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You are an Electrical Engineer. But your experience is in a different line. The job you are doing is not in your core area.
    You have mentioned your first experience in two factories. There are also what you were doing was drafting and amending the bill of materials if required. You have not mentioned why you discontinued.
    Now you are with NESTLE. It is a very good company and if you can prove yourselves in the areas you are working. they may extend the contract and you can continue working there and simultaneously you can try other jobs.
    There are two areas where you should take immediate action. You should get motivated yourselves. You come out of that shell in which you are there. The other one is to get additional skills in the areas you are working on.
    Go to a psychologist and explain to him your problem of autistic problem. He will be helpful to you and you can come out of those feelings by following his suggestions. He will also guide you in the other area which is speaking in presence of others. He will help you in improving your self-confidence. These days how you present yourself is more important than how much you know. You will be a changed person once you follow your advice.
    Your experience is more towards HR. So I suggest you do some HR-related diploma courses or PG diploma courses. These courses are available online and you can do them at your convenient time. Continue the courses you have already started doing.
    Then you will have a fair chance to get a good job in a good company even though it is not an MNC. Register your name on job sites and go on applying for various suitable posts and don't wait for the last hour.

    always confident

  • I would suggest you to apply for a State or Central Government job. I hope you would get it. It may take a time to search, apply and get reply for various rounds. And, in case if you get selected after sometime then you would enjoy the work and package for a long term.

    Also, if not interested therein Government firm, you can then try for the job in a company, like, Infosys or TCS or Microsoft or Oracle or CapGemini or Cisco etc. so that you would enrich your personalities overall for sure which would suit your B Tech education.

    B Tech in Electrical Engineering graduate also can try the job in reputed Electrical Engineering firm around. You can check this website's Jobs section to get the latest job advertisement from the reputed client and apply accordingly. Don't give up.

  • While going through your own submissions, it appears that you have acquired a lot of skills but at the same time you are confused with your next line of selection of your skills providing you a better career skills. I would like to say a few points which could prove ultimately beneficial for your higher growth in your service career. The following points are as follows-
    1) At present, you are on the rolls of NESTLE, a reputed company known for their excellent products and has acclaimed wide popularity for their food products apart from their reputation of offering decent salaries to their employees, hence I would suggest you to complete your internship successfully with your full dedication so that your seniors identify your passion and interest in your working environment. Pay attention to all such areas which could enhance the productivity of the company.
    2) Mind it starting point to any job Is not that much rosy but with the time, aspirants develop interest in their jobs showing their talents and that is the only mantras of success.
    3) Once you become a confirmed employee of NESTLE, start doing some diploma relating to personal management so that you would come across different traits of personal management including the motivation, strength of Human Resource's and other positive attributes of human skills. The same company can offer you a job in this area if you prove yourself in their tests which are normally displayed in the notice board for the absorption of internal candidates.
    4) Since you have had exposure in the different fields having Electrical Engineering background, flair for Python, working in NESTLE as an internship, interested for MBA, taking all these things into consideration, you are being unnecessarily constrained. Hence the better option which I think best is to have a consultation with a reputed psychiatrist and after his patience hearings of your case, he would start his treatment lasting several sessions. This would definitely help you to come out with the present impasse.
    5) Anyhow, your confidence has to be restored since this is the essential ingredient for success. With the help of the psychiatrist, you would be able to overcome your mental weakness obstructing you for free communications with others. With the support of your doctor, you would have tremendous improvements in your personality. In that way, you will have clarity in your approach leading you to succeed in your job career.

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